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Concrete Donuts

Concrete Donuts are designed to be placed around sprinkler heads to protect them from lawn mowers and vehicles. Even when not popped up, your sprinkler spray heads and rotors are at risk; if a lawn mower or car tire runs over them, the pressure can cause the sprinkler head and/or the connecting pipes to crack. Our concrete donuts are constructed of fiber reinforced concrete for maximum strength and designed to fit perfectly around your sprinkler heads.

Sprinkler Donuts are a cost-effective way for you to prevent severe damage to your sprinkler system. As many of us know, unfortunately, a damaged sprinkler head not only costs money to replace, but it can also cause immense damage to your lawn that cannot be watered properly.

Installing a Sprinkler Donut is simple, and our instructional videos will help you. If you can have access to a shovel and a level, you should be able to complete this task in less than an hour.

Sprinkler Donuts blend into your lawn thanks to their light green color, and they are not even visible in most cases to a driver who is passing by the front of your home or business in a car. This makes them a valuable addition to your landscaping that helps you save money in the long run.