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Valve Manifolds

A valve manifold is a collection of irrigation valves assembled together, and connected to a common supply line. Customize your manifold today and ensure that it does what you need when you need it.

Valve Manifolds

Manifold kits are highly customizable and expandable. Any configuration you need can be created from these kits. Buy a manifold kit today and make your installation process easier.

Manifold Saves on Piping

Putting valves together in a manifold saves on piping and makes repairing simpler. You can build a manifold from PVC fittings, but a ready-to-install manifold kit makes it simple and helps you to avoid mistakes. Manifold kits go in quickly, utilizing either push-fit, threaded or slip connections. Installation of a manifold kit takes a fraction of the time it takes to create a manifold from PVC fittings. They’re simple to install and allow easy access to valves for repair or maintenance. If you choose to use push-fit or threaded connections, replacing a valve is a snap. Instead of having to cut out a valve to replace it, simply remove the valve and replace without ever having to touch PVC glue or a pipe cutter.

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