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Rain Bird ESP LX Base Module | LXBASEMOD

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Rain Bird ESP LX Base Module

  • Compatible with Rain Bird ESP-LXME, ESP-LXMEF and ESP-LX Basic series irrigation controllers
  • Can be installed in any available slot

Features and Benefits

The result of 40 years of expertise and thousands of installed units, the ESP-LXME is a modern, reliable, direct wired controller. Large display, simple-to-use ‘hand’ ‘off’ ‘auto’ dial, English/Spanish language support, and extra simple programming, the ESP-LXME modular design is flexible enough to cover small and large operations. 

The ESP-LXME Enhanced Controller offers flow sensing and management with modular station capacity from 8 to 48 stations. Station modules are available in 8- and 12-station models.

Base Module for ESP-LX Basic and ESP-LXME (non-flow model) Controllers:Â


The LXBASEMOD Base Module is the standard base module for ESPLX Basic and ESP-LXMe Controller models.
Not to be used as Base Module for ESP-LXMEF (flow sensing model)Â Series Controllers.

The Base Module installs in "module slot 0" and provides wiring terminals for multiple controller inputs and outputs including valve common, master valve, weather sensor, and 24 VAC.
LXBASEMOD Base Module NOTE: The Base Module includes a jumper wire connecting the weather sensor (SEN) terminals. Do not remove the jumper wire unless you install a weather sensor.Â

More Information
Brand Rain Bird
Warranty 3 Years
Type Base Module
Controller Compatibility ESP LX Controller
Manual (2.39 MB)