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Find various fittings in many shapes, sizes, and use at Sprinkler Warehouse. We are stocked and ready to meet your project needs. Search our catalog of fittings and find the one you need today. Complete that project with ease.

Which fitting works best?

Fittings connect all the pieces in an irrigation system. Proper fittings can be the difference between a large headache and years of trouble free operation. Our many types of high quality fittings are available in several sizes to fill virtually any irrigation system need.

What type of fittings do I need?

From PVC Fittings to poly fittings, drip fittings to shrub sticks and nipples, Sprinkler Warehouse carries a vast variation of products for you to choose from. Understanding your project as a whole helps target the correct fittings you need.

What is the best size pipe for my lawn?

Great question! The best size pipe that you will need depends on the type of project you are working on, the rate of flow you wish to have and the pressure rating needed to complete the task. Each elbow, tee, connection or strand of pipe carries with it a use of purpose. Find it and it will allow you to make your job easier and efficient.