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Rain Bird 1800 30 Pressure Regulated Spray Head 4" | 1804-PRS

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Rain Bird 1800 30 Pressure Regulated Spray Head 4”

When the pressure’s on, save water and money with Rain Bird® 1800® Series Sprays featuring PRS with Flow Optimizer™ technology. These Spray Heads are ideal for use in areas with high and/or widely fluctuating water pressures. The patented PRS pressure regulator built into the stem can help you save approximately one gallon per minute per spray. It also helps to end misting and fogging caused by excessively high water pressure.

Trusted for over 30 years, 1800 Series Spray Heads have provided unmatched durability, reliability, and performance. Superior components and features make the 1800 Series Spray Head the spray head of choice for a wide variety of applications.

Features & Benefits

Designed for areas with high and/or widely fluctuating water pressures, the 1800 PRS Series has all 1800 Series features plus:

  • PATENTED PRS pressure regulator built into the stem. No parts to be installed at the site. Saves time and money.
  • Maintains constant outlet pressure at 30psi (2.1 bar). Spray nozzles perform best at 30psi. Ensures maximum nozzle performance, even with varying inlet pressures. Maintains constant pressure regardless of nozzles used.
  • Unlike competitive PRS sprays, Rain Bird PRS sprays adjust to fluctuating pressure, optimizing flow and promoting a more consistent spray pattern.
  • Restricts water loss by up to 70% if nozzle is removed or damaged. Saves water and money. Reduces possibility of accidents and property damage. Recommended for vandal-prone areas.
  • Ensures consistent performance throughout zone if nozzle is removed or damaged. Keeps plant life covered by other spray heads properly irrigated.
  • Ends misting and fogging caused by high pressure. Stops water waste. Ensures necessary watering occurs in high pressure or wind conditions.
  • Co-molded, pressure-activated, multi-functional wiper seal assures positive seal without excess ”flow-by” which enables more heads to be installed on the same valve.
  • All sprinkler components are removable from the top without special tools, providing for quick and easy flushing and maintenance of the sprinkler.
  • Constructed of time-proven UV-resistant plastic and corrosion resistant stainless steel parts, assuring long product life.Designed for use with all Rain Bird spray head nozzles.
  • Designed for use with all Rain Bird plastic spray head nozzles.
  • ”PRS” stamped on cap for easy identification and maintenance.
  • Five-year trade warranty.


  • Spacing: 2.5 to 24 feet (0.8 to 7.3 m).
  • Pressure: 15 to 70 psi (1 to 5 bar).
  • Regulates nozzle pressure to an average 30 psi (2.1 bar) with inlet pressures of up to 70 psi (4.8 bar).
  • Flow-by: 0 at 8 psi (0.6 bar) or greater; 0.1 gpm (0.02 m³/h; 0.006 l/s) otherwise.
  • Installation: side or bottom inlet.
  • Side inlet installation not recommended in freezing climates.

Optional Feature Specifications:

When so indicated on the design, the 4”, 6” or 12” high pop-up spray sprinkler shall also include a pressure regulating (PRS) device to prevent high pressure fogging to the nozzle stream. This regulating device shall be an integral part of the pop-up stem, removable through the top of the case. These units shall be identifiable from the top with ”PRS” markings on the cap.

The device shall regulate the nozzle pressure to 30 psi for inlet pressures from 35 to 70 psi. Below 35 psi the pressure loss shall not exceed 6 psi.


  • ½” (15/21) female threaded inlets.
  • Body height:
    • 1804-PRS: 6” (15 cm)
    • 1806-PRS: 9⅜” (24 cm)
    • 1812-PRS: 16” (40 cm)
  • Exposed surface diameter: 2¼” (5.7 cm)

Model Comparison

  • 1804-PRS: 4” pop-up height (10.2 cm)
  • 1806-PRS: 6” pop-up height (15.2 cm)
  • 1812-PRS: 12” pop-up height (30.5 cm)

Operating Range

  • Spacing: 3 to 24 feet (0.9 to 7.3 m)
    • 3 to 18 feet with standard Rain Bird Spray Head Nozzles (MPR, VAN, U-Series)
    • 13 to 24 feet with Rain Bird Rotary Nozzles.
  • Pressure: 15 to 70 psi (1.0 to 4.8 bar).

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5 Years
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Saving Me Lots of Water
We live in an area blessed with plenty of water pressure. Unfortunately, that meant that as I was watering, I was misting more around the neighborhood than in the area that I wanted to water. These spray heads reduced the pressure to a point where I can completely control coverage and have completely eliminated the misting problem, saving me lots on my water bill.
June 2, 2014
over 3 years ago
Excellent Product
Pop-Up nozzles only work to spec distance and flow if pressure is 30PSI at the head. These heads guarantee that. Got a strip 10Ft wide: put 10Ft nozzles on these heads and you'll water the grass and not the walks or the street. Get Rainbird's nozzle tables to know exactly how much water you're laying down per hour which makes it easier to set the controller. No complicated procedure or pressure gauge required as when setting a zone pressure regulator. Just use these in place of a regular Pop-Up head and your watering will be spot on!
May 15, 2015
over 4 years ago
Rain Bird Review - and Recommendation
This is a great product and of good value. The tops are interchangeable so you can configure your system easily and replace parts quickly. Installation is quite easy, even for the novice. Just remember to flush the sprinkler if you happen to get dirt into the connecting fitting. Since they have just been installed, I cannot attest to durability but the construction looks beefy enough for years of service.
October 15, 2017
over 2 years ago
Excellent product
Excellent product
May 14, 2015
Very good produt
This product is better that any other I used before
May 14, 2015
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SprinklerWarehouse.com Store
Pressure regulated heads take out the headache of regulating the main line.
James M on Jul 3, 2018
Will be changing out all my sprinklers from TORO to Rainbird as they fail
Charles K on Sep 30, 2017
Pressure regulated heads take out the headache of regulating the main line.
James M on Jul 3, 2018
The Job has higher than typivcal pressure and there is a significant amount of water loss due to fogging I have used the PRS sprinklers to solve this problem in the past.
C A on May 27, 2018
Will be changing out all my sprinklers from TORO to Rainbird as they fail
Charles K on Sep 30, 2017
D E on Sep 15, 2017
A good solid, wear resistant pop-up
James T on Aug 13, 2017
Replace Broken
Turley R on Jul 18, 2017
Michael M on Jun 14, 2017
Low pressure water system
Daryl W on May 13, 2017
I have high water pressure in my area, causing misting with most of my spray bodies and rotors. I bought a 5500 PRS rotor last year, and definitely helps with misting issues.
Cbisel on Mar 12, 2017
It works well with high-pressure water lines
M I on Mar 7, 2017
made sense
M E on Dec 4, 2016
The Job has higher than typivcal pressure and there is a significant amount of water loss due to fogging I have used the PRS sprinklers to solve this problem in the past.
C A on May 27, 2018
D E on Sep 15, 2017
I have an existing system and need to expand a zone. There are currently 8 regular pop-up heads in the zone. I need to add 6 more heads but a little concerned about water pressure dropping. Someone told me if I install all PRS heads like this one in the zone then everything will be allright.

Is this true?

A shopper on Nov 25, 2013
BEST ANSWER: There are more variables to consider. Pressure, nozzle size and water supply volume gpm. Example: Using 12' nozzles I have run 16 heads (not prs). The system had 15gpm and 65psi pressure. Problems occur more often if you have a lot of full circle heads since they use a lot of water. Prs will make sure you have no more than 30 psi per head so heads function optimally but will not help increase pressure or volume if you don't have enough after adding heads.
Is this worth spending extra $ on PRS body ? pressure does not go too high in residential areas I believe.
Anil J on Jul 23, 2013
BEST ANSWER: Greetings Anil J.
The best technical answer is to determine what your wtr pressure is really of your irrigation delivery system. If you are on a city supply, the pressures can vary significantly during any 24 hr period, especially during irrigation season when water utilities are struggling to keep wtr volume and pressures up for fire depts and the farthest reaches of the water lines for distant customers. You can purchase a pressure meter at most any hardware for <$10 but you may also need some fittings to adapt the meter couplings to your particular fixtures(hose bib, back flow tap, etc). I bought several PRS as an experiment because our city pressures here run 80-106 psi, and several spray heads were no longer spraying wtr, they were misting or fogging instead. Misting and fogging are a big hint as to a very high wtr pressure. Only downside to PRS we have noticed is they are not able to have the same reach or radius distances the standard spray heads do. If your wtr pressures are <80-90 psi, then you may not need PRS.
Can I simply screw the mechanical assembly from the 1804 PRS into existing 1800 spray heads? I certainly wouldn't want to have to dig them all up.
McCumberPH on May 17, 2014
BEST ANSWER: I replaced all my sprinkler bodies because they were all mixed brands. I am not sure if you can just replace the interals. They do look the same disassembled . There is a small white washer at the bottom of the spring that regulates the pressure
what are the advantages/disadvantages of the different lengths of these sprinklers, 4in vs. 6in. vs 12in.???? If I am just using them for a lawn then 4in should be fine correct?
A shopper on Aug 4, 2012
BEST ANSWER: It depends. If you're setting your mower height on your tall fescue to 3-3.5" then you're cutting it when it's 4+" tall. I have a couple of sprinkler heads where you can see the water jet pushes the grass back when it gets taller. If I was installing new, I would go for 6". Only downside I see is the 6" is a tad more expensive.
how do i get the nozzle?
john m on May 29, 2012
BEST ANSWER: The spray nozzles are sold separately, allowing you to customize each sprinkler to your needs, while using the same pop-up sprinkler. There is a separate section on the website for the Rain Bird spray nozzles. They just screw on to the top of the pop-up, and can easily be changed out if needed later on...
will this fit onto a Rainbird 1804 sprinkler head?
JeanB on Apr 29, 2018
Rain Bird 1800 30 Pressure Regulated Spray Head 4
Rain Bird 1800 30 Pressure Regulated Spray Head 4" | 1804-PRS
Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock Elbow 1/2
Hydro-Rain Blu-Lock Elbow 1/2" BLR x MIPT | BL410-005

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