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Hunter Rotor 4" | PGP-ADJ

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Hunter Rotor 4' PGP-ADJ

  • Hunter Rotor (PGP-ADJ)
  • No Check Valve
  • Pop-Up Height: 4 inches

Hunter Rotor

The PGP® is Hunter's original product‐the item that put the company on the map in 1981. Its exceptional design and impressive performance placed the rotor a cut above back then, and continuous improvements and enhancements have allowed it to remain the number one selling rotor in the world ever since. With the ability to deliver even water distribution from engineered nozzles, this sprinkler is unequaled in reliability, durability, versatility, and value. With its endless built-in features and Hunter's years of experience in gear‑drive technology, it's no wonder the PGP remains the professional's choice year after year.

Why Choose PGP?

  • Pop-up sprinkler rotates silently then disappears when the job is done
  • Has precise pattern control with no wasteful back splash onto walkways or buildings
  • Whisper‐quiet rotation, without impact or clatter
  • Through‑the‑top adjustment with a helpful symbol makes it easy to adjust, wet or dry
  • Easy fine‑tuning without changing nozzles
  • Integral rubber cover with membrane‑covered sockets keep dirt out
  • Large dirty water screen puts an end to the nozzle clogging

Features & Benefits

  • Model: 4'
  • Arc setting: 40 to 360 degrees
  • Factory installed rubber cover
  • Through-the-top arc adjustment
  • QuickCheck™ arc mechanism
  • Water lubricated gear-drive
  • Nozzle choices: 12 total
  • Nozzle racks: Red
  • Warranty period: 2 years
  • 1 Set of Nozzles per rotor and 1 Adjustment Tool per Order

Product Details

  • Radius: 22' to 52'
  • Flow rate: 0.5 to 14.1 GPM
  • Recommended pressure range: 25 to 70 PSI
  • Operating pressure range: 20 to 100 PSI
  • Precipitation rates: 0.4 in/hr approx.
  • Nozzle trajectory: Std=25 degrees, Low angle=13 degrees
Model Nozzle No. Pressure in PSI Degrees of Trajectory ‐ (A) Max Height of Spray (ft.) ‐ (B) Distance from head (ft.) to Maximum Height ‐ (C)
1 50 26 7' 22'
2 50 26 7' 22'
3 50 26 8' 23'
4 50 26 8' 23'
5 50 27 9' 26'
6 50 27 10' 28'
7 50 26 11' 30'
8 50 26 11' 30'
9 50 27 12' 32'
10 60 25 13' 32'
11 60 25 13' 38'
12 60 25 13' 40'
Model Nozzle No. Pressure in PSI Degrees of Trajectory ‐ (A) Max Height of Spray (ft.) ‐ (B) Distance from head (ft.) to Maximum Height ‐ (C)
PGP Low Angle
4 50 15 5' 22'
5 50 15 4' 22'
6 50 14 4' 22'
7 50 14 4' 22'
8 50 14 5' 24'
9 50 15 5' 26'
10 60 15 6' 0'
Model Nozzle No. Pressure in PSI Degrees of Trajectory ‐ (A) Max Height of Spray (ft.) ‐ (B) Distance from head (ft.) to Maximum Height ‐ (C)
PGP Blue
1.5 45 25 8' 23'
2.0 45 25 8' 23'
2.5 45 25 9' 26'
3.0 45 25 10' 28'
4.0 45 25 11' 30'
5.0 45 25 11' 30'
6.0 55 25 12' 32'
8.0 55 25 13' 32'
Nozzle Pressure PSI Radius ft. Flow GPM Precip In/h Precip In/h
30 28' 0.5 0.12 0.14
40 29' 0.6 0.14 0.16
50 29' 0.7 0.16 0.19
60 30' 0.8 0.17 0.20
30 29' 0.7 0.16 0.19
40 30' 0.8 0.17 0.20
50 30' 0.9 0.19 0.22
60 31' 1.0 0.20 0.23
30 30' 0.9 0.19 0.22
40 31' 1.0 0.20 0.23
50 31' 1.2 0.24 0.28
60 32' 1.3 0.24 0.28
30 32' 1.2 0.23 0.26
40 33' 1.4 0.25 0.29
50 34' 1.6 0.27 0.31
60 34' 1.8 0.30 0.35
30 34' 1.6 0.27 0.31
40 36' 1.8 0.27 0.31
50 38' 2.0 0.27 0.31
60 38' 2.2 0.29 0.34
30 34' 2.0 0.33 0.38
40 36' 2.4 0.36 0.41
50 38' 2.7 0.36 0.42
60 38' 2.9 0.39 0.45
30 34' 2.6 0.43 0.50
40 38' 3.0 0.40 0.46
50 40' 3.4 0.41 0.47
60 40' 3.7 0.45 0.51
30 37' 3.2 0.45 0.52
40 39' 3.7 0.47 0.54
50 41' 3.9 0.45 0.52
60 42' 4.6 0.50 0.58
30 38' 3.6 0.48 0.55
40 41' 4.3 0.49 0.57
50 44' 5.2 0.52 0.60
60 45' 5.5 0.52 0.60
30 44' 6.0 0.60 0.69
40 46' 6.8 0.62 0.71
50 47' 7.6 0.66 0.76
60 49' 8.2 0.66 0.76
30 46' 8.0 0.73 0.84
40 48' 8.9 0.74 0.86
50 50' 9.8 0.75 0.87
60 51' 10.5 0.78 0.90
30 46' 10.5 0.96 1.10
40 48' 11.9 0.99 1.15
50 50' 12.7 0.98 1.13
60 52' 14.1 1.00 1.16
Note: All precipitation rates calculated for 180 degree operation. For the precipitation rate for a 360 degree sprinkler, divide by 2.
Nozzle Pressure PSI Radius ft. Flow GPM Precip In/h Precip In/h
25 29' 1.2 0.27 0.32
35 31' 1.4 0.28 0.32
45 31' 1.5 0.30 0.35
55 32' 1.8 0.34 0.39
65 32' 1.9 0.36 0.41
25 33' 1.4 0.25 0.29
35 33' 1.7 0.30 0.35
45 34' 2.0 0.33 0.38
55 34' 2.1 0.35 0.40
65 32' 2.3 0.43 0.50
25 33' 1.7 0.30 0.35
35 35' 2.1 0.33 0.38
45 35' 2.5 0.39 0.45
55 35' 2.6 0.41 0.47
65 35' 2.9 0.46 0.53
25 35' 2.2 0.35 0.40
35 36' 2.7 0.40 0.46
45 38' 3.0 0.40 0.46
55 39' 3.4 0.43 0.50
65 39' 3.7 0.47 0.54
25 37' 3.0 0.42 0.49
35 39' 3.5 0.44 0.51
45 40' 4.0 0.48 0.56
55 41' 4.5 0.52 0.60
65 41' 4.8 0.55 0.63
25 37' 3.7 0.52 0.60
35 39' 4.5 0.57 0.66
45 42' 5.0 0.55 0.63
55 42' 5.7 0.62 0.72
65 42' 6.2 0.68 0.78
25 38' 4.3 0.57 0.66
35 40' 5.6 0.67 0.78
45 43' 6.0 0.62 0.72
55 44' 6.7 0.67 0.77
65 44' 7.3 0.73 0.84
25 37' 6.0 0.84 0.97
35 41' 7.0 0.80 0.93
45 44' 8.0 0.80 0.92
55 46' 9.0 0.82 0.95
65 46' 9.8 0.89 1.03
Note: All precipitation rates calculated for 180 degree operation. For the precipitation rate for a 360 degree sprinkler, divide by 2.
Product Tag:
Low Cost Solutions
Flow Rate:
0.5 - 14.1 GPM
Spray Pattern:
40 - 360
Spray Radius (ft.):
22 - 52
Riser Material:
Pop-Up Height:
Pressure Range (PSI):
Body Height:
Inlet Size:
2 Years
Product Type:
Pop-Up Height:
Check Valve:
No Check Valve
Riser Material:
Radius (ft.):
22' - 52'
Part Circle Adjustable (40 - 360)
4.7 / 5.0
407 Reviews
5 Stars
4 Stars
3 Stars
2 Stars
1 Star
a really great rotor
i use them exclusively and they last far better than any others that i have seen
October 23, 2015
Great place to buy your supplies
Low price and quick delivery. Can,t ask for much more.
September 5, 2017
over 3 years ago
Great product and quick delivery
Replaced the 15 year old ( same heads) that were damaged by freeze. Easy to replace, easy to adjust
June 8, 2014
Fully Satisfied!
Great service, quick delivery, Happy Customer!
June 29, 2016
Good product, need to replace a few head as some have stopped turning
August 15, 2014
replacement purchase
Bought to replace current rotars. Work well.
May 28, 2015
Best sprinklers around!
Great sprinkler, installed my system in 2015 using about 42 of these sprinklers. To date I've had zero problems and they have worked flawlessly.
June 20, 2017
over 3 years ago
good product
Used these head when I was in the irrigation business. always had good luck with them. really liked the ease of adjustment. Now use to replace old ones on own system
July 1, 2017
over 3 years ago
Sprinkler Heads
There are good sprinkler heads. They last for a long time if you don't run over them with your mower
August 12, 2017
over 3 years ago
So far I am satisfied with the performance. It was exactly what I was expecting. Yes, I would recommend this product to others
July 23, 2017
over 3 years ago
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love hunter
Firouz F on Feb 28, 2019
I have bought these in the past...just buying a few more..like the service..gk
K R on Feb 15, 2019
love hunter
Firouz F on Feb 28, 2019
Have used them before with good results
Edward L on Feb 26, 2019
I have bought these in the past...just buying a few more..like the service..gk
K R on Feb 15, 2019
Replace like kind
Tom G on Feb 15, 2019
add replace current ones
C O on Feb 12, 2019
value recommended
C R on Feb 2, 2019
replacement for the 154 sprinkler heads that are installed
Douglas L on Jan 24, 2019
S S on Jan 22, 2019
Best rotor part for install and replacement with sprinkler irrigation systems.
B B on Jan 21, 2019
Recommended by pro.
Bob on Jan 13, 2019
They are exact replacements for the ones the installer used and, as good as they are, don't last forever.
Stephen F on Jan 12, 2019
I need them
Margi m on Dec 20, 2018
I have been using these for 10 years. While they are reliable they do wear out. Prices at sprinkler warehouse are the best on these!
T O on Dec 18, 2018
replacement of the ones I currently own
P I on Dec 10, 2018
I have used them in the past with good luck
C S on Dec 1, 2018
What is installed now
M E on Nov 29, 2018
used before and satisfied with performance
anthony f on Nov 26, 2018
To replace 20 year old sprinkler heads
David L on Nov 26, 2018
They match my originals
K E on Nov 25, 2018
currently using them
G A on Nov 18, 2018
Prior use and years long success, still have a couple left from 1988
R C on Nov 18, 2018
use them a lot. happy with product
Michael W on Nov 15, 2018
Great Price on Sprinkle heads
Richard B on Nov 2, 2018
I have a complete hunter system. 25 years old works good.
W I on Nov 1, 2018
To replace sprinklers
J T on Oct 27, 2018
Replace existing broken heads
P B on Oct 21, 2018
Replacements for existing sprinkler system.
Ronald R on Oct 18, 2018
Replace current heads when broken
Seth C on Oct 14, 2018
I need them.....
R A on Oct 12, 2018
Replacement heads
Fred L on Oct 11, 2018
Replacement for current sprinkler heads
D K on Oct 10, 2018
I have used them before and they are the most reliable and longest lasting rotating head on the market.
B K on Oct 7, 2018
W C on Oct 6, 2018
Jim D on Oct 5, 2018
keep a few extras in case rotor get damaged by landscaper etc
E D on Oct 5, 2018
parts needed
Steven J on Oct 4, 2018
Replacement for older system
C O on Oct 3, 2018
It's what I need.
maynard h on Sep 29, 2018
art m on Sep 26, 2018
Need to replace some broken sprinkler head assemblies.
R I on Sep 25, 2018
H A on Sep 24, 2018
Currently using this product
T E on Sep 22, 2018
Have sprinkler system with Hunter heads, and buy more for backup.
PnP W on Sep 21, 2018
To replace existing. Good product and my last one served 16 solid years.
S T on Sep 17, 2018
Already have in system and am satisfied with performance
Evans C on Sep 16, 2018
Same ones I have in yard - want to be consistent
O Z on Sep 15, 2018
Good product, great price
R I on Sep 13, 2018
This is the model I currently have installed.
Howard S on Sep 13, 2018
its what I already have
E S on Sep 13, 2018
J P on Sep 12, 2018
Have used them before with good results
Edward L on Feb 26, 2019
Replace like kind
Tom G on Feb 15, 2019
what is the inlet size for this sprinkler?
A shopper on Nov 3, 2016
What is the difference between PGP with red nozzles and PGP with blue nozzles?
A shopper on Aug 30, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Hunter red nozzles are the original PGP nozzles. They water best with head to head coverage. All heads do. The blue nozzles were developed to compare to the rain curtain technology of the Rainbird 5000. They help cover better from close range to mid range. They will help if your system does not get head to head coverage. If you have head to head coverage it does not matter which one you use, just break the stream a little.
I turned the adjustment for the radius too far and it is now flushing how do i reset it ?
chill on Jun 11, 2016
BEST ANSWER: NOt sure what you mean by flushing. Read your instructions is really straight forward on how to set the radius or the watering arc.Make sure your start point on the right side of the spray head has the arrow pointed where you want the first spray to hit.. Once that is right your key need to be inserted and rotated to where you want the arc to stop. YOu should be able to figure it out after a few attempts. If not ask one of you friends to help you..
How many Hunter sprinklers come in a case?
David H on Jul 27, 2012
does the product come with a nozzle already installed in each head or do we need to install the nozzle before installation?
Manny C on Mar 24, 2014
BEST ANSWER: They don't come with a nozzle installed you need to pick the nozzle size from the selection provided with your sprinkler head.
Do any of these Hunter heads rotate continuesly?
Bob H on Sep 27, 2011
BEST ANSWER: Yes and no. They rotate 360 degrees, but they will switch directions every 360 degrees, so they don't continuously go around in one direction, but back and forth from 40-360 degrees.
is there any riser that can extend the height of the rotor after it has sunk in the ground a little, or do I have to dig up around the rotor and raise from the bottom?
A shopper on Apr 15, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Depending on your soil, you can take the head off of the riser, remove the existing riser with a tool that has a serrated point on one end and t handle on the other end, install a taller riser. The length of the new riser should be the length of the old riser plus the distance the sprinkler head has sunk into the ground. The sprinkler pop up cannot be extended because it would not sit flush with the ground if it were.
how many units in a case?
A shopper on Mar 2, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Wondering myself
Is the sprinkler head 3/4 inch?
A shopper on Jul 13, 2013
BEST ANSWER: If you are referring to the pipe inlet size, it is 3/4"
how easy is replacement because of leaks?
larry H on May 2, 2012
BEST ANSWER: I am a little concerned about this question. PGPs generally don't leak over their life, All of your PGPs should be in valve zones and the water pressure shuts off to them when the valve closes. If you see residual water draining from the head when a valve is closed, that is just a gravity effect and water is draining out of heads in that zone - don't be alarmed by it. What does happen to them is that the rubberized components on top will deteriorate over time and debris can get to the inside. This causes them to not open/close fully or no longer be adjustable.

I had mine for 10 years, a full set of 19 of them, and I replaced all of them for this reason. You will get a full set of nozzles with each head (buy the full PGP, not just the innards), instructions on how to pre-adjust it, etc. Yes, you will have to dig out around each head you are replacing to unscrew it and put the new one in, just be prepared to get "wet" when you are doing final arc and distance adjustments in open valve zones. I thought it was easy to do, but I did get wet and dirty.

I recommend that you examine the elbow joint next to the head when you remove a head, because this is where PVC piping can be broken easily. You may need to replace some piping in this area too. The telltale signs of a piping leak are mushy spots in the grass near a head and unusually high water bills.

One other word of caution is to make sure a rock or other debris does not get down into the pipe connecting to the new head or it will clog the head. After doing a couple of head replacements, it will become second nature for you.
Lot of water around sprinkler head ?
A shopper on Mar 28, 2020
BEST ANSWER: Yeah I have noticed water sometimes but it has not been enough for me to spend the time to fix. If there is an easy fix, can you please let me know. Thank you
what radius will the 4 inch adjustable head cover if i have it set to 360 degrees?
Tony T on May 28, 2014
BEST ANSWER: If I understand the question correctly, the radius is independent of the degree of the horizontal rotation. Whether a full or partial rotation, it does not affect the distance (i.e. radius) of the water stream. The radius is affected by water pressure, water volume, nozzle type, whether the nozzle screw is screwed down to partial block the stream, and the angle of the head in the ground.
Does this item come with everything pictured ?
A shopper on Jun 12, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Yes. Everything you see comes with the sprinklers. I have a large yard, almost 1/2 acre and I have been replacing all the old sprinklers with the Hunter PGP Rotor as the old sprinklers quit working. I have now replaced about half of my yard with these sprinklers. Very seldom do I need to replace a Hunter. Some of my Hunters have been in the ground about 9 years. Excellent product and easy to install.
Is this a 3/4 inch inlet head?
A shopper on Apr 6, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Yes, make sure you adjust it as close as possible before you install it.
Does the base of the unit connect to the water line?
Mary D on Jun 21, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Yes it does but you usually use a riser to connect the water line to the sprinkler. The length of the riser is determined to place the sprinkler head level with the ground. The sprinkler then “pops up” above the ground when water pressure is applied.
is this a professional grade sprinkler head?
Jacob K on Mar 26, 2015
BEST ANSWER: I'm not a professional installer, but have owned and maintained the sprinkler system on my home property for over 20 years. The system utilizes these heads and on average I replace one or two every year -- not because they wear out, but because they usually fall victim to being accidentally run over by curb jumpers, hit by the aerator or decapitated by a scalping lawn mower. Of the 40-50 heads installed, I've only had perhaps four or five fail from natural causes during the past 20 years. I find them to be very rugged and, once adjusted, they are essentially maintenance free. Another nice feature...Sprinkler Warehouse keeps them in stock and offers them at a reasonable price. I recommend ordering and keeping a few spares on hand. Hope this helps.
Does this have a 1 inch threaded inlet?
Chuck on Jul 19, 2013
BEST ANSWER: It has a 3/4 inlet and 4 these questions I should be getting paid I'm nt an irrigation consultant
I have received red, blue and gray nozzles with my Hunter PGP heads, is the color of nozzle what determines low angle?
bob i on Jun 17, 2013
BEST ANSWER: Red is the original standard nozzle, blue is the new standard nozzle, and gray is the low angle nozzle that is useful for irrigating under tree branches etc.

Click on the 'Need Help, Product Manuals' on the Sprinkler Warehouse web page. It's in a blue box on the left side about 1/3 the way down the page. The Product Manual page should come up. Click on 'Hunter Rotors'. On the page that comes up you should see PGP Series. Click on 'Product Info under PGP Series and a black and white PDF Rotor PDF brochure should come up. Page 8 shows the performance for each of the nozzles you received.
hunter vs rainbird rotors?
A shopper on Apr 3, 2013
BEST ANSWER: I prefer the Hunter PGP vs. the Rainbird rotor, because I believe the PGP has a better spray pattern which gives better coverage. Also the PGP ultra comes with the low angle nozzles which gives you more options in choosing a nozzle.
Quick question on arc adjustment. So the swinging the nozzle to the right side is the 'stop'/ How do I adjust where this hard stop is? I'm thinking that the entire assembly has to be turned correct?
Nick K on Jun 27, 2012
There are 2 ways to adjust the right side, the last one is easier since it doesn't require you to "dig up" the unit. You can see all information about adjusting your PGP-ADJ at the Hunter website and I also copied the section pertinent to your question below:

Aligning the Right (Fixed) Side of Arc

If the right side of the arc is not properly aligned, the results may be a wet walkway or a dry turf area. The right side arc can easily be realigned. One way to realign the right stop is to turn the whole sprinkler body assembly and the fitting below it, left or right to the desired position. This may require temporary removal of the soil around the sprinkler to allow you to grip the sprinkler housing.

Another way to reset the right arc is to unscrew the body cap counterclockwise and remove the internal assembly from the body. Once removed, rotate the nozzle turret to the right stop, screw the internal assembly back into the body with the nozzle aligned to the right side of the area you want irrigated. At this point you have realigned the right arc stop, and you can adjust the left arc to an appropriate setting.

Note: It is not necessary to dig up and remove the whole sprinkler to realign the right arc.
Can these heads be used for 1/2 inch or are they only available for 3/4 inch?
Don K on Feb 19, 2011
These are only made for 3/4" inch risers but you can buy 3/4" X 1/2" combo risers. They will allow you to put the 1/2" end of the riser in your fitting underground and the 3/4" end of the riser in the Hunter head. This works great without having to change your fitting. These combo risers are cut-off risers so that you can adjust for height. They cost around $1. Hope this answer helps you. I have been doing underground irrigation for about 20 years and am extremely familiar with the parts.
My sprinkler head leak when the sprinkler is turn off. Should I replace the sprinkler head?
Franklin S on Jul 25, 2019
BEST ANSWER: Two things, if the head in at the low end of a zone some water may drain out of the heat for a short time. But if water continues to leak from the sprinkler head you have a leaking valve controlling that particular zone. Locate the valve, clean it or replace it. Good luck.
Sprinkle gets stuck in one position!is there a solution?
David B on Aug 13, 2018
BEST ANSWER: You can try to force it with your hand past where it get stuck. The internal parts driven by the water is unable to push it. Either the cogs are skipping or some foreign material has pinned the gears from turning. If it does not go past that point then you should purchase another of the same product. You can unscrew the internal components from the one in ground and exchange the internal components of the new sprinkler head leaving the outer casing as is in the ground.
does this come with the adjustment tool?
Micah W on Jun 13, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Not sure what SW does with less than a case quantity. There are 20 heads to a case, which comes with 2 adjustment tools.
Without trying each nozzle how do you figure out which one to use?
A shopper on Jun 2, 2018
BEST ANSWER: A good starter nozzle are the red ones. They seem to cover a variety of applications. They are also very adjustable as far as spread and distance. Of coarse this is pending on your inlet pressure. But from my experience the reds we the ones to street with. Hope this helps.
How far will it spray?
A shopper on Apr 21, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I run these sprinklers from a bore pump on a remote property here in Queensland Australia. The pump is low pressure running at less than 20PSI. I only use the smallest nozzle and have about 20 running at once and still get about 5metre (17ft) radius. This property runs totally on solar and the sprinklers are set to only come on between 11AM and 1PM daily and only when the battery bank is on float. I have a smart regulator to control this function. Because we get so much sun, the sprinklers run at least an hour each day. The sprinklers are running full 360degree non reversing which is great as all the old sprinklers would fail when trying to reverse. Good Luck from OZ
what nozzel number does the sprinkler come with?
A shopper on Jun 14, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I bought fourteen heads. I got variety of about 2 doz heads which you have to install yourself.
Check with Sprinkler Warehouse you may be able to get them pre-installed.
I have one PGP roter that will not turn at all. It sprays fine. I can move it manually from point to point (it's set for 180 degrees.) but it will not rotate when spraying. Is this a defective head?
Thomas K on May 21, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I've been using this style of rotor for 11 years. Did the rotor initially work and then stopped? Based on what you have written I would say the head is defective or broken and needs to be replaced
Are these sprinkler heads seconds?
Stuart C on Apr 21, 2013
BEST ANSWER: No, they are not seconds. My original system was installed 5 years prior to when we purchased the property in 2004 and over time a few heads wore out or got hit by the snowplow in winter and needed replacing. I connected with sprinkler warehouse and purchased the Hunter heads from them. They work great! I even convinced my neighbor to switch his heads over to the Hunter heads purchased from Sprinkler Warehouse. I personally keep a few new spare heads on hand should one finally ware out. I certainly would recommend others to work with Sprinkler Warehouse.
Best wishes
Gary B.
I have 2 PGP's that leak, is there a seal I can buy or do I have to replace the whole head?
Mario S on Mar 25, 2013
BEST ANSWER: Where is the leak coming from? at the base. If at the base where it is threaded, put some Teflon plumbers tape on the male threads.

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