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From hand pumps to rotors, spray head tools to pvc and poly pipe tools to cutting tools, Sprinkler Warehouse has a variation of tools for you to choose from. With name brands like Oatey to ProGard, we help you make your yard maintenance easier to manage.

The Right Tool for the Right Job

The right tool for the job helps the process go quicker than the alternative. Shop through a wide selection of hand tools and get back your time. Save on tools and tool accessories today with Sprinkler Warehouse.

Tools for all experience levels

We have tools for all experience levels. From the Do-It-Yourselfer to the Professional Irrigator. The tools for the trade or the project at hand are just a click away. Knowing what tool you need is the first step. The next step is to match your choice with our selection of lowest price tools. To us, that sounds like a win-win situation. Choose your tool of choice and finish the job.

Need to rent a tool?

Need to rent a valve locator, buried line locator or ground fault locator? Sprinkler Warehouse has you covered. If you live anywhere in the US, Sprinkler Warehouse will ship the equipment to you and when you're done just ship it back. Order online or by phone.

Shipping fees not included. Deposit required. Please read the Rental Agreement for full details.