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Armada Tech Rental Wire and Valve Locator | PRO-700-RENTAL

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Armada Technologies PRO-700 Wire and Valve Locator (2 Day Rental)

The NEW Armada Pro 700 Wire Finder and Sprinkler Valve Wire Tracker finds and tracks irrigation wiring, valves, and wiring faults. Lightweight, the Pro700 comes complete the Pro700R Receiver, Pro700T transmitter/Carrying Case, Pro700ST Ground Stake, and User Guide.

The Pro-700 Wire and Sprinkler Valve Wire Tracker is a new irrigation tester for irrigation contractors and sprinkler maintenance personnel. Incorporating a powerful transmitter and sensitive receiver, the Pro700 tracks irrigation wires, finds missing sprinkler valves, and detects damage to vulnerable underground cabling.

The Pro700 transmits an easy to follow beeping signal that is tracked by the extra long receiver. Simply connect the transmitter to ground and the wire to be tracked and turn it on. Follow the beeps with the receiver using the visual meter, external speaker, or a headset. It is that simple.

  • Receiver has Speaker, Headset, or Visual Indicators
  • Pistol style receiver is extended for ease of locating
  • Increased Receiver AC filtration
  • Simple battery check of transmitter and receiver
  • Custom rugged, slim carrying case
  • Extra long metal wand
  • Power Requirements: Transmitter: 8 D Cell Alkaline Batteries (not included)
  • Receiver: 9V Alkaline Battery (not included)
  • Battery Life: Transmitter: 50 hours; Receiver: 50 hours
  • Transmitter Frequency: 1748Hz Transmitter
  • Power: 750V p-p, 285V rms
Armada Tech
Rental Wire and Valve Locator
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Game changer!
I just purchased a 15-year old home that was foreclosed upon. The flip company knew nothing about what the previous occupants had or had not done, and there was no documentation available.

A local sprinkler tech and I spent 1 hour looking for the valves associated with the side and front of the lot by poking the ground in a lot that's almost 1/2 of an acre - no luck. With time being money I sent him on his way and started Googling... After watching some YouTube videos and carefully reading the instructions posted on their website, I rented this unit from SprinklerWearhouse (SW).

The rental process is very straightforward and I had it within three days (I live in Utah) of e-mailing the rental agreement to them. Once underway it took me all of 10 minutes to locate the lost valve box. Five of those minutes were spent getting the hang of tracing the wire.

The valve box for the side/front zones is located along the back line of my property and was overgrown by some daffodils. I never would have found it on my own or even bothered to look there, as it's completely counter-intuitive. Used properly, this product works.

If you have the need I highly recommend renting this product from SW...
June 11, 2017
Worked exactly as advertised!!!
I used this to trace buried wires to find a master valve. I knew it was there... somewhere. The product worked great and I was able to precisely locate wires. It seemed to stop working well in an area. I remembered reading that it works better with wet ground, so I watered thoroughly and really saturated the ground. It worked perfect after that.
August 7, 2013
over 5 years ago
Quick and Easy
Connect the clip to the station wire (disconnect common also), clip to the earth rod, and I found the valves 50' away under 4" of soil and a fence (wire was 12"-18") deep. It took 5 mins to find the end of the wire run. The alternative was to dig all over the yard. Works great.
April 2, 2019
Armada 700-pro
The Armada 700-pro performed just as it was described. Easy to set up and almost no learning curve to understand the signal that was easy to trace.
May 19, 2019
2 weeks ago
Worked as advertised.
It took a while, but I located 2 valves with this detector that went undetected for 10 years.Worked better than any other detector I tried.
March 21, 2019
10 months ago
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Are the batteries included on renting the PRO700 ? Charges on mailing to my house and back are included or charged extra ? Can I pickup and return from the warehouse ?
Dev M on Aug 10, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Batteries were included in my rental. Shipping charges from Sprinklerwarehouse to the rentee is included in the rental price. You must pay for return shipping to Sprinklerwarehouse. I didn't live near Houston, so I didn't inquire about picking up unit from store location.
rental for how many days @$59 ?
Dev M on Aug 18, 2015
how to use?
L.c. H on Jan 10, 2012
BEST ANSWER: As noted by others, a good video is available on both the Sprinkler Warehouse Website, and the Armada Technologies Website. And when you have the equipment, experiment with a known valve and wire.

I would add the following comment. Our system has 7 valves, and a single cable extending serially from valve to valve to valve. The cable contains a common wire, and 7 control wires (one for each valve). The previous homeowner allowed dirt & grass to accumulate over the lids of 5 of the 7 plastic valve boxes, so I had no idea where those 5 valves were. It took me about 3-4 hours to set up the equipment, experiment a little, and then locate all 5 missing valves. Initially, per Armada's instructions, I tried to trace each control wire to its respective valve. But due to either the common ground wire or electromagnetic cross-talk between control wires (or both), the beeping sound didn't stop at the relevant valve, but instead continued past it (due to other wires in the cable). So I tried a different approach. My sole goal was to locate valves, without any need to trace wires. The valves produced a somewhat louder beeping sound than the cable wires. So I adjusted the power output knob on the transmitter until the output power reading on the analog meter was only about 2 or 3 (even though the instructions suggest a reading of 4 to 8). Then I positioned the receiver wand directly over a known valve, and turned down the volume of the receiver until the beeping sound from the valve itself was distinctly audible, but beeping from the cable was totally inaudible at locations 3 or more feet from that valve. Then I switched the transmitter to another control wire, and walked around the relevant yard section searching for the corresponding hidden valve. The receiver did not produce any beeping sound at all, except when it was directly over the hidden valve. For me, this approach accurately located valves easier and faster than trying to trace wires to valves.
Does rental fee acrue during shipping days?
Dave s on Aug 24, 2017
How deep will it locate a wire/pipe?
G E on Aug 7, 2013
BEST ANSWER: I found all of my wires and valves. Only one needed work, but now I have a "treasure map" of the system. They were all pretty shallow - I'd say 18" or less - but this is a sensitive instrument and I was detecting the signal several feet from the lines across the surface of my lawn.

So I would guess it's probably good to at least four or five feet - but who buries their sprinkler system so deep?? The valves pretty much have to be within an easy arm's length or you'd have to excavate a huge hole to work on them...

Don't assume you can just hook it up and be done in 15 minutes. Give yourself time to learn how the system works - and watch the video a few times. It really helps to know where a line and a valve are so that you practice on them to understand the signal patten they each generate. Once you get the hang of it, it goes pretty fast!
Hello there,

Can this valve locater be used for plastic valves?Thanks!
Melissa E on Mar 26, 2013
BEST ANSWER: Yes it can. It works by tracing out the wires in the valve control circuit. The coil of wire in the valve solenoid presents a large "signature" that is used to identify the valve location. It doesn't matter what the valve body or casing material is. Good luck!
Where can I find the rent return checklist?
A shopper on Jan 28, 2017
I'm looking for a wire that's 4-5 ft deep, will this equipment detect it?
Mike J on Aug 7, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I wish I could answer this question, but unfortunately I do not know the answer. The wire I needed to find was one foot deep and I found it, no issues. I apologize but I do not want to lead you astray.
where are you located and address for rental equipment ?
Dev M on Aug 10, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Sprinkler Warehouse
8535 Jackrabbit Rd. Unit A
Houston, TX 77095

My rentals have been Web based experiences. Contact them at sprinklerwarehouse.com. Once you've signed the rental agreement they will ship the unit to you. Once you've finished with the unit you'll ship it back to them: quick, straightforward and fairly priced
What is the difference between the Armada Pro 700 and the Greenlee 521-A?
ron z on Sep 26, 2011
BEST ANSWER: Pro700 has more a/c filtration
What is the freight cost to 28031?
Dave S on Nov 30, 2016
weekly rental price? Monthly rental price?
A shopper on Aug 11, 2016