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NDS Conversion Kit | FR2-17-710

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Universal Pop-Up Conversion Kit

  • NDS Conversion Kit (FR2-17-710)
  • Spray-to-Drip Conversion Kit

The demand for efficient irrigation products is growing nationally. By converting existing lawn sprinkler systems to drip irritation, homeowners can save money and water, and contractors can quickly add value while boosting their bottom line. The Universal Pop-Up Conversion Kit works with all major manufacturers spray heads and installs in a few minutes at grade level, versus competitor products that install up to 3 above grade. The end result is an aesthetically-pleasing landscape that allows contractors more flexibility in selecting the location of the water source spray head.

The Universal Pop Up Conversion Kit provides a seamless transition through an easy step system consisting of a converter, adapter and the first universal cap off on the market. The kit includes a canister with a 30 PSI filter regulator, locking collar to swivel the bi-directional outlets, 2 swivel connectors, and a 150 mesh screen filter. Installation simply involves replacing the existing spray head with the conversion canister and connecting the supply tubing over the fitting. The bi-directional adapter creates a T-configuration from a single water connection giving contractors the ability to cover larger areas.

Features & Benefits

  • Maximum working pressure of 30 psi
  • Flow rates up to 6.5 gpm
  • Use as fertilizer applicator with Agrifim fertilizer tablets
  • Includes with 2 adapters to connect 16, 17, or 18 mm tubing
  • Inlet/outlet size: 1/2"
  • Housing material: polypropylene
  • Mesh: 150
  • Filtration area: 4 sq. inches
  • Maximum recommended flow: 6.5 gpm
Conversion Kit
Product Type:
Conversion Kit
Conversion Kit
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I've had a few that leaked after install
I've put about 10 of these in and I've has two that leaked from around the top where it screws onto the riser. I've tried using some teflon tape in the threads but to no avail, they still leak. They cost a little too much to just toss them and use another.
May 19, 2018
Good Solution
Works as advertised. The only problem I had was how to connect the supply tubing. The answer is to push the tubing on to the barb fitting and then turn the connector back over the tubing to lock in place. Makes a very secure fitting.
Check out the Agrfim's YouTube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8o_CpPh3aU)
June 1, 2017
over 3 years ago
pop up converter
have to install a pressure reducer for the system to work properly
June 9, 2017
over 3 years ago
Been using these for a few years now
converted traditional popups to drip irrigation. I have installed around 6 of these and they all still work perfectly even after New England winters.
January 11, 2018
over 3 years ago
Very good conversion kit
The kit was installed in my old sprinkler system. Don't need to change other parts. Very easy and fast. No any leaking. Save water.
June 9, 2017
over 3 years ago
Easy conversion to drip
This unit works well. Very simple to change to this from the sprinkler head.
May 10, 2020
3 months ago
Great value
Worked perfectly! Easy to install and great quality and value.
August 3, 2020
3 weeks ago
AGRIFIM-FR2-17-710-Pop-up Conversion Kit
I purchased and installed this conversion kit one year ago. It was very easy to install and has worked till now without any problem.
July 16, 2017
over 3 years ago
Easy solution
This is an ingenious product. It is simple to install. Comes with good instructions. Simplifies the process of converting pop up irrigation heads to drip irrigation. When installed the device is at ground level. Toss some mulch over it and the drip lines and no one knows it's there. I like it so much that I intend to convert another zone on my system to drip using this device.
February 24, 2014
Easy to install, works great, no need for a specialist
This manages any needs for pressure changes so you don't need to do anything special. Just remove one sprinkler head and replace it with this converter. Works great, leaks just a little, but not so that it's a problem. Screw off/screw on installation very simple.
June 9, 2020
3 months ago
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Why did you choose this?
SprinklerWarehouse.com Store
have previously used this product .. very convenient!
T J on Jun 13, 2018
good reviews
K S on Apr 8, 2018
have previously used this product .. very convenient!
T J on Jun 13, 2018
very easy to retrofit
M N on May 16, 2018
good reviews
K S on Apr 8, 2018
C L on Oct 17, 2017
better price
Y T on May 2, 2017
We're converting two valves to drip irrigation and we have a variety of sprinkler head brands.
M M on Apr 25, 2017
read on internet that this system met most of my concerns about converting to a drip line. This website made it easy to order and try it in one spot. Hoping it goes well.
H A on Apr 15, 2017
I wanted to convert my sprinkler system to a drip system.
D G on Apr 15, 2017
This seems to be the only conversion system that will stay low to the ground. Three inches above the ground would not work for the place where I need this system as it will be covered by a tile.
A N on Feb 27, 2017
Past use of this same item
K U on Jan 10, 2017
because I needed it!
PTER K on Dec 5, 2016
Good sale price.
T A on Nov 25, 2016
very easy to retrofit
M N on May 16, 2018
C L on Oct 17, 2017
does it come in 3/4 and 1/2 inch sizes?
T E on Sep 5, 2013
The coupler connecting the canister to the adaptor top splits around its circumference causing leaks or it totally separates causing flooding. I have 3 of them and they all have this issue after 2 years.
Is it possible to purchase just the coupler and not the entire kit which I don't need?
Thank you.
Terry H on Jan 29, 2019
What size tubing to use with this product ?
A shopper on Mar 29, 2016
I have 8 spray heads in two separate planting areas all on one zone. Can I add two conversion kits to the single zone and cap off the other 6?
Chris M on Jul 1, 2015
BEST ANSWER: That is basically what I i did. I capped off unused and installed a couple of these. I then ran 1/2" poly pipe around the periphery of the garden and tapped 1/4" drip tube off the 1/2".

My water consumption is way down, and plants are happy!
Are the male connections 1/2"?
A shopper on Feb 9, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Yes I believe they are. The main threaded connection that screws to existing sprinkler system is 1/2 inch and the 't' fittings take 16-18 mm tubing,
The sprinklers I am converting to drip are Hunter PGJ. When I remove the internal sprinkler component, the "housing" for the sprinkler remains attached to the underground line. There is not a threaded female connector to which I could screw in your adapter. Can you help with a work-around?
A shopper on Apr 19, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I removed my existing sprinkler head - and replaced it with the conversion kit. Unscrewing the sprinkler head was tight, but the male screw base was left in place on the PVC irrigation piping. - do you have the canister (or casing) that comes as part of the converter kit? That "converter canister" has the female end. Remember to remove the filter and flush the canister and line before installing the filter. dirt gets in everywhere. I'm not clear what you mean "housing" - but it sounds to me like you are leaving the old sprinkler head in place minus the innards... that may need a different solution.
Will I need to have this conversion on a separate zone? Or can it stay on the same zone as the other spray head sprinklers?
Bev R on Feb 17, 2015

I am using a separate zone for my conversion unit. The reason being, my spray zones run for an average of 10 minutes at a time, whereas my drip system zones can go as long as 1 hour depending on plant types. Hope that helps you out.
AGRIFIM-FR2-17-710-Pop-up Conversion Kit - how do I use this kit to water an area of the lawn? In other words, what do I need downstream from this devise to water a lawn?
Krish on Feb 17, 2015
BEST ANSWER: This device assumes you already have an inground sprinkler system and are just converting a single sprinkler to drip irrigation. You can put anything you want downstream of these 1/2" poly connections, but typically drip irrigation is of such a low rate that you don't mix/match drip and lawns on the same line. You would be better off running a separate line for the lawn.
can i still add an item if i place an order yesterday? I don't want to pay for extra shipping.
Abel R on Jul 5, 2016

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