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Lawn Irrigation

Backflow Preventers
Atmospheric Vacuum Breakers (AVB)
Backflow Cages & Enclosures
Backflow Repair Parts
Backflow Test Cocks
Ball Valve Replacements
Double Check Assembly (DCA) Parts
Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB) Parts
Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly (RPZ) Parts
Backflow Test Kits
Backflow Winterizer Valves
Double Check Assemblies (DCA)
Pressure Vacuum Breakers (PVB)
Reduced Pressure Zone Assemblies (RPZ)
Water Hammer Arrestors
Sprinkler System Winterization
Controllers & Timers
2-Wire Decoder Controllers
Battery & Solar Powered Timers
Solar Powered Controllers
Battery Operated (DC) Valve Mounted Controllers
Battery Operated (DC) Wall Mounted Controllers
Bluetooth Controllers
Controller Modules
Controller Repair Parts
Hose Timers
Modular Controllers
Standard Controllers
WiFi & Smart Controllers
Automatic Drains
Blu-Lock Fittings
1" Blu-Lock Fittings
1/2" Blu-Lock Fittings
3/4" Blu-Lock Fittings
Blu-Lock Saddle Tees
Blu-Lock Sprinkler Pipe
Poly Fittings
Blazing Fast Fittings
Clamp Crimping Tools
Insert Couplings
Insert Elbows
Insert Male Adapters
Insert Tees
Poly Pipe Clamps
Poly Saddle Tees
PVC Fittings
Kwik Slip PVC to Swing Pipe
PVC Adapters
PVC Bushings
PVC Caps & Plugs
PVC Couplings
PVC Crosses
PVC Elbows
PVC Tees
Street Fittings
PVC Lock Fittings
1" PVC Lock Fittings
1/2" PVC Lock Fittings
3/4" PVC Lock Fittings
PVC Lock Flexible Couplings
PVC Lock Tools
PVC Repair Fittings
Flexible Couplings
Kwik Repair Fittings
Pipe-Fix Expansion Fittings
PVC Compression Fittings
PVC Leak Stopper Rings
PVC Unions
Quick-Fix Telescopic Couplings
Snapper Repair Fittings
Shrub Sticks & Funny Pipe
Shrub Sticks & Nipples
Valve Manifold Fittings
Premium Manifold Fittings
Push-Fit Manifold Fittings
Standard Manifold Fittings
Pipe & Tubing
Blu-Lock Pipe
Glue & Primer
Pipe & Tubing Tools
PVC Pipe
Rain - Freeze
Soil Mositure
Weather Station
Concrete Donuts
Funny Pipe & Swing Joints
Impact Sprinklers
Brass Spray Nozzles
Bubblers & Bubbler Nozzles
Rotary Nozzles
Rotor Replacement Nozzles
Spray Nozzles
Rotary Nozzle Sprinklers
Rotor & Spray Head Tools
Shrub Riser & Shrub Adapters
Spray Heads
Tree Watering Stakes & Bags
Cutting Tools
Hand Pumps
Hand Tools
Marking Flags
Pressure Gauges
Primer & Glue
PVC & Poly Pipe Tools
Poly Pipe Tools
PVC Tools
Rotor & Spray Head Tools
Tampers & Pounders
Water Meter & Manual Valve Keys
Yard Maintenance
Valves & Valve Boxes
Ball Valves
Check Valves
Electric to Hydraulic Converters
Gate Valves
Pressure Reducing Valves
Quick Coupling Valves
Valve Actuators
Valve Boxes
Valve Manifolds
Premium Manifold Kits
Push-Fit Manifold Kits
Standard Manifold Kits
Valve Repair Parts
Angle Valves
Anti-Siphon Valves
Automatic Actuators
Brass Valves
Indexing Valves
Inline Valves
Manual Valves
Push-Fit Valves
Valve Accessories
Wire & Electrical
Direct Burial Wire
Flow Sensor Communication Wire
Lighting Wire Connectors
Multi-Meter & Electrical Supplies
Pig Tail Plugs
Waterproof Wire Connectors
Mosquito & Pest
Critter & Deer Repellent
Insect Control
Mosquito Control
Repair Parts
Backflow Repair Parts
Controller Repair Parts
Electronic Repair Tools
Hose Repair Parts
Pipe Repair Fittings
Valve Repair Parts

Hose End Sprinklers

Hose Bib Connection Kits & Adapters
Hose Bibs
Hose Connectors
Hose End Backflow Preventers
Hose End Fertilizer Systems
Hose End Filters
Hose Manifolds
Hose Repair Parts
Hose Timers
Hose Nozzles
Wet Agent Applicators

Drip Irrigation

Drip Emitter Manifolds
12-Outlet Drip Manifolds
4-Outlet Drip Manifolds
6-Outlet Drip Manifolds
8 & 9-Outlet Drip Manifolds

Drip Emitters & Sprays
Adjustable Drip Emitters
Adjustable Spray Jets
Button Drip Emitters
Flag Drip Emitters
Jet Sprayers
Micro & Mini Sprayers
Micro & Mini Sprinklers
Micro Bubblers
Micro Foggers
Micro Pop-Up Sprayers
PC Emitters
Pot Stakes
Stake Emitters

Drip Filters & Screens
Drip Irrigation Filters & Screens
Disc Filters
Hose End Drip Filters
Polyester Drip Filters
Pressure Regulating Drip Filters
Stainless Steel Drip Filters
Pressure Regulating Filters
Screen Filters
Drip Irrigation Controllers
Battery Operated (DC) Valve Mounted Timers
Battery Operated (DC) Wall Mounted Timers
Hose End Timers
Propagation Controllers
Solar Powered Controllers
Wall Mounted Timers (AC)

Drip Tools & Accessories
Drip Repair Tape
Drip Shrub Adapters
Drip Tools
Stakes & Risers
Staples & Stakes for Tubing

Drip Tubing - Dripline - Drip Tape
1/2" On-Surface Dripline for Slopes
1/2" Sub-Surface Dripline
1/4" Non-PC Dripline
Distribution Tubing
Drip Tape
Fleece & Eco-Mat Sub-Surface
Poly Supply Tubing

Drip Valves & Control Zone Kits
Control Zone Kits
Low Volume Shut-Off Valves
Valve Repair Kits
Valve Repair Parts

Pressure Regulators

Drip Irrigation Kits

Conversion & Retrofit Kits

Fertilizer & Weed

Fertilizer Supplements
Fertilizer Systems
EZ Flo Fertilizer System
EZ Flo Fertilizer System Parts and Accessories
EZ Flo Hose End Units
HydroFuse Fertilizer System
SprinklerMagician Mosquito & Fertilizer System
All-Purpose Fertilizer
Flower Fertilizer
Garden Fertilizer
Lawn Fertilizer
Tree & Shrub Fertilizer
Water Soluble Fertilizer

Landscape Lighting

Down Lights
Lighting Accessories
Path Lights
Replacement Bulbs
Specialty Lights
Up Lights
Wall Lights


Basin Adapters & Accessories
Catch Basins
Drain Grates
Drainage Fittings
Drainage Pop-Up Valves
Drainage Tubing
Mini Channel Drains & Grates
SPEE-D Channel Drains & Grates
Square Grates