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Action Machine Manifold Insert Adapter 1 in. x 3/4 in. Female Buttress x Barb | MS-075IA

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MS-075IA: 3/4" Insert Adapter

This 3/4" Insert Adapter is used to provide a connection into or out of the manifold for 3/4" Poly pipe or to connect to the outlet of a valve on the manifold. To connect Poly pipe push 3/4" poly pipe over the barb and clamp tight using Oetiker or screw clamps. This adapter is typically used with a MS-NIP Adapter when used as the outlet to a valve on the manifold system. The MS-NIP adapter is used to connect a valve with a Female Thread Outlet to the F Buttress of a MS Manifold System adapter such as one of the following: MS-100x075; MS-125x100; MS-075IA; or MS-100IA. The MS-NIP adapter allows you to attach the MS-075IA Adapter to the outlet of a 1" fpt valve. For example: screw the MS-NIP into the 1" fpt outlet of a valve then attach the MS-075IA to make a 3/4" barb outlet on the valve to connect to 3/4" poly pipe.

The valve manifolds are designed to connect double; triple; or quadruple manifolds together using a MS series coupling to make larger manifolds if needed.

Featues & Benefits

  • Eliminate leaks and the problems with servicing valves by building manifolds from this high-quality manifold system.
  • Half union fittings and adapters mate with manifold pieces to build a quality 1" manifold system for quick and convenient installations.
  • Tight o-ring seals eliminate leakage.
  • Variety of outlets; adapters; and couplings offered for different size PVC and poly pipe.
  • Size: SCH80
  • Color: Gray

Product Details

  • Operating pressure up to 235 psi at 73°F (23°C)
  • MS-DM: double manifold with M Buttress Threads
  • MS-TM: triple manifold with M Buttress Threads
  • MS-QM: quadruple manifold with M Buttress Threads
  • MS-MA: male adapter
  • MS-FA: female adapter
  • MS-NIP: male NPT x buttress nipple
  • MS-FNIP: female NPT x buttress nipple
  • MS-CAP: cap with F Buttress Threads
  • MS-CPLG: coupling
  • MS-125x100: 1 ¼" spigot x 1" slip adapter
  • MS-100x075: 1 ¼" spigot x 3/4" slip adapter
  • MS-100IA: 1" insert adapter
  • MS-075IA: 3/4" insert adapter
More Information
Brand Action Machine
Warranty 1 Year
Size 3/4 in.
Connection FBT x Barb
Type Manifold Insert Adapter