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Valve Repair Parts

Valves not only control the water flow to the sprinkler heads in each zone, but they also have a life span and parts that will eventually need to be replaced or repaired. Solenoids, Diaphragms, or O-Rings for your valves can all be purchased here at Sprinkler Warehouse.

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  1. Irritrol 205 & Richdel Valve Repair Kit 1" | R205-KIT
    Irritrol 205 and Richdel Valve Repair Kit 1 in. | R205-KIT
    On-Sale $12.95 List Price $16.59
    SKU: R205-KIT
  2. Griswold Valve Repair Kit 3" | 8386-G
    Griswold Valve Repair Kit 3 in. | 8386-G
    On-Sale $39.35 List Price $56.50
    SKU: 8386-G
  3. Griswold Valve Repair Kit 3/4" - 1" | 8371-G
    Griswold Valve Repair Kit 3/4 in. - 1 in. | 8371-G
    On-Sale $26.95 List Price $49.60
    SKU: 8371-G
    Out of stock
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