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Mister Landscaper 360 Degree Small Micro Sprayer (5 ct.) | MLM-05

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Mister Landscaper 360 Degree Small Micro Sprayer 

  • Per Bag: 5 ct.
  • Spray Pattern: 360 Degrees
  • Type: Micro Sprayers

Features & Benefits 

Mister Landscaper prides itself on giving the homeowner commercial-grade products that can be used at home as well as in the fields of commercial industry. Misters, Spinners, and Swap Tops are no exception. The one major advantage of these Mister Landscaper products is their incredible watering efficiency. In combination with the Violet Flow Controller, these products use only 10 GPH (gallons of water per hour). Whereas, some commercial low-volume irrigation can use as much as 30 - 40 GPH.

Those are great savings even by low-volume standards. Our Misters, Spinners, and Swap Tops are NOT foggers that atomize water. Our products have low-angle-flat fan sprays to efficiently irrigate using a uniform spray pattern. These low-angle sprays with heavy water droplets also help to prevent wind drift.

Product Details

  • These Micro-Spray spinners rotate the water, giving a 360° full-circle spray pattern with a 5-7-ft diameter.
  • Ideal to use this 360° small-circle Micro-Sprinkler in the center of landscapes, flowerbeds, greenhouses, atriums, gardens and small trees.
  • When installed on top of our mister-riser assemblies (MLS-231) or any of our Micro-Stake assemblies (MLS-211, MLS-TAN or MLS-BLA), this Micro-Spray will be flow-controlled to only use 10 GPH.
  • If your water pressure is higher than 50 PSI, we suggest you use our 50 PSI pressure regulator (MLA-58) at the beginning of the water source.
  • We highly suggest you use our faucet filter (MLFF-41 or MLFF-150) at the beginning of your water source if it comes from a well, pond or has debris.
  • This Micro-Spray is made with high-quality UV-inhibited resins that are made to last for years in extreme weather conditions.
  • (5 Spinners per bag)
More Information
Brand Mister Landscaper
Warranty 1 Year
Type Micro Sprayer
Spray Pattern 360 Degrees
Catalog (804.06 kB)
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