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Allowing you the control to operate your irrigation system from a central key access point, these remotes work well to cut down on all the hard work making it smart to own one.

Sprinkler System Remote Controls

Sprinkler Warehouse offers irrigation system remote controls in a variety of designs from an assortment of manufacturers.

Sprinkler system remote controls are an excellent solution for busy professionals to increase productivity or homeowners seeking an easier way to run routine maintenance and system checks.

Sprinkler Timer Remote Controls

Sprinkler timer remote controls make it possible to operate your sprinkler system without all the back and forth. Remove the extra time and hassle from routine maintenance and system checks by upgrading your system with a remote control! Sprinkler Warehouse carries sprinkler remote controls from some of the top manufacturers in the industry, in a variety of models to meet the needs of all types of sprinkler systems. We also offer replacement transmitters, receivers, and connection kits; all the parts you need to set up a new remote control, or repair an existing one.