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Where to Buy Cedarcide Products?

There are a lot of people in the Greater Houston area that are die hard cedarcide product fans. Ever since Cedarcide moved from Sugarland to the Lewisville/Dallas area, they have had to search for a new place to purchase their products, online being the only choice. The company realized that they left a faithful group of cedarcide consumers in Houston which is why they decided to partner up with Sprinkler Warehouse to provide a physical location to purchase their product. People in Houston and surrounding areas now have the option of purchasing Cedarcide products at Sprinkler Warehouse in NW Houston or online through their website at http://www.sprinklerwarehouse.com. Sprinkler Warehouse is now carrying all of the top performing Cedarcide products including, Best Yet (from a 1 oz to a gallon), their PCO Insect Control Concentrate and their all natural tick shield spritzer.