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Drip Irrigation Controllers

The sprinkler controller, sometimes called the timer, is the brain of your irrigation system. They turn on and off your automatic sprinkler system according to a program. Controllers range from basic to feature-rich.

Drip Irrigation Timers and Controllers

Drip irrigation system controllers feature user-friendly programming, sleek contemporary designs, and water-scheduling flexibility. Take charge and find the best solution for your landscape.

Drip Irrigation Timers and Controllers

Solar DIG drip irrigation controllers are the top of the line in drip irrigation timers. DIG Corp supplies a wide selection of both AC and battery operated drip irrigation controllers, some of which have programming capabilities for both residential and light commercial use. DIG's drip irrigation system controllers feature user-friendly programming, sleek contemporary designs, and water-scheduling flexibility.

DIG Corp Drip Irrigation System Controllers

DIG Corp irrigation system controllers offer a wide variety of features, some of which include: a programming keypad with a large LCD screen; a choice of automatic, semi-automatic, and manual operation; color-coded, waterproof wires; durable construction able to withstand harsh climate conditions; a low battery indicator; and program memory storage for battery changes. Many of our DIG sprinkler controllers are compatible with either sprinkler or drip irrigation systems, and all of our DIG Corp sprinkler system timers come with three-year warranties. The many user-friendly features and durable construction of DIG irrigation system timers make them a great selection for you sprinkler or drip irrigation system needs. DIG sprinkler system controllers come in either AC or battery-operated models. There are benefits to both types of controllers. AC controllers are more complex and offer a wide variety of control options. They are also generally less expensive than battery-operated controllers. Battery-operated timers are simpler, and won't experience problems due to power fluctuations. Within the battery-operated models, there are three types of timers: single station controllers, four station controllers, and hose end timers. The type of sprinkler timer you select will depend on the needs of your sprinkler system. Our single station controllers are available with an actuator, in-line valve, or solenoid. The four station controllers are great for residential or light commercial use. Our hose end sprinkler system timers are a great option if you want a very simple, easy-to-operate timer and don't need a lot of extra features.