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Winterization Items

Backflow devices should be protected from freezing temperatures. In this section, you’ll find the products that will save your backflow from Old Man Winter. Sprinkler Warehouse is your source for winterization!

Learn more about Backflow Preventers!

Backflow Preventers are designed and installed to provide protection against back siphonage of contaminated liquids into your drinking water.

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  1. Thermacel Seam-Seal Pipe Polymer Foam Insulation 1" x 6' | TC138ASM
    Thermacel Seam-Seal Pipe Polymer Foam Insulation 1 in. x 6 ft. | TC138ASM
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    On-Sale $7.45 List Price $7.95
    SKU: TC138ASM
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Protect Your Backflow Device With Our Backflow Winterization Supplies

Sprinkler System Winterization Supplies Are Essential This Winter

It's wintertime which means you can find all your backflow winterization supplies here at Sprinkler Warehouse. Your backflow device plays an important role in protecting against both back-siphonage and back-pressure of contaminated water into your water supply. That's why it's extremely important to be prepared for the winter this season as cooler temps approach us.

Protect Backflow Preventer From Freezing Now So It Won't Cost You Later

Avoid repair costs that come with a damaged or burst pipe by protecting your investment. Insulating your irrigation system backflow preventer will be the most important step to take when protecting your pipe insulation from a cold climate. Save money and time by making winterization more effective by utilizing our backflow winterization supplies. Shop our selection online today.

Learn More About Backflow Preventer Freeze Prevention

A few ways you can prepare your system is by protecting your irrigation system with irrigation pipe insulation. Then, take preventative measures to protect the backflow preventer from freezing. You can do this by shopping our selection of backflow preventer insulation pouches, irrigation pipe insulation, and pipe tape. This season, don't let the freeze decorate your backflow device.

Your One Stop Shop For Backflow Winterization Supplies And Resources

Don't let cost be the reason you can't protect your system. Along with our sprinkler system winterization supplies, check out our resources to help guide you through the freeze prevention process. As we all know, the weather is not easy to predict but that doesn't mean you can't be prepared for a colder climate when that mid-season freeze sneaks upon us.

5 Facts About Our Backflow Preventer Insulation Pouches

  1. Seams are double stitched to prevent the edges from ripping apart
  2. Thick fiber-reinforced bag that is tear and crack resistant
  3. Velcro bag seal lock has been installed to prevent cold air intrusion and prolong antifreeze time
  4. Rustproof brass grommets to ensure security
  5. Four sizes available for your backflow insulation pouch

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use pool noodles, towels, pillows, etc. as irrigation pipe insulation?

No, the best way to prevent your pipes from freezing is an insulated foam pipe like our Thermacel seam-seal foam pipe. Thermacel has a low thermal conductivity and low water vapor transmission rate making it the most effective when it comes to protecting your pipes and irrigation system.

Should I close the backflow ball valves during a freeze?

No, normally you want to keep the backflow ball valves open since they tend to retain water as well. When you start winterizing your backflow preventer, it's important to note to insulate all the way up to the ball valve and cover any exposed parts. If the backflow ball valve is closed and the water freezes from the inside, it can crack causing you to replace the valve.

How do I know what size backflow preventer insulation pouches I need?

The first number is the length and the second number is the height. To measure the length, take a measuring tape and start halfway around the elbow and go all the way out to the test valve. Add a few inches so the pouch can sit comfortably. For the height, it's important to cover all of the PVB. Start your measurements from the top of the bell to the bottom of the device. Note, the measurements listed online are that of the pouch, not the backflow device.