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King Innovation Plastic Lateral Line Drain 1/2 in. MPT | 22163

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King Innovation Plastic Lateral Line Drain 1/2" MPT

  • Product Type: Lateral Line Drain
  • PVC Connection: Male Pipe Thread (MPT)
  • Size: 1/2"

Features & Benefits

King Drains preferred by Irrigation Professionals. During cold periods, water in your sprinkler system can be your worst enemy. Most experts recommend the addition of drains where freezing may affect the soil more than one foot deep. Along with winterization, strategically-placed drains insure against damage to your investment.

King Drains are designed to exceed the working pressures of all lateral or mainline installations. Fittings mount under sprinkler heads preventing freeze damage and low sprinkler head overflow. Valve protectors are engineered for installation adjacent to sensitive solenoid valves to prevent costly freeze cracking in the housing.

  • Soft grip ergonomic design combines main and lateral line drains
  • For use on sprinkler heads, valves and fittings
  • Complements end-of-season blow-outs
  • Automatic freeze protection drain
  • Ergonomic soft grip design makes for comfortable, slip-free installation
  • Compliments end of season blow-outs to remove residual water from irrigation systems and provide freeze protection
  • Utilized for both main and lateral line applications
  • Patented backflow check prevents contamination
  • Broad dispersing pad protects against root and soil penetration
  • Self-cleaning dirt arrestor screen prevents clogging of drain
  • Patented pressure sensitive valve releases water slowly at root level

Product Details

A. Self-cleaning Dirt Arrestor Screen

  • The raised screen prevents clogging of drain due to sediment and/or contaminants.

B. Patented Pressure Sensitive Valve

  • Releases water slowly at root level.

C. Patented Backflow Check

  • Eliminates potential freeze damage and backflow contamination by preventing water from re-entering system.

D. Ergonomic Design with Non-Corrosive Housing

  • Soft Grip ergonomic design provides easy and comfortable installation. Grip allows for better torque, and reduces hand fatigue and pain. The non-corrosive housing is injection molded with high impact polymer to ensure lifetime protection.

E. Broad Dispersing Pad

  • Keeps roots and soil from penetrating, minimizing the need for sumps.

Installation Instructions

Install all screw-in King Drains on a 45-degree angle to ensure proper drainage of water from pipes. All King Drains can be installed with or without a gravel sump. For small diameter shorter lines a sump is not necessary. Larger and longer lines will drain more efficiently with a gravel sump. For elevation changes greater than 15 feet, install one King Drain at each 15-foot interval.

More Information
Brand King Innovation
Material Plastic
Warranty 1 Year
Size 1/2 in.
Connection MPT
Color White
Type Lateral Line Drain
Specifications (663.25 kB)