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Drip Valves & Control Zone Kits

Control zone kits allow you to incorporate your drip system as a zone within a larger irrigation system. Or you can use multiple control zone kits for a large drip system. Control zone kits come with a filter and a valve. Some also include additional features like a pressure regulator or an anti-siphon device.

Drip Valves & Control Zone Kits

Make your drip system a fully functioning part of your sprinkler system with a Drip Zone Assembly. Designs are available including battery operated controllers, and valves that can be operated by a standard system controller. Zone Assemblies are prefabricated to make them very easy to install and maintain. Made from UV-resistant materials and durable plastics to ensure a long life of service.

Drip Valves

Although drip systems share many of the same principles from standard sprinkler irrigation systems, they also have a much smaller scale in most cases. Sprinkler Warehouse carries a wide variety of different style and valve types to help you get setup, no matter what your needs! Choose from top manufacturers such as Rain Bird, Hunter, DIG, Galcon and Antelco.

Drip Valves Control Zone Kits