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Drip Irrigation Kits

Our easy to install drip irrigation starter kits include everything you need to water your garden or landscaped area.

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  1. Antelco Drip Mate Professional Drip Kit | A83495
    Antelco Drip Mate Professional Drip Kit | A83495
    On-Sale $67.05 List Price $83.81
    SKU: A83495
  2. Antelco Drip Mate Drip Kit with 360ð€šÃ‚°Â° Shrubbler | A81495
    Antelco Drip Mate Drip Kit with 360 degree Shrubbler | A81495
    On-Sale $43.95 List Price $67.95
    SKU: A81495
  3. Antelco Drip Mate Sprinkler Conversion Kit | A81305
    Antelco Drip Mate Sprinkler Conversion Kit | A81305
    On-Sale $34.55 List Price $43.19
    SKU: A81305
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Why Drip Irrigation?

Drip systems are an irrigation godsend. In contrast to a conventional sprinkler system's wayward water output, a drip system uses a microtube and a pressure regulator to send controlled water flow directly to the plant's root. Because of its regulated water usage and flow rate, you can save money and save water in the long run.

While these irrigation systems are especially beneficial for sizeable commercial and residential crops and greenhouses, any lawn situation can grab a piece of the drip system pie. Luckily, Sprinkler Warehouse has the best, most affordable drip irrigation kits in the market. Did we mention how affordable they are? Whether you're faced with browning bluegrass on your two-acre lot or that one potted Mandevilla on your patio that just won't bloom, one of the many available drip irrigation kits could be your solution. Let's explore different models to see which fits within your budgetary and landscaping bounds.

Maxijet All-In-One Kit

This American-made, all-inclusive, convenience-clad kit just might fit your irrigation expectations like a gardening glove. The All-In-One Micro Sprinkler Kit can water up to 535 sq. ft. of landscapes, shrubs, trees, and gardens. With durability as one of its major keystones, it's constructed of commercial-grade UV-resistant resins to withstand extreme climate conditions.

The kit includes 100 feet of 1/2 poly tubing to run through your landscapes and supply water to the 10 black stake assemblies and also includes 6 support stakes to fasten the 1/2" poly tubing to the ground. Each stake assembly is furnished with a 10 GPH flow controller, an on/off control valve, a vinyl locking collar, and a 3-in-1 micro spray. With the included 7 unique spray patterns, you get the coverage needed and the capability to adjust the spray pattern of each stake assembly with its adjustable on/off valve.

Mister Landscaper 0-50 GPH Vegetable Garden Drip Kit

Growing your own fresh veggies has never been easier! A top contender throughout the drip irrigation bloodline, this kit connects directly to any outdoor faucet and is ideal for watering all sorts of vegetable and row gardens. The Vegetable Garden Drip Kit is dressed with all the trimmings required to water up to 100 linear feet of row garden, including 1/2 GPH drippers that are molded into the 1/4 inch drip tubing every 12 inches. To get this drip irrigation system up and running, all you need is this kit, about 45 minutes, and a pair of scissors. We weren't kidding - this is the easiest of the bunch to install and maintain.

This kit comes with 100 feet of 1/4 inch in-line drip tubing, 50 ft of 1/2 inch poly tubing, 30 feet of 1/4 inch vinyl tubing, a backflow valve, 25 PSI pressure regulator to prevent blowouts, 150 mesh faucet filters, 1/2 inch faucet fitting, 1/2 inch coupling, end crimper, 7 1/4 inch couplers, punch tool, and 8 goof plugs. If you want to go heavy on the convenience factor, we recommend using a dependable water timer. To achieve max flexibility, On/Off valves are included so individual rows can be manipulated independently. When the vegetable plants in one row have stopped producing, water to that single row can be shut off to conserve H2O.

Antelco Drip Mate Professional Drip Kit

Need to apply water to landscaped gardens, container plants, nurseries, and/or flower beds? Drip Mate Professional and Sprinkler Conversion kits are packed with all the essential micro drip components necessary to install an efficient drip irrigation system and reach optimal plant growth. This kit connects directly to a hose tap or can be made to adapt to an existing sprinkler system. Longevity is also strong with this one as its UV stabilized materials ensure bona fide stability.

This handy kit is stocked with the more-than-bare essentials, including 50 feet of 5/8" mainline tubing, 50 feet of 1/4" tubing, a snap-on adapter and filter, a ratchet clamp, two figure 8 end closures, 10 goof plugs, and a key punch.

Products Commonly Included In Drip Kits:

  • Pressure regulator
  • Poly Tubing
  • Poly to distribution tubing connectors
  • Support stakes
  • Micro sprays
  • Hole punch tool
  • Backflow preventer
  • Barb connectors

DIG Patio Drip Watering Kit

You rent an 800 sq. ft. apartment among the city's hustle and bustle and your "fun-sized" patio is your main outlet for yard time-we've all been there. Don't think you can't join the drip irrigation party and create your own modest-but-marvelous Eden - with the DIG patio drip kit, you can. The bad boy of the drip irrigation crew, this drip starter package isn't able to cover as much ground as other drip kits. This patio kit can be started from a 3/4" hose garden or faucet/spigot to water pots and baskets in patio or pool areas. It uses pressure compensating drip emitters for even uniformity along the length of the micro tubing.

The kit can be expanded to cover 15 small to medium-sized hanging baskets using additional micro tubing and PC drip emitters with the same flow rate. The patio kit comes with all the fixins: a 3/4" inch backflow preventer, 3/4" x 1/4" compression adapter, 60 feet of 1/4" inch micro tubing, 10 drip emitters, 1/4" tees, and all necessary parts for a hassle-free installation. After all, that's why drip irrigation came to light - to avoid extra hassle.

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    Antelco Drip Mate Professional Drip Kit | A83495
    On-Sale $67.05 List Price $83.81
    SKU: A83495

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of using drip irrigation vs rotary sprinklers?

Drip irrigation can save money by drastically decreasing your water use and in turn lowering your water bill. Drip irrigation materials are less expensive to install, especially if with a drip tube kit as minimal tools are required.

Can I use a drip system on my lawn?

Because of drip tubing's low flow application rate and maintenance required, we suggest you use standard pop-up sprinklers to irrigate turf areas.

Can I bury drippers when installing a drip irrigation kit?

We advise positioning the drippers or 1/4 inches of dripline above ground or blanketed with mulch to prevent clogs. Sometimes it's necessary to secure drippers with a stake.