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Irrigation Controllers
Also referred to as timers, these devices are responsible for turning an automatic irrigation system on and off. Controllers can range from very simple to quite advanced computer systems which offer many powerful features.

One should base their selection on the nature of their system. For example, if you have a six-zone irrigation system in place, make sure to select a controller with a six-position capacity. A controller is typically either mounted on a wall or in a protective pedestal.

Electromechanical Irrigation Controllers
Offer exceptional reliability because of their rudimentary electronic components and design. Simply turning dials or flipping switches will set the controller that is rarely affected by power outages. A potential drawback of such a device is the inability to provide independent scheduling to accommodate complex watering requirements.

Electronic Irrigation Controllers
Electronic controllers can be programmed to water different parts of the lawn based on each plant's watering requirements. Landscape can be watered at different rates or frequencies due to sun exposure, poor drainage or soil conditions. Ideally, these controllers would be reprogrammed as the lawn matured or the seasons changed.



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