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Rain Bird WR2-RFC Wireless Rain/Freeze Sensor and Timer Interface

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Rain Bird WR2-RFC Wireless Rain/Freeze Sensor and Timer Interface

  • Sensor interface and controller interface (rain AND freeze sensor)
  • Compatible with nearly all 24 VAC controllers
  • Improves system performance
  • Perfect for water conservation

Features & Benefits

Rain and rain/freeze sensors are becoming "must-have" components for irrigation systems these days. Rain Bird designed the new WR2 wireless sensor to exceed the standard. With revolutionary features, this sensor saves time, improves system performance and enhances your reputation as a water management expert.

Reliable signal transmission and other innovations deliver superior responsiveness to rainfall and cold temperatures, while user-friendly features cut installation and programming time in half. Choose your own rainfall set points and save up to 35% on water usage while promoting lush, beautiful landscapes.

Installs faster with one-person

Rain Bird designed the WR2 so that one person can install it quickly and easily. Signal strength is displayed on both the sensor unit and the controller interface. The sensor's innovative versatile mounting bracket quickly attaches securely to a gutter or any vertical surface, such as a fence or wall.

Easier to use and program

Programming the WR2 is simplified for fast set-up. In just a few seconds, you can select set points, program the irrigation modes and save your default. On the controller interface, all settings are displayed on the easy-to-read LCD screen, so you can see signal strength, rain and temperature set points, battery life and more at a glance. Unlike other rain sensors, the WR2 has a long-lasting battery that's quick and easy to replace.

Superior signal reliability

Signal strength is displayed on the controller interface using familiar cell phone icons. Dual antennas safeguard the system from signal interference by radios, mobile phones, power lines, etc. The WR2 system overcomes most line-of-sight obstructions so you have freedom in locating the sensor. Weather data is updated every 45 seconds to ensure the most reliable communication between sensor and controller.

  • Wireless rain sensor shuts off irrigation when it rains
  • Freeze sensor shuts off irrigation when temperature drops below set point
  • Saves up to 35% on water usage
  • Intuitive, icon-driven interface for easy programming
  • Enhanced antenna array provides superior signal reliability that overcomes most line-of-sight obstructions
  • Simple battery replacement requiring no tools and no need to disassemble sensor
  • Easy to install self-leveling sensor bracket mounts to flat surfaces or rain gutters
  • Suitable for use with Rain Bird and competitor 24VAC irrigation controllers
  • Adjustable rainfall settings from 1/8 in to 1/2 in
  • Adjustable low temperature settings from 33°F to 41°F
  • NOTE: Not compatible with Rain Bird ESP-SMT, ESP-SMTe, SST600s or SST1200s smart

Product Details

North America (916 MHz)

  • WR2-RFC: Rain/Freeze Combo
  • WR2-RFI: Rain/Freeze Controller Interface Only
  • WR2-RFS: Rain/Freeze Sensor Only

International (868 MHz)

  • WR2-RFC-868: Rain/Freeze Combo

Dimensions: WR2 Controller Interface

  • Width: 3.1" (7.9 cm)
  • Length: 6.8" (17.2 cm)
  • Depth: 1.7" (4.3 cm)
  • Distance between Mounting Holes: 6.25" (15.9 cm)

Dimensions: WR2 Sensor Assembly

  • Sensor Length: 5.8" (14.7 cm)
  • Attachment Bracket Length: 4.6" (11.7 cm)
  • Distance between Mounting Holes: 4.25" (10.8 cm)
  • Horizontal displacement (bracket + fixed ball arm): 5.5" (14.0 cm)

Electrical Specifications

  • Application: suitable for use with 24 VAC controllers (with or without pump start / master valve).
  • Electrical rating suitable for use with up to six 24VAC 7VA solenoids plus an additional master valve or pump start that does not exceed 53VA.
  • Controller Interface Wire: 30" (76 cm) length of #22 gauge (0.64 mm) UV resistant extension wire.
  • UL, cUL, CE, C-Tick, and WEEE certifications.
  • FCC approved spread spectrum 2 way radio transceivers with FCC Class B approvals.
  • Signal transmission distance of 700’ Line of Sight.
  • Battery life: four or more years under normal operating conditions.
  • 6 KV surge / lighting protection.

Mechanical Properties

  • Adjustable rainfall settings from 1/8" – 1/2" (3 – 13 mm).
  • Adjustable low temperature settings from 33°F – 41°F (0.5° – 5°C).
  • Three irrigation modes to select: Programmed, Suspend Irrigation for 72 hours, Override sensor for 72 hours.
  • "Quick Shut Off" suspends active irrigation cycle within approximately two minutes.
  • High-grade, UV resistant polymer units resist harmful environmental effects.


  • cULus [US and Canada], FCC Part 15c [US], ISED RSS-210 [Canada], CE [European Union], RCM [Australia and New Zealand], Smart Approved WaterMark [Australia], ICASA [South Africa].
Rain Bird WR2-RFC Wireless Rain/Freeze Sensor and Timer Interface

Diagram Details

  • A - Controller Interface
  • B - Sensor
  • C - Battery Cassette and Lithium CR2032 Battery
  • D - Sensor Mounting Bracket Assembly

Wiring Diagram

Rain Bird
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Rain and Freeze Sensor
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Rain and Freeze Sensor
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33 Reviews
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Rain Bird WR2-RFC Wireless Rain
I would recommend the Rain Bird WR2-RFC Wireless Rain sensor. It was easy to install, even for me who is not very handy.
June 12, 2018
over 2 years ago
$$$ saver!
The rain sensor has already started paying for itself by suspending watering when it rained. Super easy to install and integrate with my Rain Bird ESP TM2 controller.
May 19, 2020
5 months ago
Rain Bird WR2-RFC Rain/Freeze Sensor
Works great and easy setup. I didn't want to run wires to a rain sensor, so this is a good choice. I was able to mount it on a gutter on the opposite side of the house from the sprinkler control box and still receive a strong wireless signal. The supplied instructions are good, and connection to the sprinkler control box is pretty simple. I like that you can set the amount of rain necessary to override the timed programs. With my water bills, this unit should pay for itself pretty quickly.
June 20, 2017
over 3 years ago
Great Product
Purchased the product and installed it using the video on the Sprinkler Warehouse web page with no problems. It started raining just after I finished installing the device and it worked just as predicted. Thanks!
May 25, 2020
4 months ago
The rain sensor is exactly as I thought it would be. This is a replacement for the sensor of the system I already had in place, and the pairing of the sensor with the already-in-place controls was very easy.
June 21, 2017
over 3 years ago
So far, so good
Easy installation and setup with minimal effort. Working as expected.
July 24, 2017
over 3 years ago
works great
very easy to install
prompt shipping
no complaints
September 10, 2019
1 year ago
Works great
Works great. I was able to connect to my rainbird st8x wifi controller with no issues. Read the directions though with the initial setup after power on, there's a mode to go into that I missed. I wish it would display the current temperature and I wish the temperature range was more customizable. There's only three temp setting options, I don't see why it couldn't be programmed to let you select your own temp. Its worked great. Attaching some pictures.
September 16, 2020
3 weeks ago
Arrived as promised! Easy to set up! So far very satisfied...
July 11, 2017
over 3 years ago
Work well easy to set up , directions could be a little clearer , def watch u tube videos
June 4, 2017
over 3 years ago
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SprinklerWarehouse.com Store
Looking to replace a current use rain sensor that was not working effectively.
Sid on Jan 19, 2019
Saves water
G K on Nov 4, 2018
Looking to replace a current use rain sensor that was not working effectively.
Sid on Jan 19, 2019
Good review
K H on Jan 6, 2019
Saves water
G K on Nov 4, 2018
Best Price
S R on Oct 31, 2018
The best price. The website described that this order contained both the sensor and the timer interface, which was lacking on many other websites. The Rain Bird WR2-RFC part number also helps indicate that you are ordering the combo pack, ie. sensor and timer interface.
I T on Sep 19, 2018
Because I ordered only the sensor before in that I thought it contained both the sensor and controller and you don't sell only the controller.
C R on Sep 4, 2018
Needed to replace 2nd Orbit sensor. I have a Rainbird system, so will see if this item lasts longer than the Orbit one.
L J on Aug 21, 2018
L A on Aug 21, 2018
Smart, useful and very easy to install product.
L I on Aug 14, 2018
This supposedly is what I need for a rain monitor on my sprinkler system
B Z on Aug 1, 2018
Hit by lightning - fixing it
K M on Jul 6, 2018
Need a replacement part
A N on Jun 28, 2018
Easy set up.
D C on Jun 15, 2018
Adjustable rainfall setpoints, digital display
S N on Jun 10, 2018
Helps save water when it is raining a lot.
John P on Jun 7, 2018
Internet reviews and ease of installation comments.
D C on May 30, 2018
by its review
Thomas N on May 22, 2018
i need wireless rain sensor. why else?
B O on May 7, 2018
chose this for a customer and the shopping experience was great...not to mention the pricing!
G E on Nov 10, 2017
Anthony P on Oct 23, 2017
Salesman suggested
M J on Oct 10, 2017
Replaced the same one that failed on my present system.<br />No apparent reason for the failure.
C H on Aug 13, 2017
For our church. Has Rain Bird Controlor
K K on Aug 11, 2017
G R on Jul 23, 2017
Rainbird quality
R I on Jul 6, 2017
great price
R T on Jul 5, 2017
works with my rachio controller
Daniel J on Jun 29, 2017
Great price for the bundle
JIM B on Jun 15, 2017
It's suppose to be compatible with my Rainbird timer.
Suzanna R on Jun 7, 2017
Price seemed good and it matched what I have and to replace the transmitter.
S H on Jun 5, 2017
I expect it to work with my Rain Bird irrigation controller in place of the weather information that Rain Bird no longer provides in my area.
G F on Jun 4, 2017
To save water. It goes with the new controller I ordered.
B N on Apr 21, 2017
To shut off the irrigation when we have significant rain.
Frank K on Mar 10, 2017
I choose this sensor because it is wireless.
J I on Mar 1, 2017
T M on Jan 2, 2017
Convenient install; very flexible; and no ugly cords to nail to the house.
David P on Apr 30, 2012
Good review
K H on Jan 6, 2019
Best Price
S R on Oct 31, 2018
Is this compatible with the Rain Bird E6C Controller? If not, please recommend compatible controller
Mike C on Feb 29, 2012
BEST ANSWER: It doesn't appear that the E6C is compatible with a rain sensor. I use it with the Rainbird ESP controller and it works like a charm.
can the sensor be installed outdoors?
Topeka Backflow on Mar 26, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The sensor has to mounted outdoors to be able to accurately measure the temperature (will not let the sprinkler turn off if it's freezing) and to pickup the rain which also prevents the sprinkler from turning on. The sensor wirelessly send information to the recievee module which is connected to the sprinkler controller. I don't know if the reciever unit is warteproof, but the sensor definitelt is mounted outdoors.
Do you have to have WiFi for this wireless rain it’s rain sensor?
A shopper on Apr 16, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Nope, it does not require WiFi. There is a receiver that gets hardwired into the controller that communicates to the sensor.
What are the advantages of a wireless rain sensor as opposed to a wired rain sensor?
Marion L on Oct 17, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Well for me it was simple. Old hard wire one had finally failed and I suspected the wiring. Installed this one, connected the wireless sensor to the gutter out front which was a better location and was up and running. Now that it is shut down time, I uncliped the sensor from the gutter and stored inside. Left the battery in as rainbird said it should last 3 to 4 years. Great. Now I don't need to do anything in spring but put it back up which is maybe a 3 minute job. Enjoy.
Will this work with esp tm2 controller?
Todd B on Apr 25, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I am using it with an ESP-Me controller and the directions that came with the unit states that it will work with ESP-MC and ESP-LX Modular Controllers and also with Controllers with no sensor inputs (with of without pump start/master valve). The website also states that the unit is suitable for use with 24 VAC controllers (with of without pump start/master valve). I do not know about your ESP-TM2 unit.
Can a single wireless rain sensor control 3 controllers?
A shopper on May 30, 2018
BEST ANSWER: First, the disclaimer...I'm not an electrician. However, if you're able to install a ceiling fan, then I believe you can install the rain sensor. I've done a lot of wiring around my house, (landscaping, electrical outlets, etc). I believe, as long as you are able to add two additional lines from the sensor, (with wire nuts and same gauge wire). it should work.
My controller had a separate connection for the sensor input. It basically serves as a on/off override switch. It gets its signal from the rain gauge controller. The wire that leads out from the sensor, if you connect it to 2 or more wires, then run those individual wires to each separate controller, in theory should work.

Good luck
Is the rain sensor compatible with ESP ME Rainbird Controllers?
Marion L on Oct 17, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Yes. The WR2 is compatible with all Rain Bird and competitor controllers.
Will this work with an rain bird 8Si controller?
A shopper on Jul 20, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Dobt know as i have a rain machibe controller. Rainbird was very helpful on the phone, suggest you call their consumer support to confitm
I have my controller mounted outdoors, can the wireless lcd interface box be mounted outdoors exposed or does it need to be put inside of an enclosure?.
S Y on Mar 31, 2012

The Controller Interface unit appears well sealed and suitable for indoor or outdoor installation.

There is no reference in the installation manual to define where (indoor or outdoor) it should be installed.

To be certain, and to ensure the terms of the warranty are not violated, it would be best to get a definitive answer from Rain Bird.
Does this include the controller interface (WR2RFI) and the Sensor (WR2RFS)?
A shopper on Nov 4, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Yes. It includes both pieces. All you need to do is connect the interface to your irrigation controller and set it up.
Is this compatible with the ESP ME controller system?
Andrew U. on Jun 16, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Yes it was designed for it.
Will this unit work with Model ESP-LXME Controller? Thanks
Joe A on Jul 9, 2013
BEST ANSWER: Greetings: Sorry to answer late. I just finished installation (July 22 2013) so I can tell you what happened. All installation worked per instructions.. The signal strength from 30 feet away through a garage wall was at two bars on the controller and one flash on the bottom of the sensor. You may have trouble getting the advertised 700 feet except under ideal conditions. Also, and this happens often, upon a rain event, the sprinklers are off for 72 hours fixed - not adjustable time. So, down here in Florida in July and August with sand soil, going three and possibly close to four days with no water can harm delicate plants. I may have to look for another sensor as this forces me to constantly fiddle with the water controller knobs to keep irrigation where wanted. And, what happens when I am not home? Reading the fine print (owners manual) before purchasing, while time consuming, must be done. Best wishes.
does it work with Hunter controllers?
A shopper on Apr 3, 2012
BEST ANSWER: In short, it should. If your Hunter controller has a hookup for a rain sensor, then it will be super easy -- just hook it up as a normally-closed (NC) sensor.

If there isn't a hookup for a rain sensor, there is an alternate hookup method that is just slightly more complicated. In that configuration, all the valve power runs through the interface module and, when rain is sensed, power is cut so the valves won't open.

I can't imagine a scenario that won't work but check the manual. It has all the relevant info you'll need.
Does the mounting bracket etc come with this package?
A shopper on Sep 3, 2020
BEST ANSWER: Yes it does!. I have the receiver "wired" in parallel with the wired sensor sensor and it has been working flawlessly. It is also much easier to set than the wired unit. Well worth the money!
Will it work with ESP-ME ?
Doug T on Feb 18, 2019
BEST ANSWER: any controller that has rain sensor ports more accurate and easier to adjust than hunter rain sensor both sometime have pairing issuers
Can receiver (not the sensor) on the Rain Bird WR2-RFC Wireless Rain Sensor be mounted outside?
A shopper on May 22, 2018
BEST ANSWER: No. The receiver is made to be mounted indoors.
is this compatible with skydrop controller?
A shopper on Apr 20, 2016
BEST ANSWER: You may check with skydrop but as long as the controller has an input for a separate sensor I don't know why any sensor wouldn't work.
How long after the sensor's set points is reached (rain or temp) will the unit suspend watering? Is that time adjustable?
Flyou on Feb 19, 2016
BEST ANSWER: There is an option to put an automatic 72hr. delay after a rain. Or the default setting will allow the system to come back on when the sensor dries. That is dependant on the weather after the rain event. The sensor has cork like 'wafers' on the inside. When the 'wafers' get wet they swell/expand to trigger the shut-off. When they dry, they will cantract to allow the system to resume normal operation. As far as the temperature, there are three different setting as to the desired shut-off temperature. As lon as the teperature is below that setting the sensor will not allow the system to run.
This is the second WR2 I've bought because wind blows out of bracket and they hit the ground and break. Can I purchase another sensor without purchasing the controller interface?
Jim F on Jun 12, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Call rainbird direct and explain the issue. Let them know you installed properly but that bracket doesnt do job appropriatly for real world conditions. Ask them to do a warranty swap. Also when you reinstall, use 2 heavy duty zip ties as a secondary support.
I´d like to know Rain Bird WR2-RFC is suitable with controller EC 4?
A shopper on May 23, 2014
BEST ANSWER: It will work the sensor tabs of any controller that requires a normally closed circuit or in series with the common wire of your valves.
I have an ESP-8si controller. Would this rain/freeze sensor be compatible? If not which one would?
John P. on Mar 21, 2013
BEST ANSWER: Yes - I purchased both last summer and they work great together. My sensor is ~ 50 feet from the controller without direct line of sight and it picks up the signal fine.
I have the Rainbird ESP Modular with 10 zones installed. Will this work with all ten zones? I see something in the spec:

Electrical rating suitable for use with up to six 24VAC 7VA solenoids plus an additional master valve or pump start that does not exceed 53VA

Does this mean I cannot use it if I have ten zones?
A shopper on Aug 20, 2012
BEST ANSWER: This sensor is designed to be an on/off switch. When the sensor is activaed and either you receive enough rain or it is cold enough, it shuts down the water features of any clock it is attached to. There is a couple of neat fetures on the device, such as allowing your irrigation system to operate even while raining for a 72 hour time period (when trying put in new sod) or suspending all operatiions for a 72 hour time period. Paired with you ESP, you can not go wrong. By the way, this is same sensor I have on my 12 station ESP.
I have the control panel but the sensor wa thrown out when my deck was replaced. Can I buy that individually and where and what is the part number?
Marty B on May 18, 2018
BEST ANSWER: For this I suggest you conta t sprinkler warehouse customer service and see if it is e inimical to just get a replacement sensor unit vs a complete setup. As a fellow user we would not know availabity of "parts". Good luck
Do you have the cork sensor part for the RB WR2 sensor?
Troy M on Jun 27, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The WR2 comes with two parts, the Controller Interface and the Sensor Assembly. So,yes I have the "cork" sensor part. Easy to install. The sensor sends a signal to the controller when it rains or freezes. You set your preferences into the controller. The controller then turns water on or off through the sprinkler timer! Work very well.
I need a replacement bracket ... can the bracket be purchased separately?
STEVE on Dec 16, 2014
BEST ANSWER: Apparently not.
Can I use this sensor rain with RainBird ESP-16X+?
jdaasa on Nov 7, 2014
BEST ANSWER: I'm not 100% sure. I am betting "yes" it will work fine.
I'd check the products manual to see if you can find this in there.
I'm running the SST-1200S controller and want to hook up the WR2 wireless sensor. The SST-1200S doesn't have power, so I'll need the transformer, but otherwise will this work?
Ryan N on Jun 12, 2013
BEST ANSWER: Your controller should have AC to it and a transformer inside. The control box for the interface gets it's power from the cord that goes between the two. The sensor is freestanding and has a battery for it.
What is the warranty on this product?
Bruce M on May 25, 2020
Do you have this item in stock?
Tom P on May 23, 2017
Were can I get the replacement discs (hygroscopic discs) for this unit?
jerry m on Aug 6, 2016

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