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About Grow More

Grow More Fertilizers are designed to meet a need for a properly balanced, highly concentrated product that can be applied by aircraft or ground rigs, as well as used in dilute or concentrated sprinkler or injector systems. Grow More Fertilizers are versatile products that meet many requirements; consider the following: - 100% soluble nutritional foliage spray that can be applied to fruit and otfter crops nearing maturity. leaving little or no visible residue at harvest. - Safe and effective for tfte many different species and sizes of plants grown together in greenhouses and nurseries. - Contain elements which provide tfte entire spectrum of nutrients needed for a wide variety of plants. - Provides a source of immediately available plant nutrients. Particularly suitable for fast grpwing field. vegetable and nursery crops. - 100% soluble and does not need agitation in tfte tank. - Formulated to be compatible with most common pesticides and fungicides - especially suited for aircraft applications. - Can be used as both a spreader and acidifer. - Uniform in analysis every drop contains the same analysis. - Contains chelating and sequestering agents to assure availability without precipitation of tfte maior and micronutrients. - Contains no chlorides.