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Rain Bird VB Series VBSTDH Standard Rectangular Valve Box with Locking Green Lid

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Rain Bird VB Series VBSTDH Standard Rectangular Valve Box with Locking Green Lid

  • Rain Bird VBSTDH Valve Box
  • Standard Rectangular Valve Box with Locking Green Lid

Features & Benefits

Work faster and easier with a Rain Bird Valve Box. We've created unique knock-outs for easy pipe placement and reduced installation time so no more tedious cutting. And the knock-outs slide back into place above the pipe to keep out dirt on backfill.

All Rain Bird Valve Boxes were engineered to maintain their horizontal and vertical integrity under load, even with the knock-outs removed.

Other unique features include a bolt hole knock-out to help keep critters out of the box when the locking bolt isn't used and a shovel access slot on the side of the box that makes it easy to remove the lid.

When a project requires quality valve boxes, look no further than Rain Bird's VB Specification Series. Sure, the VB Series may be priced slightly more than a basic valve box, but they eliminate unnecessary expenses associated with a lesser quality product: lost or damaged lids, crushed valve boxes, or pest infestation, making the extra investment in the VB Series worth every penny

  • Two large center knockout accommodate up to 3½" (8.9 cm) diameter pipe and eleven knockouts accommodate up to 2" (5.0 cm) diameter pipe
  • Knock-outs built into all four sides
  • Corrugated sides for greater strength before and after knock-outs are removed
  • Bolt-hole knock-out keeps critters out when bolt is not used
  • Shovel access slot for easy removal of lid
  • Knock-out retainers hold removed knock-outs in place during backfill
  • Interlocking feature locks two boxes together when fitted bottom-to-bottom for deep installations
  • Beveled lid edges prevent damage from lawn equipment

The standard VBSTDH Valve Box can comfortably fit up to 5 valves.

Product Details

  • Length: 21.8 inches (55,4 cm)
  • Width: 16.6 inches (42,2 cm)
  • Height: 12.0 inches (30,5 cm)

Primary Application

Protects in-ground irrigation valves. Functions as a durable, rigid enclosure that provides easy access to valves for maintenance. Used in turf applications to house single valves or other subsurface components of an irrigation system.

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