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Transitional Systems Most Dual-Valve Operator | DOUBLER

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DOUBLER Doubler allows independent control of two automatic valves with only one valve wire and the common. When Doubler is connected to one station of the controller, it switches when the station is turned on and passes the electrical current to the first valve. The next time that station is turned on, Doubler switches to the second valve. It simply alternates between the two valves. If two stations are connected to Doubler by a jumper wire in the controller, it switches between the two valves corresponding to the two stations. It simply uses one wire twice. If a second station is not available, use another program to power the added valve. Each valve will water for as long as the time set on the controller.

The industry standard for bypassing broken wires and adding new valves without the need to trench new wire back to your controller. DOUBLER allows the independent operation of two valves on one set of field wires.

  • Add a valve to separate wet and dry areas.

  • Operate 2 valves separately on one wire.

  • Bypass broken wires.

  • Divide low pressure lines by adding more valves.

  • Add new valves to a full controller by using additional programs.

  • Add a drip line without trenching more wires.

  • Completely waterproof for direct burial.

  • No disturbing your landscaping.

  • Compatible with all controllers using self diagnostic circuitry.

  • Switches before turning on a valve, not after.

  • No damage from short circuits up to 10 amps.

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More Information
Brand Transitional Systems
Type Dual-Valve Operator
Controller Compatibility Most Controllers
Brochure (172.30 kB)
Guide (35.59 kB)
Manual (62.09 kB)
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