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Seymour Midwest S550 Irrigation Trenching Shovel | 89244

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14 Gauge Trench Digging Shovel, 28° 4" / Forward Turned Boot Saver, Solid Steel Rivet, 48" Polymer with Fiberglass Core Handle

Trenching Shovel With Durable Fibergalss Handle

The 14 Gauge Trench Digging Shovel From Seymour Midwest

When you're digging irrigation trenches every day out in the field, you need heavy-duty durability. This trenching shovel blade is solid steel with a forward turned boot saver for your foot to push the shovel into the soil. Whether you're digging a trench for your garden or for construction, Seymour Midwest tools will deliver the impact you require while taking it easy on your back with the lightweight handle.

Is It Hard To Dig With A Trench Shovel?

Digging a trencher head into the soil is never easy, but this shovel is built to last, and sharpening the blade regularly can help. The narrow design of the head makes it the perfect sized tool for the width of garden irrigation. The length is designed to get just deep enough and at an appropriate angle for a sprinkler system's needs. The fiberglass trenching shovel is built to withstand the power of digging all day in rough dirt. Installing underground landscape irrigation requires special tools, and this trenching shovel is one of the most important tools you will need. Digging will be more precise with this trencher.

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Brand Midwest Rake
Type Trenching Shovel
Warranty Limited Lifetime