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Quick-Fix Telescopic Couplings

Slip-Fix Telescopic Repair Couplers are used to repair breaks in PVC pipe. Simply cut out the section of broken pipe slightly longer than compressed Slip-Fix, apply glue to fittings and expand Slip-Fix to fill the gap.

If you've ever found yourself with a broken piece of PVC pipe, you've probably wondered how you can repair it. Having a supply of repair couplings on hand will help you do that. The compressed, telescopic design allows the repair coupling to align perfectly with a piece of broken pipe for a one-size-fits-all approach. A quick application of glue rounds out an easy, quick-fix process.

Telescopic couplers act fast and allow you to fix any problems that may arise as you pursue the perfect irrigation setup. Here are the steps to fix a broken PVC pipe with repair couplers:

  • Cut the broken pipe away to a length slightly longer than the compressed slip-fix coupler.
  • Apply glue to both sides of the coupler.
  • Telescope the coupler into place!
  • For the quickest fixes, you'll want to have several sizes of telescopic couplers on hand.