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Hunter MP Rotator 90 - 210 Degree Adjustable Rotary Nozzle 31 - 35 ft | MP350090

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Hunter MP Rotator 90 - 210 Degree Adjustable Rotary Nozzle 31 - 35 ft

  • Spray Radius: 31-35 feet
  • Spray Patterns: 90 - 210 degrees
  • Max PSI: 55

Hunter MP Rotator

The revolutionary MP Rotator features a unique, multi-trajectory rotating stream delivery system that achieves water-conserving results. Rather than simply ”spray” water onto landscapes, MP Rotators deliver multiple streams of water at a steady rate. This slower application rate allows water to gently soak into the soil and achieves an even distribution throughout the area being irrigated. This increased efficiency results in 30% less water use when compared to traditional sprays and significantly reduces wasteful runoff. The MP Rotator can be installed onto any conventional spray head body or shrub adapter, transforming them into high uniformity, low precipitation rate sprinklers with matched precipitation at any arc and any radius.

The MP Rotators are a great choice for new systems, as they provide immense range flexibility (from 5’ strip to 35’ radius), decrease material costs, and provide better system efficiency. MPs are also perfect for revitalizing older systems — a retrofit can solve both low pressure and poor coverage problems.

The MP Rotator uses multi-stream, multi-trajectory technology to achieve optimal water-conserving results. Rather than simply spraying water onto landscapes, MP Rotators deliver streams of water at slower rates that soils can better absorb, significantly reducing runoff. It is a breakthrough solution in irrigation technology, enabling levels of conservation that are increasingly necessary.

A Smarter Way to Water

The MP Rotator offers superior coverage compared to traditional sprays, with true matched precipitation at any arc or radius. The slower application rate requires run times to be twice that of traditional sprays, significantly reducing runoff — it’s the perfect solution for slopes and dense soils. This increased efficiency results in 30% less water use when compared to traditional sprays.

Features & Benefits

  • True matched precipitation any arc or radius setting
  • Radius can be reduced up to 25% on all models
  • Color-coded for easy identification
  • Double-pop feature keeps dirt and debris out of nozzle
  • Removable filter screen ensures hassle-free service
  • Low precipitation rate

Automatic Matched Precipitation

The MP Rotator® has the unique ability to control the amount of water flowing through the nozzle at various arc and radius settings, resulting in matched precipitation regardless of the nozzle setting.


The MP Rotator’s nozzle pops up from its protected position only after the riser is fully extended, providing superior defense against dirt and debris.

Distribution Uniformity

The various streams of the MP Rotator allow it to target all areas of the landscape evenly, yielding superior uniformity over traditional spray nozzles. Each stream targets specific areas to achieve higher efficiency and even coverage.

Low Precipitation Rate

The standard MP Rotator line applies water at 0.4 in/hr, while the MP800 has a precipitation rate of 0.8 in/hr. Either choice will avoid runoff, saving water and preventing erosion.

Reliable Operation

Patented double-pop nozzle keeps the sprinkler free of external debris.

Accurate Adjustments

Adjustable arc and radius with matched precipitation. Radius can be reduced up to 25%.

Efficient Application

Multiple rotating streams provide even coverage and wind resistance, eliminating dry spots.


Removable inlet filter keeps sprinkler free of internal debris.

Easy Installation

Compatible with all spray bodies; perfect for retrofits. Use the MP-HT for female-threaded spray bodies.

Product Details

Operating Specifications

  • Recommended operating pressure: 40 PSI
  • Recommended filtering when operating on dirty water


  • Pair with Pro-Spray PRS40 to achieve pressure regulation at the head of 40 PSI
  • Adding ”HT” will specify male threaded nozzles
Hunter MP Rotator
Hunter MP Rotator Hunter MP Rotator
MP350090 31’ - 35’ (9.4 to 10.7m)
Arc PSI Radius ft. Flow GPM Flow GPH Precip In/hr Precip In/hr
25 33 1.04 62.4 0.37 0.42
30 34 1.13 67.8 0.38 0.43
35 34 1.21 72.6 0.4 0.47
40 35 1.28 76.8 0.4 0.46
45 35 1.38 82.8 0.43 0.5
50 35 1.43 85.8 0.45 0.52
55 35 1.5 90 0.47 0.54
25 33 2.21 132.6 0.39 0.45
30 34 2.24 134.4 0.37 0.43
35 34 2.65 159 0.44 0.51
40 35 2.86 171.6 0.45 0.52
45 35 3.1 186 0.49 0.56
50 35 3.21 192.6 0.5 0.58
55 35 3.28 196.8 0.52 0.6
25 33 2.59 155.4 0.39 0.45
30 34 2.84 170.4 0.41 0.47
35 34 3.08 184.8 0.44 0.51
40 35 3.29 197.4 0.44 0.51
45 35 3.54 212.4 0.48 0.55
50 35 3.76 225.6 0.51 0.59
55 35 3.94 236.4 0.53 0.61

Bold = Optimal pressure for the MP Rotator is 40 PSI. This can easily be achieved by using the MP Rotator with the Hunter Pro-Spray PRS40 pressure regulated at 40 PSI.

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Adjustable Nozzle
MP Rotator Nozzles
Max PSI:
55 PSI
Spray Patterns:
90 - 210°
Spray Radius (ft.):
31' - 35' (MP3500)
Flow Rate:
1.04 - 3.94 GPM
Operating PSI:
25 - 55 PSI
3 Years
Product Type:
Nozzle Radius:
31 - 35 ft (MP3500)
Spray Pattern Type:
Adjustable ARC
Nozzle Type:
Nozzle Pattern:
Adjustable Arc
4.4 / 5.0
14 Reviews
5 Stars
4 Stars
3 Stars
2 Stars
1 Star
Uneven coverage.
No matter how hard I try to reorient the heads there most always is a deadspot somewhere, even with overlapping converage.
September 6, 2019
1 year ago
Awesome sprinkler heads
They work and are easily installed and do a very good job as they are described. I love these compared to the misters I had previous and this is a good buy also
June 28, 2020
3 months ago
It gave me the distance I needed to get to those dry spots on my lawn.
September 12, 2017
over 3 years ago
Be Smart
My first experience using these rotors and it has been incredibly rewarding. It's like another version of drip irrigation. The lawns are looking great and my water bill is actually lower already.
July 3, 2019
1 year ago
they are the greatest product that I have ever purchased and I can't wait to have to buy some more
July 14, 2018
over 2 years ago
I love how these heads water more evenly . I also like how you can use more heads for better coverage with the same water pressure it normally took for just one of the old style heads.
July 19, 2020
4 months ago
love it
i really like that rotor this is the first one i got it really has alot of distance to throw out
September 21, 2018
over 2 years ago
Product lived up to description, great quality. I am satisfied for sure. Thanks
I used these nozzles on a sprinkler zone that the heads were spaced too far apart. The range on these nozzles took me by surprise as to just how far they can reach and still maintain adequate coverage. With a slightly longer run time on the zone, problem solved.
August 4, 2017
over 3 years ago
Hunter MP Rotator Nozzles
Thankfully Sprinkler Warehouse stocks the Hunter's full range of MP Rotators. Prices are good, delivery times great. Have purchased several this past year to provide even irrigation coverages for my lawns. Though professionally installed, original coverage was uneven due to the installers incorrect placement of heads and total reliance on just two nozzle types (MP3000 90-210 and MP MP2000 90-210). Replacing some nozzles have corrected the problems.
August 7, 2017
over 3 years ago
Excellent, Long Distance Nozzles!
The MP3500 nozzles absolutely give the best coverage and even distribution. They fit in smaller spray bodies which reduces costs and are easily adjustable.
April 3, 2014
over 6 years ago
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SprinklerWarehouse.com Store
MP Rotators are great!
Jeremy B on Nov 19, 2018
Research and Review plus I have a very large yard area to be watered
G P on Aug 27, 2018
MP Rotators are great!
Jeremy B on Nov 19, 2018
The best
Luke M on Sep 24, 2018
Research and Review plus I have a very large yard area to be watered
G P on Aug 27, 2018
needed to replace
T R on Aug 3, 2018
Reliable with even spray pattern in coverage area.
Bernhardt S on Aug 3, 2018
this is a replacement for my existing nozzels
Dan on Jun 19, 2018
Need it
Troy C on Jun 2, 2018
Far superior water distribution compared to competitors
Thomas B on May 24, 2018
Need the distance and coverage.
Jack B on May 22, 2018
coverage range
E R on May 14, 2018
X A on Mar 27, 2018
Replacement of existing nozzle - normal wear NOT product defect.
P A on Feb 22, 2018
Joe on Sep 29, 2017
Great price, excellent functionality.
J A on Jun 7, 2017
Try the new MP nozzle for areas of my yard that have had landscaping changes.
Roger T on Mar 15, 2017
its the best
Jose L on Nov 18, 2016
The best
Luke M on Sep 24, 2018
needed to replace
T R on Aug 3, 2018

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