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Sprinkler Magician Mosquito Killer Machine and Fertilizing (Pest and Fertilizer)

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Sprinkler Magician Mosquito Killer Machine and Fertilizing (Pest and Fertilizer)

  • Zones: 12
  • Tank Size: 5 Gallons
  • Above Ground Installation
  • 24 Zones Available with Expansion Card (Sold Separately)

Features & Benefits

Whole Property Mosquito Control and Fertilizing — A Breakthrough!

Imagine a system that not only kills all the nasty biting bugs but also fertilizes your entire property!

The Dual Reservoir Mosquito Magician machine turns your existing sprinkler system into a whole property yard management system that kills and repels mosquitoes and many other nasty bugs, as well as keeping all your plants green and healthy by automatically fertilizing.

Plus, it does all this automatically and can to be set to treat for pests and apply fertilizer in the exact quantities needed for your property.

The Best Mosquito Killer Machine

Are you tired of being chased indoors by pesky mosquitoes and your kids coming in covered in bug bites? Want a safe and natural way to eliminate mosquitoes and other pests out so you can enjoy your outdoor space?

The Mosquito Magician machine is a breakthrough in pest control that uses your sprinkler system to create a "bug-free bubble" so you can start enjoying your yard again!

Easy, convenient, and affordable, this mosquito killing machine automatically applies our award-winning natural Mosquito Magician concentrate around your entire property!

Our unique, patented and proven technology connects to your existing sprinkler system and automatically applies our natural Mosquito Magician concentrate across your yard at regular intervals, killing and repelling mosquitoes and many other targeted pests.

Only the Mosquito Magician Machine system has the best-in-class technology to apply the correct amount of concentrate, automatically, whenever you want to. It’s no wonder thousands of customers use and love this system, and independent laboratory tests confirm a 98% kill rate on mosquitoes.

Start enjoying your yard as it automatically protects your entire property from all those nasty bugs!

Fertilizing System

This full-featured model has a second fertilizer reservoir that dispenses an organic fertilizer or your preferred liquid fertilizer, this keeps your yard or gardens lush and healthy all year long.

Like the pesticide function, the fertilizer is injected precisely into the sprinkler system and is completely automatic. In fact, studies show liquid fertilizer is more effective and environmentally-friendly than other methods. Fertilizing occurs on a preset schedule and can be set to a low maintenance dose or a higher initial shock dosage.

Deer Repellent

We also have a version of this machine that applies Deer Repellent. Please contact us directly about this model and we will supply details and pricing.

Effective & Easy to Use

This is the answer to getting rid of mosquitoes. The Mosquito Magician concentrates are laboratory tested and proven to be extremely effective at killing and repelling mosquitoes and fertilizing as well. The system runs completely automatically, simply set how often you’d like to treat, and the machine does the rest. It’ll even warn you when either of the concentrates starts to run low!

Safe for your family

Mosquito Magician concentrate contains six 100% natural essential oils which people have been using individually for thousands of years to fight off mosquitoes and other biting pests. It’s safe for you, your kids, pets and the environment but extremely unfriendly towards mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and fire ants. The fertilizer is organic and contains a natural blend of minerals.

Easy to Install

Can be installed into any new or existing sprinkler system by an irrigation company or a competent handyman in a few hours. 

Product Details

  • 12 month full warranty
  • Digital control panel with super easy menus
  • Applies pesticide and fertilizes your whole property
  • Machine works with up to 12 sprinkler zones. Larger capacity machines are available by request
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Machine does not include installation which typically takes 2-4 hours by a competent handyman or irrigation professional.
  • Built to last and proudly made in the USA, full 1-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Comes with all parts needed for most installations
  • Uses potent Mosquito Magician concentrate with 6 active ingredients
  • Uses organic fertilizer with deep sea harvested nutrients and minerals
  • Treats the entire yard at periodic intervals that are easily adjustable
  • Cycles through each irrigation zone injecting the precise amount of concentrate with the water, without over-diluting or wastage
  • Runs the zone for the exact time needed to purge the lines and deliver all the concentrate so none is wasted
  • Easy to operate - just fill the 2 reservoirs and select the frequency of application
  • Run an additional pesticide treatment at any time with the touch of a button – say if you are having a BBQ or outside party. You can even do this from inside your home using the optional wireless remote.
  • Machine will warn you when the either of the concentrates starts to run low
  • 100% Automatic—set it & enjoy!
  • 100% Safe & Natural—pet & kid-friendly
  • Adheres to plants for a longer pesticide killing and repelling action, making it the ideal mosquito killing and repelling machine
  • This same machine is used in many Caribbean Resorts and Hotels
  • Competitively priced against mosquito misting systems – usually under half the cost!
  • Handles Mosquitoes, Fleas, Fire Ants, and Ticks through the whole yard including grassy areas
  • 2.5 Gallon reservoirs last months, just fill the reservoir and let it run
  • This is the DUAL RESERVOIR model that treats for pests and automatically fertilizes your entire property. We also offer a SINGLE RESERVOIR model that treats for mosquitoes and other biting pests, see our separate product listing for this model
More Information
Brand Sprinkler Magician
Above Ground Installation Yes
Connects to Controller Yes
Zones 12
Warranty 1 Year
Tank Size (Gallons) 5
Primary Use Fertilizer and Insects