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Toro Flow and Pressure Gauge Kit | 995-01

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Toro Flow and Pressure Gauge Kit 

  • Type: Flow and Pressure Gauge Kit
  • Water Flow: 13 gallons per min.
  • Purpose: Determine water capacity of irrigation system

Features & Benefits

Dual purpose Flow and Pressure Gauge, designed to measure water pressure to 160 PSI and water flow to 13 gallons per minute. Use the gauge to help you determine the water capacity, and limitations, that directly impact the design and performance of your irrigation system. Measures flow through an outside faucet, not an indoor line.

Product Details


  1. For best results; measure water flow at approximate time watering will be scheduled.
  2. Ensure no water is being used at the location.
  3. Attach gauge to hose bib nearest to point of sprinkler line connection.
  4. Open control valve slightly to allow minimum flow.
  5. Open hose bib slowly to avoid damage to gauges.
  6. When hose bib is fully opened, close control valve and read system static pressure. Record this reading.
  7. Open flow gauge slowly. As the control valve opens, pressure gauge will drop from the static reading and flow gauge will rise. Continue to open control valve until pressure drops to the required system pressure.
  8. Read and record PSI and GPM indicated on gauge.

Note: If rapid fluctuation occurs on flow gauge, record the average reading. Additional reading of pressure and flow may be helpful for further design information.

Note: Required system pressure information should be obtained before conducting flow check

Number Description Number Description
1. Threaded Insert - 3/4 in. 6. Filter Screen
2. Orifice Plate 7. Gate Valve - 3/4 in.
3. O-Ring 8. Pressure Gauge
4. Nipple (Qty. of 2) 9. Hose to Pipe Fitting
5.  Flow Gauge 10. Hose Washer - 3/4 in.
More Information
Brand Toro
Type Flow and Pressure Gauge Kit
Warranty 2 Years
Parts (49.16 kB)