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Hose End & Goof Plugs

Fittings that stop water are in this section. Hose ends are fittings put at the end of supply lines to prevent water from flowing freely out of the end. Goof plugs are used to stop up the end of ¼” distribution tubing or to plug holes in poly supply tubing.

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  1. Hose End 1/2" | H050END-5PK
    Hose End 1/2 in. | H050END-5PK
    On-Sale $0.75 List Price $3.15
    SKU: H050END-5PK
  2. Goof Plug 1/4" | GP210-5PK
    Goof Plug 1/4 in. | GP210-5PK
    On-Sale $1.45 List Price $3.15
    SKU: GP210-5PK
  3. Hose End Cap 3/4" FHT | CAP075
    Hose End Cap 3/4 in. FHT | CAP075
    On-Sale $0.25 List Price $0.76
    SKU: CAP075
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