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Transitional Systems Most Dual-Valve Operator | DOUBLER

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DOUBLER Doubler allows independent control of two automatic valves with only one valve wire and the common. When Doubler is connected to one station of the controller, it switches when the station is turned on and passes the electrical current to the first valve. The next time that station is turned on, Doubler switches to the second valve. It simply alternates between the two valves. If two stations are connected to Doubler by a jumper wire in the controller, it switches between the two valves corresponding to the two stations. It simply uses one wire twice. If a second station is not available, use another program to power the added valve. Each valve will water for as long as the time set on the controller.

The industry standard for bypassing broken wires and adding new valves without the need to trench new wire back to your controller. DOUBLER allows the independent operation of two valves on one set of field wires.

  • Add a valve to separate wet and dry areas.

  • Operate 2 valves separately on one wire.

  • Bypass broken wires.

  • Divide low pressure lines by adding more valves.

  • Add new valves to a full controller by using additional programs.

  • Add a drip line without trenching more wires.

  • Completely waterproof for direct burial.

  • No disturbing your landscaping.

  • Compatible with all controllers using self diagnostic circuitry.

  • Switches before turning on a valve, not after.

  • No damage from short circuits up to 10 amps.

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Transitional Systems
Product Type:
Dual-Valve Operator
Dual-Valve Operator
Most Controllers
Works with:
Most Controller
Dual-Valve Operator
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5 Stars
5.0 / 5.0
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This product is PERFECT for adding a zone to your irrigation system since by adding it to your existing valve box and wiring it to an existing valve then to the valve you are adding for the new zone you don't need to run trench and run wires back to your irrigation controller (wherever that may be, in some cases hundreds of feet away, all you do at the controller is wire a jumper from the valve number you used in the irrigation box to any available unused zone in your controller and you are done. It is very easy and the instructions included are so easy to follow you might think you missed something. They even include a sticker to put in the controller so you can make note of which stations or zones the doubler is installed on. What a great idea. If your controller was very close to the valves box you were adding the new zone to you wouldn't need a doubler you could just run the wires as needed but in most cases it saves time and money.
January 8, 2020
11 months ago
So fsr so good
Works perfectly...easy install...just a bit spendy, but best price I found.
July 14, 2017
over 3 years ago
Exact Replacement
I was really worried when one of my zones that was controlled by a doubler quit working. The doubler was installed almost 15 years ago and I was sure I would not be able to find an exact replacement and would have to hire someone to troubleshoot and modify the system for what was currently available. To my surprise, the doubler I received was an exact replacement for my old doubler. Just a simple case of disconnecting the current doubler and reconnecting the exact same way. I may have to order another as a backup for 15 years in the future just to make sure I have one on hand.
April 21, 2020
6 months ago
Very Nice
Unit was very easy to install, and instructions were simple to understand as it's easy to get your controller fooled.
Also works with Rachio controller, which was very nice indeed.
August 8, 2019
over 5 years ago
Works as Advertised!
Fixed an issue I dealt with for several years. Allowed me to split 2 zones doubled-up die to a broken wire.
April 27, 2015
over 5 years ago
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i need it.
S T on Oct 26, 2017
broken wire in ground
A Z on Apr 26, 2017
i need it.
S T on Oct 26, 2017
B D on May 2, 2017
broken wire in ground
A Z on Apr 26, 2017
saves a ton of time and money
jeffrey W on Feb 11, 2017
B D on May 2, 2017
saves a ton of time and money
jeffrey W on Feb 11, 2017
which one is more reliable? Add-a-zone, or Doubler?

Reza R on Sep 13, 2014
Transitional Systems Most Dual-Valve Operator | DOUBLER
Transitional Systems Most Dual-Valve Operator | DOUBLER
RCO Single-Wire Dual-Zone Control | ADD-A-ZONE
RCO Single-Wire Dual-Zone Control | ADD-A-ZONE
BEST ANSWER: Doubler is mechanical, like a click pen. It will work with finicky controllers.
Add-A-Zone is solid state and will last for years. However, some electronic controllers will not operate properly with it. More info: Search - Triac Quadrant
Had a broken and lost wire to me zone 4. Lanskape firm installed a coupler to use zone 4 to control 3 as well. I understood that both 3 and 4 would work during a full cycle, but alternately. I’m confused, big time. Will 3 run during one cycle and 4 during the next cycle? If so, one or the other gets watered once every two weeks. (We water only weekly)

Using a rain bird ESP-ME timer, should I set up an additional program to run only 3 and 4? Program A would run skipping 3 or 4 and then program B would follow and run only 3or 4?

Please help me to understandd the function and operation of the coupler.

Tom Schroeder
Tom S on Oct 12, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The way a doubler works is like a switch. Let's say a and b. When controller activates doubler a, or in this case zone 3 opens. When power goes off , doubler switches to b. Next time it is activated, it turns on b or in this case zone 4. Problem is that doubler is not switching because power is not being interrupted. This is the reason for separation. If 4 and 5 or 2 and 3 are switched than doubler will reset to next a or b.
annie on May 4, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes, Doubler will allow you to add a valve even if you are out of stations. When you program the controller, instead of using a jumper wire between stations just program your Doubler station to water on program A and then again on program B. Just set a start time for your program B to water after program A has finished and you are set. The first program will water the first valve and the second program will water the second valve effectively adding a station to your watering program.
How well does the doubler work? Had any troubles with it?
Stephen J on May 23, 2011
BEST ANSWER: It's great! It elminates a valve and the only reason I got this one was because the other one was worn out, put it on a commercial property of mine and it works like a charm!!! Hope this helps.
Is it worth the money
A shopper on May 13, 2011
BEST ANSWER: Yes it was, it allowed to split a zone with 5 heads to convert it to a zone for 3 heads and the other zone with 2 heads, I did not have enoygh water pressure to cover 5 heads at once.
does it come with 16 gauge wire?
Judy W on Jun 13, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Too long ago to recall for sure, but the doubler wire was about the same gauge as the valve/solenoid wire.
how do you install it ?
daniel c on Feb 7, 2012
BEST ANSWER: I purchased the doubler because I added a couple of new zones to my system and I ran out of spare wires. So, the doubler fixed this problem. It comes with four wire sticking out of it. I can be placed in one of your solenoid boxes and is sealed for moisture. You hook it up like the instructions say. The white wire is connected to the common coming from your controller and both of the two soledonoid valves for the zones you want to turn on. The black wire is connected to the wire( lets say it is green) from the controller that will be used to turn on your two stations. The two red wires are then connected to the other wires going to each solenoid valve. On the controller the green wire is connected to a station number and also jumpered to another spare station. These two station numbers must not be in sequence if you are using a solid state controller. I used this system most of last summer and it worked flawlessly.