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DIG 1/2" Black Polyethylene Tubing (.600 ID x .700 OD) (60 PSI) (1000') | 14-008

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DIG 1/2" Black Polyethylene Tubing (.600 ID x .700 OD) (60 PSI) (1000')

  • 1000 feet
  • 1/2" Tubing (.600 ID x .700 OD)
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 60 PSI

DIG's ™ premium quality 1/2" Black Polyethylene Tubing (.600 ID x .700 OD) is available in lengths of 1000'. The poly drip tubing, commonly referred to as drip irrigation tubing, blank tubing, distribution tubing. PE tubing or drip hose, is used as the primary drip irrigation installation supply line, into which micro tubing, drip emitters, drip line or micro sprinklers are attached to deliver water to the plant areas. DIG's ™ durable drip irrigation tubing is made with Dow 7510, low-density polyethylene resin material with a minimum of 2%+ Carbon Black for extra resistance to the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays. DIG poly drip tubing exhibits a combination of outstanding environmental stress-cracking resistance and burst strength to meet every demand of drip irrigation system installations above or below grade.

Features & Benefits

About DIG Poly Drip Tubing

DIG .700 OD poly drip tubing is generally is used as the main lateral or the supply line to deliver water to the plant area in a drip irrigation system installation in commercial, residential or agricultural applications. The poly drip tubing may be installed above the ground and covered with mulch to blend with the landscape, or below grade.

DIG .700 OD poly drip tubing is available in 100', 200 ™, 500 ™ and 1000' and it is manufactured with Dow 7510 polyethylene resin and includes 2% Carbon Black for extra resistance to ultraviolet rays. DIGs premium poly drip tubing dimension is .600 ID x .700 OD, a universally accepted size used in drip irrigation installations. The poly drip irrigation tubing size can vary by manufacturer, with some having larger or smaller ID and OD, and each size may display different flow characteristics

Poly Drip Tubing Installation Steps:

  1. Using the poly drip tubing as a main lateral or as a sub lateral: Lay out the poly drip tubing per the sketch made. Secure the poly drip tubing to the ground using one of DIG's ™ stakes (pack of 1, model R60, pack of 10 R60-10, pack of 10, R62B) in key areas and add more stakes as you unroll the poly drip tubing. Add stakes every 6' - 10' and at the end of each section, or as needed. Extend additional drip irrigation tubing to the plant area. Several sections of poly drip tubing can be laid out through the site, leaving all ends open for flushing. An extra 1% of poly drip tubing length should be added to each lateral to compensate for contraction at low temperatures.
  2. Throughout the installation and per your sketch layout, add the black insert compression fittings if needed, such as tees (model C35) and elbows (model C36), leaving the end of the tubing open. To install the compression drip fittings, cut the tubing with a hand pruner, being careful to keep dirt from entering the line. Hold the drip fitting in one hand and the poly drip tubing in the other and force the drip tubing into the compression drip fitting by wiggling it from side to side.
  3. When completing the drip tubing layout task and before installing the drip emitters or micro sprinklers, turn the water on to flush the drip tubing. After flushing the line, close all the outlets of the drip tubing using the hose end cap (model Q58) or figure eight hose end (model F68B).
  4. The drip emitters are installed along the poly drip tubing at varying or at specific intervals. The distribution uniformity of water flow from the drip emitters along the poly drip tubing line will depend on the incoming pressure, number of drip emitters used per lateral, and the total length of the drip tubing used. It is very important to ensure high uniformity of water along the poly drip tubing by not exceeding our total flow recommendations (see Product Specifications).

Poly Drip Tubing Installation Notes:

  1. Before you start, we highly recommend that you make a sketch of the garden or site with a detailed layout, mapping out the location of the poly drip tubing and micro tubing, the length of the drip tubing and the watering devices selected. This will make it easier to maintain the system at each new season or when expanding.
  2. Before unrolling the poly drip tubing from the inside or outside, depending on the type of coil used, leave it out in direct sunlight to warm it up. This will make it easier to work with.
  3. if the poly drip tubing is used in a below grade installation, we suggest digging a six to eight inch deep trench, to keep the poly drip tubing at a safe distance from cultivation practices. Leave the end of the poly drip tubing above the surface for periodic flushing.
  4. Last, we recommend not to exceed a total flow rate of 220 gallons per hour (3.6 GPM) on a single layout of drip irrigation tubing lateral.

Product Details

  • Available in 2', 50', 100', 200', 500', and 1000'
  • Contains a minimum of 2% concentrated carbon black resin antioxidant to protect the poly drip tubing from thermal degradation
  • The poly drip tubing made with Dow 7510 polyethylene resin exhibits a combination of outstanding environmental stress-cracking resistance and burst strength
  • Use with our wide range of 1/2" compression fittings with .700 OD
  • The poly drip tubing can meet any demand for above and below grade micro irrigation systems for gardening, landscape and agricultural installations
  • Can be used with other manufacturers™ brands of the same size of outside dimeter tubing
  • Available in black color
  • DIG poly drip tubing and micro tubing are made in the USA
DIG 1/2

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Purpose Or Function:
Poly Supply
Poly Tubing
1/2" Poly (600)
Outer Diameter (in.):
Inner Diameter (in.):
Size (in.):
60 PSI
Product Type:
Poly Tubing
Coil Length:
Tubing Size:
4.5 / 5.0
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Greater hoser
Love this tubing for drip and for full fledged sprinklers. Way cheaper than funny pipe with the same advantages.
June 30, 2017
over 3 years ago
DIG tubing
Tubing worked fine. Had no problems running it or attaching sprinklers and adapters to it. Shipping was fast and free. Everything was packed well no problems.
May 14, 2018
over 2 years ago
This is a great product!!!
I love how easy it is to work with, repair, and add attachments to. It is all around my favorite irrigation product to use. I would and will definitely recommend this product to others.
August 16, 2017
over 3 years ago
Great product, great price!
Great price for great product. This 1000 foot roll covered drip irrigation in a 60’ x 120’ garden. Irrigation made easy for a very good price.
May 27, 2020
3 months ago
Using to to install irrigation for fruit trees . It was easy and efficient to use .
July 4, 2018
over 2 years ago
Great product at reasonable price
We have done our homework searching for the best 1/2" tubing. This is the product we end up buying. We have used over a thousand feet in our bamboo nursery and it's been no problem at all. Will buy more for sure.
Bamboo Forever Nursery and Gardens
March 30, 2018
over 2 years ago
Quality materials for Drip Irrigation System
I called initially to question them about the 1/2" Poly tubing being different sizes (0.670, 0.700, 0.710) and really zero info from customer service and tech support was not much help either. To this day I am not sure why they have different size tubing (increased strength?, better water delivery?, ???)
However, the website is great and well organized. My order was filled accurately and promptly shipped. They emailed me that an item was on back order and so would delay shipping but that item must have come in for them for they had my order out in no time.
My 900' of drip irrigation is doing great.
May 26, 2018
over 2 years ago
Total disappointment, Break in the middle and smashed
The roll had a cut in at 650 feet leaving a 350 foot piece. It had two damaged places that needed to be cut out and sliced together. I called Sprinkle warehouse to get couplers so I could make it work with coupler unions. Sprinkle warehouse did not have any and would not return my calls. I got parts to make it work from Drip Depot.
March 30, 2019
1 year ago
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SprinklerWarehouse.com Store
switching from sprinklers to drip system
R E on Apr 29, 2018
good value and price
Jose T on Mar 13, 2018
switching from sprinklers to drip system
R E on Apr 29, 2018
We use this size tube a lot and this is the best price we found after a lot of research.
B A on Apr 26, 2018
good value and price
Jose T on Mar 13, 2018
I Needed more tubing and this was a great price
Michael T on May 21, 2017
A N on Mar 27, 2017
for irrigation
Edward T on Feb 13, 2017
We use this size tube a lot and this is the best price we found after a lot of research.
B A on Apr 26, 2018
I Needed more tubing and this was a great price
Michael T on May 21, 2017
I need to run this above ground and attach a hose to either end. Will be used to operate a sprinkler. Is this the right product? Do you have the pressure fittings I need for hose attachment? Do you have it in stock?
Ron C on Jun 28, 2012
how much does a 1000' roll weigh?
A shopper on Feb 7, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I got a 1000' roll but did not weigh it but it was easy to manage. I just ran a 2X4 piece of a wood stud and you can easily walk it out with two people. I put mine on two saw horses and unwound it that way. Weight of 1000' was probably 30 lbs.
can this pipe be used for potable water transfer for a temporary use ?
jeff L on Jan 4, 2014
BEST ANSWER: this question needs to be answered by the manufacture of this product. We used it for irrigation purposes. Need to know the material and makeup of the product to determine this. Thanks for the question though/
What is the max temperature it rated for?
A shopper on May 27, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I used this hose living in Southern California for 30 years and the temperatures reached between 100 and 120 degrees for many months out of the year. The hoses were in the direct sunlight for more than 12 hours a day from May to September. Replaced parts of the hose over time as it became brittle and cracked when stepped on. Hose usually lasted better than 20 years befor cracking.
I live in the northeast, where it freezes in the winter. What do I need to do if I want to keep my tubing (.600-.700 and .170-.250) outside all winter? Mostly it is buried under mulch. There is one low point under lawn. I bring my controller and filters in for the winter.
mfmccann on May 7, 2017
DIG 1/2
DIG 1/2" Black Polyethylene Tubing (.600 ID x .700 OD) (60 PSI) (1000') | 14-008
15-006 1/2 in. 0.700 OD Compression Tee
15-006 1/2 in. 0.700 OD Compression Tee
BEST ANSWER: Good morning, you would want to air off the system. If you need further assistance. Please let us know
I want to lay this tubing on my roof to heat pool water. Very common DIY solar water heating option. Will the heat affect the tubing?
mm1000 on Apr 20, 2014
BEST ANSWER: This stuff is not especially UV friendly.. If you use it for this application, I wouldn't expect it to last more than a year, tops.
I am wondering what size barbed fittings fit tightly into this pipe? ID ?
A shopper on Jan 23, 2017
Hi! I'm attempting to build a serpentine solar pool heater and believe a 1000 ft roll of 1/2 poly tubing would work well. I've calculated the volume the whole roll will hold (roughly 15 gallons) at a weight of roughly 120lbs. I'm curious what kind of pump you would recommend if my plan calls for using a serpentine configuration, i.e. one continuous pipe mounted in a large flat spiral? By my calculations it will be tight but should fit on a 4x8 sheet of plywood with braces to support the weight. I'm planning to mount it at an angle to catch the sun at roughly the same height as the pool to the pump should not need to pump more than 4 to 5 feet from the bottom of the coil to the top (planning on mounting the plywood horizontally). I would like a good continuous duty pump that can run during the daylight hours all summer. I know it will be pushing alot of water so want to get the right pump (and not one that will over-pressurize the pipe). Thanks!
Jim H on Apr 25, 2014
Is it product approved for Miami dade county florida?
jose c on Jul 11, 2013

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