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Blu-Lock Pipe

Working in a sprinkler trench is tough enough-don't make it harder by using traditional pipe fitting methods that require hot, toxic glue, clamps or frustrating barbed fittings. Hydro-Rain offers a better way: Blu-Lock. Everything you do from the valve out, you can now do faster and easier with Blu-Lock. Primer? Glue? Clamps? Tools? With the Blue-Lock system, you don't need them.

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  1. Hydro-Rain 1/2" Blu-Lock Swing Pipe Coil (.43 ID x .59 OD) (80 PSI) (100') | BLP-050-CL-1X
    Hydro-Rain 1/2 in. Blu-Lock Swing Pipe Coil (.43 ID x .59 OD) (80 PSI) (100 ft.) | BLP-050-CL-1X
    On-Sale $42.95 List Price $53.69
    SKU: BLP-050-CL-1X
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Learn How To Install A Blu-Lock Sprinkler System In Your Lawn Or Property

Sprinkler Warehouse offers tutorial videos to help our customers get started with their new blu-locking tubing system. Whether you're looking for information about typical installation or how to connect blu-lock to an existing poly tubing, we are here to help. Lose the glue with Hydro-Rain's innovative blu-locking snapping installation sprinkler system.

Shop Blu-Lock Sprinkler Tubing At Sprinkler Warehouse

Shop our selection of blu-lock irrigation fittings to connect your blu-lock tubing. From PVC locking fittings to poly adaptors, Sprinkler Warehouse has the top-quality products you need to get your lawn looking great. HDPE is becoming a popular choice for irrigation systems. With Blu-lock fittings, HDPE pipes are a safe decision. Our customers can browse the Hydro-Rain blu-lock products from the comfort of their home or in-store at Sprinkler Warehouse.

Browse Sprinkler Warehouse's Selection Of Blu-Lock Tubing

Blu-lock is available in a variety of sizes and lengths to fit your irrigation system needs. With the Blue-Lock system, you no longer need to rely on primer, glue, or clamps. Blu-Lock by Hydro-Rain is the fastest irrigation installation method available. Blu-Lock is intended for use with non-constant pressure, valve-out, cold water, and outdoor direct burial irrigation connections only.

Watch Our Tutorial Videos To Learn More About Blu-Lock Pipe Accessories

Learn more about the blu-locking fittings, adapters, and tubing options available at Sprinkler Warehouse. Whether you're thinking about purchasing a new blu-locking product or you already have one and you would like to know more about it, we have the videos for you. Check out our "Blu-Lock Half Inch Fitting" video, "Blu-Lock Nitro Saddle" and more on the Sprinkler School video library or on our Sprinkler Warehouse YouTube channel.

5 Products To Use With Blu-Lock Tubing:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use Blu lock fittings with poly pipe?

Yes, blu-lock fittings can be connected to poly tubing. Sprinkler Warehouse sells several adapters to make this connection possible. It is sometimes necessary to add an additional clamp onto the poly tubing that has an adaptor already connected. For more advanced instruction about how to connect blu-lock fittings to poly tubing, see our Sprinkler School tutorial videos.

Is blu-lock pipe UV resistant?

Blu-lock fittings are built tough and made from UV-resistant ABS, stainless steel, and EPDM seals that are designed and tested to ensure toughness made from UV-resistant materials. The blu-lock tubing system is an environmentally conscious, recyclable, HDPE pipe that provides a better alternative to the traditional PVC irrigation pipe.

How do you connect blu-lock to a sprinkler?

Installing a sprinkler with the use of blu-lock pipe and fittings is fast and easy. First, you will need to install the blu-locking pipe, then cut the piper where you need the sprinkler head to pop up. Use a blu-lock fitting tee to connect the newly separated pieces. Add a blu-lock elbow and elbow swing to the tee and screw on the sprinkler head.