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Rain Bird XFS 16 mm Brown Dripline (12" Emitter Spacing) (.92 GPH) (100') | XFS-09-12-100

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XFS Subsurface Dripline

The Copper-Color Outside Ensures the Copper Chip is Inside!

Rain Bird's copper-colored XFS Dripline with Copper Shield for sub-surface drip irrigation is the latest innovation in the Rain Bird Xerigation Family. Rain Bird's patent-pending Copper Shield Technology protects the emitter from root intrusion, creating a long-lasting, low maintenance sub-surface drip irrigation system for use under turf grass or shrub and ground cover areas. Having the copper color outside ensures the copper chip is inside and that your dripline is protected from root intrusion. XFS Dripline with Copper Shield is perfect for small, narrow and tight planting areas, as well as areas with tight curves or many switchbacks. It accepts Rain Bird Easy Fit Compression Fittings, XFF Barbed Insert Fittings and other 17 mm barbed insert fittings.

Features / Benefits


  • Rain Bird's patent pending Copper Shield Technology protects the emitter from root intrusion without requiring EPA-approved handling procedures unlike some manufacturers who use harsh chemicals or treated filters to protect the emitter from root intrusion.
  • Through the use of a proprietary tubing material, XFS Dripline with Copper Shield is the most flexible dripline tubing in the industry making it the easiest sub-surface dripline to design with and install.
  • It accepts Rain Bird Easy Fit Compression Fittings, XF Dripline Barbed Insert Fittings and other 17 mm barbed insert fittings.
  • Rain Bird's low-profile emitter design reduces in-line pressure loss, allowing longer lateral runs, simplifying design and reducing installation time.
  • Variety of emitter flow rates, emitter spacing and coil lengths provide design flexibility for either sub-surface turf grass or sub-surface shrub and ground cover applications.


  • XFS with Copper Shield emitters are protected from root intrusion by Rain Bird's patent-pending Copper Shield Technology resulting in a system that does not require maintenance or replacement of chemicals to prevent root intrusion.
  • The pressure-compensating emitter design provides a consistent flow over the entire lateral length ensuring higher uniformity for increased reliability in the pressure range of 8.5 to 60 psi .
  • Five-year trade warranty. Seven-years on environmental stress cracking.


  • Dual-layered tubing (copper over black) provides unmatched resistance to chemicals, algae growth and UV damage.
  • Grit Tolerant: Rain Bird's proprietary emitter design resists clogging by use of an extra-wide flow path combined with a self-flushing action.

Operating Range

  • Pressure: 8.5 to 60 psi (,58 to 4,14 bar)
  • Flow rates: 0.6 and 0.9 gph (2,3 l/hr and 3,5 l/hr)
  • Temperature: Water: Up to 100°F (37,8° C) Ambient: Up to 125°F (51,7° C)
  • Required Filtration: 120 mesh


  • OD: 0.634"
  • ID: 0.536"
  • Thickness: 0.049"
  • 12", 18" (30,5 cm, 45,7 cm, 61,0 cm) spacing
  • Available in 100' and 500' (30,5 m and 152,4 m) coils
  • Coil Color: Copper

Manuals and Literature

Specifications Design Guide Charts
Purpose Or Function:
5 Years
Drip Line
Outer Diameter (in.):
Inner Diameter (in.):
Emitter Spacing (in.):
Size (in.):
16 mm
60 PSI
Rain Bird
Product Type:
Drip Line
Emitter Spacing:
Coil Length:
Tubing Size:
16 mm
Flow Rate:
0.92 GPH
Average Rating:
5 Stars
5.0 / 5.0
5 Reviews
5 Stars
4 Stars
3 Stars
2 Stars
1 Star
Home foundation protection.
Arrived quickly.
Install completely around house in two zones with two timers.
Used to protect foundation in dry mths of central Texas.
Easy to work with.
October 29, 2017
over 2 years ago
Great price, great product!!!
Do not buy drip irrigation line form your local hardware store. You gotta go with Rain Bird. Sprinkler Warehouse is amazing!!
April 18, 2019
1 year ago
Worked as described. Would highly recommend
I used this in a strip of grass about 2 feet wide that is between the road and the side walk. Although I have heads in this area, it would always get dry during the summer. This solved the problem and was easy to install. Just cut a split in the ground, tap into your existing line and you're ion your way.
July 14, 2017
over 3 years ago
Rain bird underground Drip Line
Iran 500 ft of the underground drip tubing to to water a live fence.
The tubing is easy to install and works very well. I installed it on each side of a 240' row . I like it and would install it again.
March 9, 2018
over 2 years ago
Quality drip tubing, exactly as described
Works as it was described. I had ordered the incorrect drip tubing that could not be buried. Call the help desk to check details before you order.
September 21, 2018
1 year ago
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SprinklerWarehouse.com Store
Looking for longevity in a drip line system. Just used up 1500 feet. Wished you carried 250 foot rolls.
P O on Jul 15, 2018
Looks shiny
R O on Apr 23, 2018
Looking for longevity in a drip line system. Just used up 1500 feet. Wished you carried 250 foot rolls.
P O on Jul 15, 2018
To add to existing system with same product
W M on Jul 11, 2018
Looks shiny
R O on Apr 23, 2018
simply the best drip line on the market...works in my landscape
Charles L on Apr 16, 2018
It works well for ground cover here in Southern CA. I take a photo of it after installation but before burial. I even used it to water a tree by creating two circles around the tree.
E D on Jul 30, 2017
Copper insert, online reviews support this line being a great choice.
T E on Jun 20, 2017
Best for my need.
Dirk W on Mar 19, 2017
This is a great alternative to typical spray type sprinklers. It uses less water and has very uniform coverage.
TeriAnn S on May 16, 2012
To add to existing system with same product
W M on Jul 11, 2018
simply the best drip line on the market...works in my landscape
Charles L on Apr 16, 2018
Does this have the emmitters allready in it and how far apart are they. With a pressure regulater, timer and filter hooked up to faucet would this work for around the house foundation. Do not want to use soaker hose?
A shopper on Jun 5, 2013
BEST ANSWER: I am using this product it is a professional grade with emitters 12 inches apart with each emitting 0.9 gallons of water per hour. This is far superior to soaker hose.
You need to use a back flow device or vacuum breaker to prevent contaminating your household water supply also a pressure regulator with filter to prevent debris from clogging the emitters and lines should be flushed properly before use.
If you need more info on proper installation go to rain birds web site it will tell you all you need to know.
Look at this as an investment well worth the expense if you use this product you will be doing it right the first and last time.
how many feet of drip line per zone?
Jeremy L on May 29, 2012
BEST ANSWER: Depends on what you're using it for, the climate and soil type.

Are you using this for over ground shrub watering or sub surface lawn?

Are you in Arizona or Minnesota?

Sorry, but no one answer for you. You need to stuffy the application.,

I will say this is a very high quality product that I would recommend.
Is this drip hose VERY flexible?
Randi R on Apr 17, 2015
BEST ANSWER: It is a little fragile and flexes 'some', not 'very'. I wind it in and out of shrubs set 18" apart.
Has anyone used the xfd that is blank? Is it easy to put your own holes (?)
Randi R on Apr 17, 2015
BEST ANSWER: You've asked your question on the XFS page (the _underground_ product, which runs underneath my lawns). But for garden beds, I also bought blank XFD. The walls seem slightly stronger than "big box" dripline, but it's still very easy to punch in for insert connectors.

WRT a related product: I use "Universal Fit" dripline fittings, and I prefer the I prefer the new DIG "screw down" 1/2" connectors (unions and T's) over the Rainbird "Quick-Connect" equivalents. (These are products which fit multiple sizes and multiple brands of "1/2" dripline.) The DIGs are black in the middle, with orange screw-down nuts to clamp down the dripline pipe ends, while the RB "quick-connect" series is all black, and depend on a lot of hand pressure (pushing the dripline pipe in) to make a good seal.

The DIG products can also be dis-assembled and re-used by cutting off a bit of the old dripline underneath the screw-down nut (after you've loosened it), while the Rainbird fittings can't be taken apart: after driplines have been inserted once, they're throw-aways if you need to modify the layout.
Rain Bird MDCF Coupling 1/2
Rain Bird MDCF Coupling 1/2" Easy Fit | MDCFCOUP
DIG Coupling 1/2
DIG Coupling 1/2" Nut Lock | 15-055
Is each emitter rated at .92 GPH on the subsurface drip hose?
A shopper on Aug 22, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Yes, that's what the -09- designation refers to. The alternate emitters (dripping at 2/3 of the rate in the "-09" models) appear in tubing designated "XFS-06-XX".