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Rain Bird FS Tee Flow Sensor

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Rain Bird FS Tee Flow Sensor

Used in conjunction with flow monitors or transmitters, Rain Bird non-magnetic flow sensors manufactured by Data Industrial provide accurate readings of the rate of liquid flow as well as total accumulated flow. A number of sensor models are offered, which cover applications for a wide range of pipe sizes. The flow sensors generate a frequency which is proportional to flow rate. An internal preamplifier allows the pulse signal to travel up to 3000 feet without further amplification. Power to operate the sensor is provided by the flow transmitter. The impeller, shaft, O-rings, and impeller bearings are replaceable in the field. Data Industrial flow sensors feature a closed, six-bladed impeller design, using a proprietary, non- magnetic sensing technology. The forward-swept impeller shape provides higher, more constant torque than other impeller designs, and is less prone to fouling by water-borne debris. The forward-curved shape, coupled with the absence of magnetic drag, provides improved operation and repeatability, even at lower flow rates. As the liquid flow turns the impeller, a low impedance digital signal is transmitted with a frequency proportional to the flow rate. Sensors of similar type are interchangeable, so there is no need for recalibration after servicing or replacement.

Rain Bird FS Tee Flow Sensor
  • Flo-Watch: Flo-Watch constantly monitors for low flow and excess flow conditions caused by broken lines or heads, automatically quarantines and shuts down the problem area and continues to irrigate non affected areas. Saves water, saves plant material and enables irrigation programs to continue and complete.
  • Learned Flow: The controller automatically learns station flow rates resulting in more accurate flow rates. The automatic collection prevents you from having to manually enter data from drawings or physically visiting each valve to collect flow data and manually entering the data into a controller.
  • FloManager: FloManager determines the optimal station irrigating sequence. The system runs at its fullest capacity until programs are complete. The controller automatically selects and runs multiple valves at the same time within hydraulic parameters allowing for shorter water windows.

Features (Sensors)

  • Simple six-bladed impeller design
  • Designed for outdoor or underground applications
  • Available in PVC, brass or stainless steel construction
  • Available in NPT and BSP ends
  • Pre-installed in tee or insert versions


  • Accuracy:  1% (full scale)
  • Velocity: 1/2 - 30 ft. (0,15 - 9,2 meters) per second, depending on model
  • Pressure: 400 psi (27,5 bars) (max) on metal models; 100 psi (6,9 bars) (max) on plastic models
  • Temperature: 220 degrees F (105 degrees C) (max) on metal models; 140 degrees F (60 degrees C) (max) on plastic models

Brass Tees

  • FS200B 4.25 in. x 8.35 in. x 2.94 in. ( 108mm x 212mm x 75mm )
  • FS150B 6.5 in. x 5.19 in. x 2.5 in. (165mm x 132mm x 64mm)
  • FS100B 5.45 in. x 4.94 in. x 2.21 in. (138mm x 126mm x 56mm)

Plastic Tees

  • FS400P 7.38 in. x 7.83 in. x 5.38 in. (187mm x 199mm x 137mm)
  • FS300P 6.50 in. x 6.83 in. x 4.23 in. (165mm x 173mm x 107mm)
  • FS200P 5.63 in. x 5.64 in. x 2.88 in. (143mm x 143mm x 73mm)
  • FS150P 5.0 in x 5.16 in. x 2.38 in. (127mm x 131mm x 60mm)
  • FS100P 3.50 in. x 3.94 in. x 1.315 in. (89mm x 100mm x 33mm)

BSP Plastic Tees

  • IFS400PFL 340 mm x 220 mm x 240 mm
  • IFS300PBSP 248 mm x 114 mm x 176 mm
  • IFS200PBSP 225 mm x 89 mm x 151 mm
  • IFS150PBSP 213 mm x 89 mm x 145 mm


  • FS350SS 7.13 in. x 3 in. (diameter) (181mm x 76mm (diameter))
  • FS350B 7.13 in. x 3 in. (diameter) (181mm x 76mm (diameter))
Rain Bird
Flow Sensor
Brass, PVC, Stainless Steel
Size (in.):
1", 1-1/2", 2", 3", 3-1/2", 4"
Sensor Connection:
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