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Stakes & Risers

When plants and bushes grow to heights where standard drip emitters and sprays are no longer tall enough to get the water up and over the plants you can find that needed height with a taller stake or risers.

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  1. Antelco Semi-Rigid Riser Assembly 1/2" x 18 | A50075
    Antelco Semi-Rigid Riser Assembly 1/2 in. x 18 | A50075
    On-Sale $0.75 List Price $1.95
    SKU: A50075
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Shop Drip Irrigation Risers, Stakes, Adapters, And More

Learn How To Convert Riser To Drip Irrigation At Sprinkler School

Sprinkler School is a free online website, connected to Sprinkler Warehouse. Our customers can shop for the products they need and learn how to install them professionally. Retro-fit kits are a great solution to convert your old sprinkler system into a fully functional drip irrigation system. Simply shop the kit you need, drip tubing, fittings and risers then watch our video tutorials to get your DIY project done quickly and easily.

Shop Drip Irrigation Riser Stakes Online And In-Store

Browse our website for adjustable jet sprays, rigid and semi-rigid risers, and many more. Our customers can find the brands they trust including Rain Bird, DIG, Antelco, Bowsmith, Majijet, Multi, and Tempo. A majority of product page includes an overview description highlighting the best features and informative product videos so our customers know what they are purchasing before adding it to their cart.

Browse Our Shrub Riser Products At Sprinkler Warehouse

Shrub risers are used In ground cover or landscape beds where pop-up sprinklers are not tall enough to water the necessary landscape. Sprinkler Warehouse stocks a variety of shrub risers and adapters to meet the needs of DIY homeowners and contractors alike. Know you're getting the project done right the first time by watching our Sprinkler School video tutorials, hosted by Sprinkler Warehouse product specialists.

Watch Our Tutorial Videos About Drip Irrigation Riser Stakes

Sprinkler Warehouse has several product videos demonstrating our most popular drip irrigation stakes and risers. Learn more about drip irrigation emitters, how to install tubing, drip controllers, and more from our product specialists at Sprinkler School. Purchase a drip riser that comes pre-installed with a spray or browse our large selection of drip sprays to fit onto your new irrigation riser.

Top 5 Most Popular Irrigation Stakes & Risers:

  1. DIG Semi-Rigid PE Riser on Stake
  2. Staples and Stakes for Tubing
  3. Antelco 8.9 GPH 360 Jet Sprayer
  4. Rain Bird Semi-Rigid Riser Assembly
  5. Rain Bird Semi-Rigid PE Riser on Stake

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Irrigation Drip Riser Tutorials

The ability to adjust sprinkler heads allows you to provide every bit of your lawn or garden with...

The ability to adjust sprinkler heads allows you to provide every bit of your lawn or garden with...

The ability to adjust sprinkler heads allows you to provide every bit of your lawn or garden with...

The ability to adjust sprinkler heads allows you to provide every bit of your lawn or garden with...

Frequently Asked Questions

What are rigid risers?

Rigid risers are used to raise the spray or emitter from the drip tubing over the flowerbed or garden area. This product eliminates the need for an elaborate overhead spray system similar to those found in greenhouses. Shop rigid risers online or in-store. Sprinkler Warehouse sells a wide range of rigid riser assemblies to keep your gardens or flower beds looking great year-round.

What is the best irrigation for raised beds?

Sprinkler Warehouse recommends the use of drip irrigation risers for watering flowerbeds or garden areas. You may need elbow fittings to accommodate getting water to the top of your garden beds, but every item can be found here at Sprinkler Warehouse. Even the densest areas of your raised bed can be watered with the drip irrigation tools that we stock online and in-store.

Where to buy drip irrigation stakes and risers?

Sprinkler Warehouse is the place to shop for all of your drip irrigation products. Browse our sprinkler risers selection of riser extensions, shrub risers, PVC risers, riser pipe, 4-inch riser for drip irrigation, 1/2, 3/4, 6" riser, and more. Get great deals on the brands you trust by subscribing to our email list for promo codes and yearly deals.