Where to Buy Cedarcide Products?

There are a lot of people in the Greater Houston area that are die hard cedarcide product fans. Ever since Cedarcide moved from Sugarland to …

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Parts Of An Irrigation Valve Ss

Parts of an Irrigation Valve

All The Parts of an Irrigation / Lawn Sprinkler Valve Irrigation System Repair Hunter Diaphragm Valve is an essential part of the irrigation sprinkler system. …

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How To Repair A Backflow By Installing A New Bonnet Poppet Ss

How to repair a backflow by installing a new “Bonnet & Poppet”

Cold weather is finally here and regardless of where you live there are certain things you need to know about your sprinkler system that will …

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The Fast Easy Way To Fix A Broken Sprinkler Valve Ss

The Fast & Easy Way To Fix a Broken Sprinkler Valve

Every so often often, just when you think that everything in your sprinkler system is working just perfect, something will go wrong. Either you will …

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Installing Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting Ss

Installing Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

Steps to installing a cable connected outdoor lighting system: Connect all of the pieces for each light before laying them out. Lay out the lights …

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Watering Trees Ss

Watering Trees

Trees clear the air, provide homes to wildlife, offer shade for picnics, and, without trees, there would be no tree houses or tire swings. They …

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How To Identify The Size Of The Water Meter Supply Line Ss

How to Identify the Size of the Water Meter & Supply Line

A critical step in designing an efficient irrigation system is determining how much water you have available, its flow and pressure. Start at the meter. …

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Pump Installation For Irrigation Ss

Pump Installation for Irrigation

Ok. The water is in the lake and you want it on your yard. This means you need a pump to move the water from …

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How To Install A Sprinkler System Ss

How to Install a Sprinkler System?

You want to know how to DIY Irrigation System? How to install a Sprinkler system on your own? A well designed, properly installed lawn sprinkler …

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How To Install A Sprinkler Timer Ss

How to Install a Sprinkler Timer

Irrigation Instructions on How To Install A Sprinkler System, Irrigation System Supplies Tools Needed to Install Irrigation Controller / Timers 3/8″ electric drill, cordless or …

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Teflon Tape And How To Use It Ss

Teflon Tape and How To Use It

Teflon® tape (polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE), AKA plumber’s tape, is a thin film used to seal pipe threads. The tape is durable, flexible, and fills in …

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Cold Weather Prepare Or Repair Ss

Cold Weather: Prepare or Repair

Step Three Locate the test cocks (i.e. test-ports) located on the side of the backflow preventer and remove any caps of protective covers from the …

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Backflow And The Polar Vortex Ss

Backflow and the Polar Vortex

Follow this link to get to the video What To Do: Turn the water off Replace broken part Drain the backflow Turn the valve handle …

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Pvc Pipe Leak Repair Ss

PVC Pipe Leak Repair

Irrigation systems are designed to put water where it is needed in an effective manner. When water appears in new, unexpected places there is a …

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Repair Or Replace An Irrigation Valve Ss

Repair or Replace an Irrigation Valve?

Hunter HPV Series 1″ Valve How To Repair Sprinkler System if something goes wrong? Here I am going to tell you a trick on irrigation …

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Springtime Sprinkler System Start Up Checklist Ss

Springtime Sprinkler System Start-up Checklist

  If you have a home sprinkler system then you know it must be maintained in order to remain dependable and functional when you need …

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Not Just A Tool Its A Good Tool Shovels Saws And The Sledge Hammer Ss

Not Just a Tool. It’s a GOOD tool…shovels, saws and the sledge hammer

Sometime around 1960, the Southwestern Bell Telephone company issued my father a set of work tools. He was a lineman and neither he nor Southwestern …

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Houstons Only Hope For Surviving West Nile Virus Is Sprinkler Warehouse Ss

Houston’s Only Hope for Surviving West Nile Virus is Sprinkler Warehouse

West Nile is out there my fellow Houstonians. It is out there and it is ready to take us by storm… or swamp or something. …

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The Right Way To Assemble And Glue Pvc Pipe Ss

The Right Way to Assemble and Glue PVC Pipe

There are many ways to glue PVC pipe and a number of solvents.  The bright side is most of them will work. The down side …

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Step By Step Irrigation Installation Guide

START Welcome to Sprinkler Warehouse’s sprinkler system installation school. This guide is layed out in easy to followsteps with colorful illustrations and cutting edge animations. …

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