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Fertilizer & Weed Control

Beautiful lawns are possible with Sprinkler Warehouse. When it comes to lawn maintenance, fertilizing is a key component to have a full, healthy and rich lawn all year long. Knowing when, what and the defense of your lawn, will help you to have that picture made lawn you have always wanted.

Lawn and Garden Maintenance Year Round

Your lawn is ever growing, ever living. It blooms in its time and readies itself for the elements in the winter. Help it maintain its vibrancy all year long with lawn care products purchasable on Sprinkler Warehouse. Be the envy of your neighborhood with your active care of that beautiful lawn or garden.

Know Your Lawn

What type of grass do you have? What type of soil? These are a few questions to ask to better know your lawn. The answers will help you maintaining a healthy lawn. Regardless of its care prior, your lawn can be rejuvenated with a few easy steps. Search our many products to begin to enrich your lawn and bring it back to its luster.

In Each Season

With the many seasons experienced yearly, it's only right that to treat your lawn to the nutrients it needs to maintain itself in those seasons. Whether your taking care of your lawn and or your garden, remember that every space has its care. Let Sprinkler Warehouse help you create and maintain a beautiful lawn and garden.

Disease Care

With common lawn diseases such as Brown patch, Large patch, Pythium blight, Pink snow mold and Summer patch just to name a few, prevent such diseases from taking over your lawn with helpful preventative measures that can be taken year round or on specific time frames through the year.