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Troubleshooting Chart Sprinklers Ts
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Troubleshooting Chart: Sprinklers

The Sprinkler On A Zone Don’t Pop Up Correctly.

Possible Causes: Remedy:
Not enough water pressure to run the zone. Split the zone into two or more zones.
Main system shutoff valve is not fully open. Open the system shutoff valve counter clockwise.
Flow control on the zone valve is partially closed. Open the flow control counter clockwise.


Sprinkler Pops Up, But No Water Sprays.

Possible Causes: Remedy:
Radius adjustment screw may be turned fully off. Turn the screw counter clockwise.
Nozzle clogged by debris. Remove and clean nozzle.
Internal nozzle filter may be plugged by debris. Flush out the nozzle screen.
Broken sprinkler. Replace spray or rotor.


A Rotor Sprinkler Won’t Rotate.

Possible Causes: Remedy:
Too little water pressure. Increase water pressure.
Sprinkler is broken. Replace spray or rotor.


There Is A Gap In The Spray Pattern.

Possible Causes: Remedy:
Debris stuck in sprinkler nozzle and/or head. Clean out the sprinkler head and nozzle.
Sprinkler is faulty. Replace spray or rotor.


Sprinkler Rotates In One Direction, Then Stops.

Possible Causes: Remedy:
Not enough pressure to rotate sprinkler. Increase water pressure.
Faulty sprinkler head. Replace spray or rotor.


Water Floods From A Sprinkler.

Possible Causes: Remedy:</