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Landscape Lighting

Illuminate the night with amazing, stylish and affordable landscape lighting. With many selections to choose from and name brands to match, Sprinkler Warehouse provides you a vast catalog of lights from wall lights to path lights and the transformers needed to manage them. Shop now and begin to light the night.

Beautify the Night with Landscape Lighting

With all the work you’ve put into that gorgeous landscape, why should it only look great during the day? Own the night with landscape lighting. We sell path lights, up lights, down lights, wall lights and specialty lights. We also sell the replacement bulbs, accessories and transformers to get your lighting system up and running and maintain it.

Whether you’re a contractor or a do-it-yourself homeowner you can find the items you need to make your residence, commercial property or office building, look great.

Landscape Lighting Benefits

  • Esthetics - Make your property look magical and gorgeous. Nighttime lighting can highlight features and provide dramatic ambiance.
  • Usefulness - There’s no reason the great outdoors should be off limits after sunset. Enjoy the evening in beautifully lit living areas and host nighttime parties outside.
  • Safety and Security – A well-lit walkway so you and your guests can avoid trip hazards. Well-placed lighting can discourage prowlers.