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Spray Heads

Spray heads spray water in specific circular patterns and can be changed at your discretion. We carry a vast assortment of sprinkler spray heads from leading brands including Hunter, Rain Bird, Weathermatic, and Toro. Perfect for low-pressure, smaller-scale systems, spray heads are the best option for residential irrigation projects.

Which Sprinkler to Choose?

What’s the difference between a spray head and a rotor? Should I use a spray head or rotor? How do I raise a spray head?

Watch these videos to learn more about rotors!

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  1. Hunter PRO-SPRAY 40 PSI Pressure Regulated Spray Head 4" | PROS-04-PRS40-CV
    Hunter PRO-SPRAY 40 PSI Pressure Regulated Spray Head 4 in. | PROS-04-PRS40-CV
    On-Sale $7.25 List Price $13.50 As low as $7.11
    SKU: PROS-04-PRS40-CV
  2. Hunter PRO-SPRAY 40 PSI Pressure Regulated Spray Head 6" | PROS-06-PRS40-CV
    Hunter PRO-SPRAY 40 PSI Pressure Regulated Spray Head 6 in. | PROS-06-PRS40-CV
    On-Sale $16.15 List Price $27.68 As low as $15.83
    SKU: PROS-06-PRS40-CV
  3. Hunter PRS40 Shrub Adapter | PROS-00-PRS40
    Hunter PRS40 Shrub Adapter | PROS-00-PRS40
    On-Sale $3.55 List Price $6.25
    SKU: PROS-00-PRS40
  4. Hunter PRO-SPRAY 40 PSI Pressure Regulated Spray Head 12" | PROS-12-PRS40-CV
    Hunter PRO-SPRAY 40 PSI Pressure Regulated Spray Head 12 in. | PROS-12-PRS40-CV
    On-Sale $18.55 List Price $33.75 As low as $18.18
    SKU: PROS-12-PRS40-CV
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Find The Perfect Sprinkler Spray Head And Order With Same Day Shipping

Buy Spray Heads For Your Irrigation System Online Or In-Store

Pop-up sprinkler heads are great for your irrigation project. Find everything you ever wanted in your residential or light commercial sprinkler system with these state-of-the-art spray heads with designs that last. From pressure-regulated sprays old-fashioned yet reliable, there are spray heads for every need and desire. And if you order with us you'll get fast, same-day shipping to get your sprinkler parts delivered directly to you for no additional fee.

Get Your Sprinkler Heads For Irrigation Systems At Sprinkler Warehouse

Sprinkler Warehouse has amazing customer support. So make sure to chat with one of our agents for any account or cart issues or if you have any questions. We'll be sure to get you what you need. Change your yard from an unmanageable mess of weeds and brown stains to a lush and beautiful golf course-like oasis with proper watering and easy maintenance.

Browse Our Sprinkler Head Collection And Rotary Nozzle Combos

Sprinkler Warehouse has a unique and powerful advantage over our competitors: Combos! Pop-up spray heads are awesome for home sprinkler systems but have a few disadvantages over rotors. The perfect solution has been thought up by Sprinkler Warehouse. We pre-install the right rotary nozzle on your spray head to get you exactly what you need for your system. Get your Rain Bird spray heads, spray head sprinkler, or anything else you need for your sprinkler system from Sprinkler Warehouse.

Buy Your Fixed Pattern Or Adjustable Spray Heads Today To Get Same Day Shipping

Spray heads come in a variety of sprinkler head spray patterns, designs, and models. Is a fixed pattern right for you? Maybe you need adjustable nozzles for those odd angles in your yard? Look no further. Sprinkler Warehouse has the whole selection, with everything you need for your sprinklers and garden. Additionally, if you order today you get same-day shipping at no extra charge, with priority processing for high priority when you really need it.

5 Reasons To Use Spray Heads In Your Irrigation System:

  1. Matched precipitation rates
  2. Adjustable low trajectory nozzles
  3. Nozzles with square spacing strips
  4. Optional rotary nozzles
  5. Low pressure requirements

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to adjust Hunter Pro spray sprinkler heads?

There is a screw located on top of the spray head. Turn the screw clockwise to decrease the radius, or counterclockwise to increase it. It's really that easy. No struggling with non-compliant rotors or difficult nozzles. Just insert your screw and twist it in the desired direction. Say goodbye to confusing graphics and impossible instructions.

How to adjust the spray on a sprinkler head?

First, you need to make sure you have an adjustable nozzle. After you've found out, you can grab ahold of the top of the nozzle, and twist it to face the right end of the arc you want. Next, hold the base of the nozzle and twist rotate it towards the second edge in its pattern. And you're done! If you still need help, chat with one of our representatives.

How far do pop-up sprinklers spray?

Spray heads are placed up to 18 feet apart, but as close as 3 feet. You want the spray of one sprinkler to reach the next one over, that's called head-to-head coverage. The basic physics of water spray limit the distance between heads, and remember, sprays need enough pressure to operate correctly, between 20-30 PSI.