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Mosquito & Pest Control

Don’t let your lawn become a place for unwanted guest to reside in. Defend your lawn, know your enemy and use basic pest control to continue to enjoy your lawn year round. Sprinkler Warehouse has many products available for you. Begin today to create a defense against unwanted creatures.

Mosquito & Pest Control Systems

Mosquito and pest control products are becoming increasingly popular. Especially with viruses such as Zika, it is important to protect your loved ones from not only the pesky no-see-ums, but the dangerous mosquitoes! Sprinkler Warehouse is excited to offer a range of options for insect and pest control.

Defend Your Lawn

Your lawn is under attack and you may not even know it until it's too late. Mosquitos have be labeled the world's deadliest animal despite their size. They are agents that carry rapid spreading disease including Zika, dengue fever and malaria. In some cases, other small critters are the cause of mayhem. Regardless of the intruder, Sprinkler Warehouse carries a variation of repellents to help in your defense with most being environmentally safe.

Know Your Landscape

Knowing the areas that need attention prior to weather change is key. Having the right sense of those areas that are considered weak points, targeted areas that need more attention to will help as well. Knowing the possible infiltration points is essential to be better prepare in the event of an attack. Enjoy your lawn and take back your domain while staying on guard to protect from those that are naturally curious.

Pest Control Management

We can not talk about pest control without mentioning pest control management. What is it? It's the ability to have the right resources available to you at a moments notice to provide adequate home defense for your landscape not matter shape or size. It is also taking into consideration the types of pest control protection to use and when. Defend your home and take over your paradise to enjoy with family and friends.