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Flow sensors help your smart controller monitor water usage and alert you when there’s a problem. Flow sensors can save you a lot of money in the event of a pipe break.

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  1. Weathermatic SL 2" Flow Sensor | SLFSI-T20
    Weathermatic SL 2 in. Flow Sensor | SLFSI-T20
    On-Sale $389.95 List Price $499.80
    SKU: SLFSI-T20
  2. Weathermatic SL 1" Flow Sensor | SLFSI-T10
    Weathermatic SL 1 in. Flow Sensor | SLFSI-T10
    On-Sale $325.45 List Price $470.40
    SKU: SLFSI-T10
  3. Weathermatic SL 3" Flow Sensor | SLFSI-S30
    Weathermatic SL 3 in. Flow Sensor | SLFSI-S30
    On-Sale $509.25 List Price $735.00
    SKU: SLFSI-S30
    Out of stock
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