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Changing the Landscape of Irrigation One Yard at a Time  


We believe that quality knowledge should accompany our quality products. By translating our passion for irrigation ingenuity into public encouragement through accessible educational resources, we can enhance our customers’ physical and mental landscapes. Trust Sprinkler Warehouse to be your all-inclusive irrigation destination.


Homegrown in The Lonestar State Since 1997

1997 was the calm before some revolutionary storms: Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s launching of the first version of Google, Tiger Woods’s debut at the PGA Tour, and Steve Okelberry’s start to a seedling endeavor selling sprinkler parts online.

Like many startups, Steve’s journey began in his garage where he packed, addressed, and stored sprinkler parts. At that time, UPS didn’t retrieve packages from houses, so he made a habit of relentlessly following a delivery truck until it stopped, asking them to take the packages for his customers.

Your DIY Destination for 25 Years

Sprinkler supplies soon overflowed his garage before spilling over into his living room and eventually his child’s bedroom.

So, he rented 900 square feet of warehouse space to nurture his newest child: Sprinkler Warehouse. Two-and-a-half decades later, Sprinkler Warehouse boasts a multi-million dollar net worth and the title of America’s most shopped online sprinkler store.

A Texas Licensed Irrigation Professional and a National Certified Irrigation Contractor, Irrigation Designer, and Landscape Irrigation Auditor, Steve has corralled a team committed to bring quality, custom products, along with an immersive, educational experience to the customers who made Sprinkler Warehouse what it is today.

Premium prices for low-quality irrigation materials isn’t our style. Our team of professionals is endowed by a guarantee of progressive products and traditional service.

Sprinkler Warehouse Today

Due to Sprinkler Warehouse’s climbing success, Heritage–an SRS Distribution company–offered Sprinkler Warehouse the opportunity to join their family of superior irrigation, lighting, plumbing, and landscaping companies.

From the warehouse to customer service to marketing, we elevate our customers’ physical and mental landscapes. We believe that quality products and knowledge should be accessible. By translating our passion for innovation and adaptability into public encouragement, we can foster a sense of pride for our customers.