It's time to

Get Smart

Upgrade to WI-FI and Bluetooth products.

Take the Work Out of the Lawn Care

Gain Control of Your Lawn with Wi-Fi

Take control of your entire irrigation system with this new generation controllers. These smart controllers offer a hybrid design which incorporates the latest technology with the existing infrastructure of your sprinkler system. By connecting to the internet, meteorological databases and/or on-site sensors these controllers are designed to save you money by ensuring that your sprinklers only run when they need to.

Superior Remote Access

Upgrades WiFi-ready controllers to make them fully accessible and programmable from iOS or Android compatible devices.

Automatic Seasonal Adjustment

Instant access allows for real-time system management and timer settings.

Fully customizable

Compatible professional app features allow for simple multi-site management and as well as remote diagnostics by landscape professionals.


powered by Rain Bird

WiFi Connectivity to access the internet

By simply plugging in a Rain Bird LNK WiFi Module, users can access, operate and monitor their irrigation system from anywhere. Internet-based weather information is used to make daily adjustments to the irrigation schedule, saving up to 30% in water.

Adjustable Watering Schedules

Extra Simple Programming makes it easy for your crew to meet each landscape's unique needs. With the controller up and running faster than ever before, you'll get more jobs done in less time.

Single-Controller Simplicity

Forget training crews to install different controllers. The ESP-Me can do it all, saving you valuable time and labor costs. The scalability of the ESP-Me and the choice of installing either 3- or 6-station modules mean more flexibility and a competitive edge.

HCC WiFi Modular Controller Series

Wi-Fi enabled for quick connection to Hydrawise software, Number of stations: 8 to 38 (plastic), 8 to 54 (metal and pedestals)

Pro-C Hydrawise WiFi Controller Series

Wi-Fi-enabled for easy connection to the internet from any location, Integrates local weather data to make water-saving scheduling adjustments

Pro-HC WiFi Controller Series

Wi-Fi enabled for simple and fast connection to the internet, 6, 12 and 24 fixed station controllers, Dedicated master valve/pump start

ESP-TM2 Controller Series with LNK WiFi

Simple to Program, Simple one-touch manual watering, Contractor Default™ allows you to easily save and restore your custom schedule, Delay Watering, Bypass Rain Sensor, Seasonal Adjust by program

HC WiFi Enabled Controller

powered by Hunter

WiFi Connectivity

Wi-Fi-enabled for easy connection to the internet from any location

Water Saving

Integrates local weather data to make water-saving scheduling adjustments. Uses Hydrawise web-based software to offer automatic watering schedule updates


The HC and Pro-HC controllers have a full graphical touchscreen interface making programing without Wi-Fi connectivity a breeze. Install and program within minutes with these controllers

HRC-400 B-HYVE Pro WiFi Controller Series

Fast to Program, Fast to Install, Hinged Panel, Multi-Site Management, Irrigation Audit App Integration, Remote Control, Smart Watering Options, Watering Budgeting, Rain Delay, 24 Volt Out Rain Sensor Terminals

Orbit B-HYVE WiFi Series

WeatherSense Technology, Functions with & without WiFi, Programmable with app or at the timer with the easy-to-use rotary push-button dial

PRO EX 2.0 WiFi Modular Controller Series

Remote control of multiple accounts from anywhere, anytime, Rain Sensor ready, Manage accounts via smartphone, Streamlined installation/programming, Sensibly & easily manage water usage

Rain Machine Pro 16 WiFi Controller Series

16 zones, Cloud independent by design, Master Valve (Pump relay) separate connector, Weather aware smart Wi-Fi irrigation sprinkler controller

RainMachine Pro 8 Station WiFi Controller

8 zones (7 when using Master Valve), Cloud independent by design, Weather aware smart Wi-Fi irrigation sprinkler controller, Simple Touch Interface, Adjusts watering time based on weather

Rain Machine Touch HD-12 WiFi Controller

12 zones, 6.5″ ultra bright touchscreen display, Adjusts watering time based on weather, Location based weather forecast, Freeze control & heat wave protection, Onboard Rain Sensor connector


Easy Wireless Smartphone Control

Download App

Connection & Program Mode Android or iPhone smartphone, Bluetooth


Ideal for commercial applications, including municipal parks, street and highway landscape projects, and construction projects.


Easy Program & Intuitive programing from the Rain Bird Smartphone app. You can create flexible schedules that automatically adjust for the season and have multiple programs and start times.


Manage the entire system from your smartphone or tablet

Bluetooth Hose End Timer BTT-100

Bluetooth-enabled programming for easy wireless smartphone control, Manage unlimited number of devices, Independent Timer and Cycling modes, Independent Timer and Cycling modes, 6- and 24-hour maximum run times, Rain Delay

Bluetooth Hose End Timer with 16-18mm Drip Tube Adapter BTT-COMBO

BTT-LOC = BTT Drip Adapter, 16-18mm Drip Tube, Male pipe thread to poly pipe tubing 

410BT Bluetooth Battery Operated Controller

Download DIG’s BTT free app to your smartphone, then connect and control any number of DIG’s Bluetooth® controllers from the palm of your hand, Programmed entirely using accompanying smartphone app

Bluetooth Battery Operated Hose End Timer TC-KR

Easy programming with free Bluetooth app, Smartphone or tablet control, No more climbing around hedges & landscaped areas to access the hose faucet, K-Rain’s TC-KR battery powered tap controller is also perfect for filling your pool!

Bluetooth Battery Operated Controller TBOS-BT

Program With a Smartphone, Seasonal Adjust: Automatically adjusts station run times for each month, Install Anywhere, Flexible Programming,  Valve Compatibility

Bluetooth Hose End Timer BOHE-BT

Operates with any supported Android or iPhone smart device, Instantaneous communication with smartphone once connected, Programmed entirely using accompanying smartphone app, FCC and EC certified Bluetooth enabled



Sprinkler timer remote controls make it possible to operate your sprinkler system without all the back and forth.


Feature long transmission ranges


Easy-to-read LCD displays & easy-to-use buttons. Remove the extra time and hassle from routine maintenance and system checks by upgrading your system with a remote control!

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