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Twinkly Pro RGB Premium-Plus 200L 4 in. Spacing Light Set w/ Green Wire | TWPRO200STP-G


Twinkly Pro RGB Premium-Plus 200L 4" Spacing Light Set


  • 200L Light Set
  • 4" Spacing Between Lights
  • Green Wire
  • Controller not included

Features & Benefits

Twinkly is the new generation of connected LED light strings, controllable via smartphone. The most advanced lighting technology at your fingertips, ready to make your decorations truly magical. Twinkly Pro comprises smart multi and classic addressable colors LEDs connected via mobile and cloud App. This creates a professional light decoration solution with the utmost simplicity and zero SW and HW barriers. Discover the wide variety of offerings from Twinkly Pro.

What is Twinkly?

Twinkly is the most advanced product for light decorations and real innovation for the lighting industry overall.

What does Twinkly do?

Twinkly brings the best lighting effects and most stunning animations to your fingertips, lighting up anything you like with incredible results in just minutes.

Why Twinkly?

Twinkly’s patented computer vision technology detects the exact position of each light, letting you map any effect onto any configuration of lights with pixel-perfect precision.

30 Second Light Mapping

Mapping Technology is what makes Twinkly really magical! The app is able to detect the exact position of every single LED through your smartphone’s camera.

Thanks to exclusive computer vision technology, the Twinkly PRO app can map the LEDs, even of 3D decorations, in 30 seconds -all from your smartphone! Forget about time-consuming manual mapping – creating breathtaking effects is as simple as snapping a photo!

Create and Import Effects

Your creativity is what makes Twinkly PRO so amazing. Unleash your inner designer using one of our three design options:

  1. Twinkly PRO is ready out of the box with over a dozen preset and customizable effect options.
  2. Seamlessly import effects created with Madrix, lights, and video sampling with built-in app functions.
  3. Create your own effects within the app using the easy-to-follow guided instructions.

Available for iOS devices, Twinkly App is a complete dashboard to manage and control your decorations (up to 10,000 LEDs). The app is available for the PRO user and the end-user alike, which allows either to safely control the installation from their iOS devices.

Product Details

  • Automated Light Mapping: 2D / 3D phone camera LED mapping
  • WiFi/ Bluetooth/ Ethernet: Multiple connectivity options to suit your needs
  • Upload Effects: Choose, edit, create effects and Pro effect import tool
  • Combine: Sync and join multiple devices into one single setup
  • Addressable LEDs: Multiple strings, bulbs, and LED color options
  • Cloud Management: Web App to remotely control all installations
More Information
Brand Holiday Bright Lights
Cord Length 66.7'