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Toro 1/4 in. Blue Stripe Micro Tubing (100 ft) | T-EHD0437-010

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Toro Blue Stripe 1/4 in. Micro Tubing 100 ft. 

  •  Size: 1/4 in.
  •  Length: 100 ft.
  •  Type: Micro Tubing

Features & Benefits

  • Use Blue Stripe Drip 1/4" (.6 cm) Tubing for secondary water distribution to hard-to-reach plants
  • Superior strength and flexibilty compared to traditional tubing
  • Minimum 2% carbon black (ultraviolet inhibitor) UV protection added for longer tubing life
  • Use with Blue Strip Drip 1/4" fittings
  • Minimum 2% Carbon Black Ultraviolet inhibitor added for resistance to sunlight deterioration.

  • Used for Lateral Lines: With emitters, jets and micro-sprinklers.

  • Linear Low Density Polyethylene Hose Made from high-grade polyethylene resins.

  • Conforms to Strict ASAE Standards For minimum inside diameter and wall thickness.

  • Industry Leader Blue Stripe identifier of quality.

Product Details

  • Inside Diameter 0.17 (.4 cm)
  • Outside Diameter 0.25 (.6 cm)
More Information
Brand Toro
Warranty 2 Years
Type Dripline