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Febco 765 PVB Backflow Preventer 1" FPT | FE765-100

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Febco 765 1 inch PVB Backflow Preventer

  • Febco 765 FE765-100 Backflow Preventer
  • Female Pipe Thread
  • 1 inch

FEBCO® Series 765 Pressure Vacuum Breakers are designed to be installed to provide protection against back siphonage of toxic or non-toxic liquids. They feature a durable bronze body and a check valve and air opening port in one assembly.

Features & Benefits

  • All bronze body for durability. One check valve and an air opening port in one assembly.
  • Lightweight poppet seals air opening under minimum flow conditions.
  • Simple service procedures. All internal parts serviceable in line from the top of the unit.
  • Designed for minimum head loss.
  • Engineered plastic bonnet protect valve bodies from freeze damage.
  • End Connections - NPT ANSI/ASME B1.20.1
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 150 PSI.

Product Details

Pressure Vacuum Breaker assemblies shall be in stalled to withstand pressure for long periods and to prevent backflow of contaminated water into the potable water system in backsiphonage conditions. The Pressure Vacuum Breaker assembly shall consist of a single spring loaded check valve which closes tightly when water flow through the assembly drops to zero, and a single air relief valve that opens to break the siphon when pressure drops to 1 PSI.

The assembly shall include two resilient seated shut-offs and two resilient seated test cocks, considered integral to the assembly. Assemblies must be factory backflow tested. The check valve and air inlet valve must be constructed to allow in-line servicing of the assembly. The valve body shall be constructed of bronze. The check, poppet and bonnet assembly shall be constructed of engineered plastic to protect the valve body from freeze damage. Pressure Vacuum Breaker assemblies shall be installed a minimum of 12" (300mm) above the highest downstream outlet, and the highest point in the downstream piping.

The assembly shall be rated to 150 PSI working pressure and water temperature from 32 degrees F to 140 degrees F. The assembly shall meet the specifications of the USC - FCCC & HR Manual. Pressure Vacuum Breaker assemblies shall be FEBCO® Series 765 or prior approved equal.


  • Main Valve Body: Bronze
  • Elastomers: Nitrile


Irrigation systems supplied by domestic or private potable water systems are considered to be a potential pollution hazard to the water supply. These systems must include protection to prevent possible backflow of irrigation water into the potable water supply.

Federal law requires a proper backflow device to be installed on any watering system to prevent contamination of the supply; whether it be pump or city water. Check your local water authority for installation requirements & codes. In many rural areas; specific requirements for landscape irrigation systems may not be covered in local plumbing codes and/or enforcement may be limited. HOWEVER...limitation in local authority does not alter the basic requirement for protection of the potable water supply.

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Febco 765 PVB Backflow Preventer

*Red indicates repair parts sold at the Sprinkler Warehouse

Febco 765 PVB Backflow Preventer
Product Tag:
Best Value
Backflow Size:
Lead Free:
Not Lead Free
End Connection:
Size (in.):
Lead Free:
Not Lead Free
Max Working Pressure:
150 PSI
Temperature Range:
32F to 140F
Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB)
1 Year
Test Cocks:
Stainless Steel
Hydrostatic Test Pressure:
300 PSI
Main Valve Body Materials:
4.6 / 5.0
46 Reviews
5 Stars
4 Stars
3 Stars
2 Stars
1 Star
Skip the Lock Tite on threads of the valves!
The Febco 765-1 that I received was fine mechanically but in my installation you need to use the apposing threads of one of the ball valves to thread one axis of the piping together and the factory made it almost impossible to get them apart by using red lock tite on the threads.
July 30, 2017
over 2 years ago
Works like it should
As described and works perfectly. Easy to install.
April 7, 2018
1 year ago
I would buy thus products again and again
Good product can't ask fir anything better
June 30, 2016
well made
my old Febco lasted for 15-years.started leaking after the winter.It was time for replacement. Imagine, I replaced only inner plastics parts.Is working.
April 22, 2014
Single Mom Diy
Thanks to the how to video I was able to replace this myself.
Had to make a small field adjustment to get the valve handles to face the correct direction for my setup.
April 10, 2018
1 year ago
Outstanding Product
Very good product. Excellent price. Well worth the investment. Great Service. Free shipping. This is my only irrigation supply company.
June 4, 2015
Febco 765 1 in. PVB Backflow Preventer
This Backflow Preventer works great. It is easy to remove the air from the line with a quarter turn of a screw. I am satisfied with my purchase.
July 24, 2017
over 2 years ago
Good product
Very easy to plumb this valve and a great price.
June 13, 2015
Great product
Great product at a great price.
April 28, 2014
Good product
I’m very happy, it working good and was easy to install and the price was cheaper than the others
April 15, 2018
1 year ago
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Why did you choose this?
SprinklerWarehouse.com Store
needed it
R S on Aug 20, 2018
Replacing the whole unit is cheaper than buying two new valves and a new bonnet.
C O on Aug 5, 2018
needed it
R S on Aug 20, 2018
Manufacturer's PVB re-build kit have always been very overpriced. Aftermarket kits are available for Febco.
Doug S on Aug 12, 2018
Replacing the whole unit is cheaper than buying two new valves and a new bonnet.
C O on Aug 5, 2018
R O on Jun 22, 2018
price and good quality item
Douglas S on Jun 13, 2018
good replacement
Lee W on May 30, 2018
My current device cracked and needed replacement
C S on May 22, 2018
Replace with original
Richard R on May 18, 2018
Repeat purchase, this works great!
Jeffrey M on May 18, 2018
Looks like a sturdy unit with easy repair if necessary.
John B on May 18, 2018
had the right part and could ship by next day
S F on May 17, 2018
Edward J on May 9, 2018
In need of a back flow preventer. Also rebuildable is the key.
Tina H on May 8, 2018
Price and exact match of what I have now .
S A on May 7, 2018
mine valve froze and cracked last year
L A on May 7, 2018
Repair residential sprinkler system.
A S on May 2, 2018
Recommend as approved by city of Manchester and EPA
J E on May 1, 2018
mine busted in the winter. its 1" like my system
M L on Apr 30, 2018
Price and availability
T O on Apr 17, 2018
Because of past purchases from Sprinkler Warehouse - always a great experience.
Mark H on Apr 13, 2018
Equal Replacement
R O on Apr 3, 2018
For a repair
S A on Apr 1, 2018
Entire valve assembly was cheaper than replacing both ball valves and a rebuild kit. Old parts were worn out, rusted and then froze during the winter.
X S on Mar 30, 2018
Replacement for damaged unit due to freezing weather
R I on Mar 26, 2018
Sprinkler old and leaking
B R on Mar 25, 2018
it broke during the freeze
C U on Mar 19, 2018
Price / Video
A S on Mar 17, 2018
Because I needed one.
S S on Mar 17, 2018
cheaper than amazon
M A on Mar 14, 2018
i am a returing customer and i needed the part
J P on Mar 14, 2018
It is for a sprinkler system on my son's house in Houston.
L D on Mar 7, 2018
It is the part I need to replace
J R on Mar 7, 2018
I think that’s what I need and the price is good
Carmen M on Mar 7, 2018
Freeze damaged
D U on Mar 6, 2018
It is a like-kind replacement for my valve that froze and burst (actually, only one ball valve burst, but it's old, so I decided to replace the entire unit).
William O on Mar 4, 2018
Need to replace it
J O on Mar 2, 2018
Hard freeze in Houston once again broke the replacement we had purchased from you years before. But this time we need to replace the valves also, because the handles have rusted off.
Charles R on Feb 24, 2018
These items work great in residential irrigation systems.
J E on Feb 12, 2018
My last Backflow was the Febco 785-1 which I did not see on the SW website. I'm assuming the 765-1 is the same/similar unit with a slightly different model number. My last Febco backflow served me well for over 20 years -- up and until our last freeze -- which was my fault.
Paul E on Feb 3, 2018
Because the last one froze
S T on Feb 2, 2018
I need to replace my old one.
Na W on Jan 29, 2018
It is the model I currently have.
A C on Jan 27, 2018
body of backflow preventer cracked
J B on Jan 26, 2018
Freeze / Rupture
Steve M on Jan 17, 2018
D A on Jan 17, 2018
C O on Jan 16, 2018
broke due to freezing/
Mr. A on Jan 4, 2018
freeze broke mine
loren z on Nov 11, 2017
Repair work.
O N on Nov 1, 2017
Was what I needed.
William R H on Sep 13, 2017
Manufacturer's PVB re-build kit have always been very overpriced. Aftermarket kits are available for Febco.
Doug S on Aug 12, 2018
R O on Jun 22, 2018
My sprinkler Backflow broke during the winter as a result of the ice. The model says FEBCO 765-1 and under that says 103325. Which size should i buy? Please advice.
A shopper on May 1, 2014
does 1 inch refer to the size of pvc pipe going into the unit? Want to make sure I order the correct one.
Jay S on Mar 26, 2017
Can i just replace the ball valve on the bottom it is cracked
archie d on May 14, 2011
BEST ANSWER: Yes you can just replace the valve, it just threads off and you thread the new one on. I am not sure if this website sells that part though cause i have looked for them before. Local hardware store usuall does though.
can i use this valve to replace a backflow preventer?
havesome on Apr 3, 2018
Febco 765 PVB Backflow Preventer 1
Febco 765 PVB Backflow Preventer 1" FPT | FE765-100
Lead Free Brass Backflow Ball Valve with Union 1
Lead Free Brass Backflow Ball Valve with Union 1" FPT | BBVB-100U
Watts 800M4QT PVB Backflow Preventer 1
Watts 800M4QT PVB Backflow Preventer 1" FPT | WA800M4QT-100
BEST ANSWER: Just the shut off valve or the two back flows? The valve alone, no it is just a shut off for the back flow. The other two pics, yes.
As pictured, do the parts left and under with the handles come with this unit?
A shopper on Feb 14, 2013
BEST ANSWER: Yes, the unit does come with the shutoff valves that are mounted to the left and below. Used as a replacement for a unit that had too many winters. Good unit and a good value.
is then765-100 include the ball valve ends as shown in picture?
Ken S on Jun 28, 2013
BEST ANSWER: Yes...the backflow I purchased came as pictured. I was pleased with my purchase. I also bought a rebuild kit and fixed the leaking valve I replaced. Now I have a back up ready to go!
can I connect this to pvc ?
wayne j on Sep 2, 2013
Yes. I have it connected to pvc on both ends. works fine.
do you have afebco 765 3/4 in. with a right side outlet instead of a left?
A shopper on Apr 10, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Seriously? You may feel a little silly when you think about this. Tighten or loosen 1/2 half turn, and VOILA! you've just changed from left outlet to right. Brilliant? Thank you very much.
what is the average price for repair /installation of PVB assembly?
A shopper on Mar 16, 2011
BEST ANSWER: Since the valve is simply an inline installation on a line that is required to feed water to the sprinkler system the cost of installation is minimal. As you can see the valve has two isolation valves already on it so there is no expense there. Basically the installation requires two connections to the feed line, so the cost is very low. I really can't say an exact amount as in Ma where this unit was installed a licensed plumber has to make the final connections to the domestic water system. My guess would be that adding this ant-syphon valve in terms of labor installation added about $25.00 to the cost of a new system If the valve is being added to an existing system the cost would be higher as lines would need to be cut and routed to accommodate the configuration of the valve, might be up around $100.00-$125.00. I have never needed to repair one of these valves so I really can't comment on that part of the question. I hope this helps.
How do I determine the correct size bonnet and poppet repair kit?
A shopper on Jan 8, 2017
can I just buy parts for this backflow preventer?
patrick f on Jun 23, 2014
BEST ANSWER: I believe you can since it is only two 3/4" in line valves with the back flow preventer, but I would recommend buying the complete package. It makes the connections easier, and the old valves probably have some rust in them, and you are getting a new back flow preventer. I bought the set and it was easy to install and works great, new valves are easier to turn.
Can the Febco 765 be installed indoors? or is there a significant risk of leakage?
Keith H on May 23, 2017
BEST ANSWER: No, it is meant to be installed out side as the bonnet will pop water through it specifically when it is activated. Otherwise, condensation usually makes the pipes wet. I don't know how wet that would make the surroundings with the one-time activation and condensation.

By Kansas law, it is to be installed outside. And in Kansas, Double check Valves can be installed inside or in a underground box.
Febco FE850 DCA Backflow Preventer 1
Febco FE850 DCA Backflow Preventer 1" FPT | FE850-100
Does this item come as shown with the valves?
Jim K on Apr 30, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Yes, it comes with the valves already attached. I had to take off the horizontal valve in order to attach the backflow preventer plus the vertical valve because the distance from the house was too small to screw on the whole unit. It is easy to remove and reattach the valves - just use large crescent or pipe wrenches and plenty of Teflon tape when reattaching them.
does it come with bonnet and poppet?
A shopper on May 3, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Yes comes withe everything pictured. Purchased one to replace one I had for 14 years it was an exact replacement perfect it high quality materials!
Can it be attached to PVC schedule 40 pipe?
A shopper on Jul 6, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I have copper inflow from the house and the outflow is PVC (via a threaded male to unthreaded female connection) and it works fine. My PVC is from the hardware store - not sure if it's 'schedule 40' or not.
I only need the plastics parts inside the valve.
Can I buy just that?
A shopper on Mar 18, 2015
BEST ANSWER: Yes you probably are looking for the Febco 765 Repair Kit - 1 Inch which is the actual plastic inside the valve, I would paste a picture but this site does not seem to allow that.
I want to blow out my sprinklers, what part do I need to attach the air hose to the valve?
A shopper on Oct 16, 2013
BEST ANSWER: Sprinkler Warehouse carries a blowout fitting for the Febco 765. Please follow the link below to view the item.

Blue Heron Backflow Preventer Test Cock Winterization Blowout Fitting 1/4
Blue Heron Backflow Preventer Test Cock Winterization Blowout Fitting 1/4" FPT | TC-100
How do you reset valve if it leaks?
A shopper on Apr 15, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Turn off your water and bleed off any water in the valve. Double check that there is nothing wedged into the gap between the seal and valve body.
I had a wasp that got in there once. Check the seal that there is no tear or other issues. Put it back together and recharge the system.if it continues to leak then replace the seal.
what valves are open on this pvb assembly when the main water is on for start-up and how should it look? i have the two larger valves open(the in-flow and out-flow) an the two smaller valves closed(these valves are close together one on top of the other needing a screwdriver to open and close). when i turn the water on water comes from under the bell shaped device. what am i doing wrong?
brenda s on Apr 23, 2011
You didn't do anything wrong, same happened to me after I installed it. I'm a plumber so even I was was a little surprised when water was seaping out after turing the water back on from under the bell top.

What happened was ,, normally after any water pipe work the normal approach is to turn the water pressure back on slowly but, with this valve when the water is put back on slowly the pressure stop located within the valve under the "bell top" doesn't have enough pressure to close so water come flowing out.
What I did was just turn the water back on (ball valve on backflow) quickly creating quick full pressure and that allowd the pressure valve to close under the bell top and all was good.
Just check for any other leaks from install & you should be ok.

Brendan Reid
I just need the bottom valve and housing, can I buy it?
Marc S on Jul 6, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I don't believe you can, BUT you're better off replacing the whole thing. Just remember to drain it properly before it get's cold, and make sure your shut off valve prior to the preventer isn't leaking through (use ball valve and not gate valve, with a drain)
I just received my febco 765-1 pvb from you. If I install this as received the blue handles will be facing my house. Can this be adjusted so the blue handles are facing me instead?
A shopper on May 13, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Mine came the same way and I just left it that way and installed handles facing my house. I have enough room to reach around so, no big deal. I did put a wrench to them to tighten until if faced properly but, seemed it was to its limit. You could also try loosening it a turn and it probably won't leak. The only way is to tighten or loosen.
What size bushing will I need to connect to the pipe?
Carrie L on Feb 21, 2011

Actually I don't believe you use a bushing with this - at least I didn't use one with my assembly. I needed to solider 1" copper pipe in both the inflow (coming from the house) and outflow (going to the sprinkler valves).

They may have a new model that uses bushings - I don't know.

Also note - getting a proper seal on the inflow side was difficult since I had gravity working against me. I needed to remove the copper pipe and re-solider this end 3 times before I had a good seal the wouldn't leak....

Good luck!
How much do they weigh?
A shopper on Nov 11, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Spec sheet shows 5.9 lbs.
Does the Febco 765 1 in. PVB Backflow Preventer come in a reverse configuration? The current preventer on my house, is a mirror-image.
Ken L on May 1, 2018
Can I purchase just the "bonnet" and "poppet" for the Febco 765-1?
Jamie B on Mar 2, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Not sure, I ordered two complete units. Sorry
Do you have a repair kit for 765-1?
A shopper on Jan 15, 2017
BEST ANSWER: We have bought FE765-100 units several times over the years. We also have purchased replacement poppet and bonnet components as service parts and found these to meet our service needs. We have not purchased the kit per se at any time. Hope this helps
I have a Febco 766 does the 765 work as a replacement?
Frank I on May 26, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I dont see why it wouldnt work the specs look the same
Is it lead free?
A shopper on May 13, 2016
BEST ANSWER: No, it's not. See specs on Febco website. "it is illegal to use on potable water systems."
How does this attach to PVC ? How does the EZ connect attach to the valve and the PVc?
Byron N on Jan 23, 2015
BEST ANSWER: To connect to PVC, you will need 1" male thread connectors to connect to the Febco 765 device. An easy way is to bring it to any DY center help. This device needs some novice experiences about plumbing or sprinkler system.
Why am I only getting water out of top of vacuum breaker ? All valves are open
wayne j on Sep 21, 2013
BEST ANSWER: If you are CERTAIN that BOTH ball valves are OPEN and BOTH test port valves are CLOSED on the pvb and you are "seeping" water out the top of the pvb...you "may" not have enough water pressure from your "source" to "seat" the diaphragm/bonnet in the main body of the pvb assembly. Do a pressure test on your source to make sure you have adequate pressure. If you have good pressure at the source...check for a main line leak between your source and your pvb. Also, you might take the diaphragm/bonnet kit out of the pvb and check for debris or an obstruction.

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