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Armada Tech Rental Combo Solenoid Activator and Valve Locator | PRO-48K-700-RENTAL

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Armada Tech Rental Combo Solenoid Activator and Valve Locator

  • Rental Combo Solenoid Activator and Valve Locator

  • Voltage: 750V, 28VAC, 36 VDC

Features & Benefits

The Pro48K TechTool Kit is a completely portable, low-cost, battery-operated irrigation system diagnostic kit. The Pro48K combines several testers into one, creating a powerful tool that any technician can afford.

The Pro48 TechTool incorporates a solenoid activator to hold valves open; a chatterer to locate lost valves; a continuity checker to identify cut or shorted wires or solenoids, and a 24 VAC detector to ensure proper clock power output.

Together with the Pro200 TechProbe, the Pro48 can transmit a tracing tone and identify wires above ground using traditional tone/probe methods. Operation is Simple as LEDs indicate tests and conditions. Both units are kept in the included Pro21 carrying case. Truly a workhorse product for any landscape professional.

Armada Pro 700 Wire Finder and Sprinkler Valve Wire Tracker finds and tracks irrigation wiring, valves, and wiring faults. Lightweight, the Pro700 comes complete with the Pro700R Receiver, Pro700T transmitter/Carrying Case, Pro700ST Ground Stake, and User Guide.

The Pro-700 Wire and Sprinkler Valve Wire Tracker is a new irrigation tester for irrigation contractors and sprinkler maintenance personnel. Incorporating a powerful transmitter and sensitive receiver, the Pro700 tracks irrigation wires, finds missing sprinkler valves, and detects damage to vulnerable underground cabling.

The Pro700 transmits an easy to follow beeping signal that is tracked by the extra-long receiver. Simply connect the transmitter to the ground and the wire to be tracked and turn it on. Follow the beeps with the receiver using the visual meter, external speaker, or a headset. It is that simple.

Product Details

Pro48 Multi-Function Irrigation Test Tool

  • Power Requirements: Two 9V Alkaline Batteries (not included)
  • Battery Life: 3 hours continuous 
  • Voltage Output: 36DC peak
  • Voltage Protection: 28VAC

Pro210F Advanced Probe

  • One-button tracking of wire tracing tones
  • Bright white LED headline for probing in dim locations
  • Two tracing modes: Normal or noise rejecting (1 kHz-only-detect for use with Pro-48 and Pro110)
  • Volume control
  • Uses four AA batteries for 200+ hours of life (not included)

Armada Tech Rental Wire and Valve Locator

  • Receiver has Speaker, Headset, or Visual Indicators
  • Pistol style receiver is extended for ease of locating
  • Increased Receiver AC filtration
  • Simple battery check of transmitter and receiver
  • Custom rugged, slim carrying case
  • Extra-long metal wand
  • Power Requirements: Transmitter: 8 D Cell Alkaline Batteries (not included)
  • Receiver: 9V Alkaline Battery (not included)
  • Battery Life: Transmitter: 50 hours; Receiver: 50 hours
  • Transmitter Frequency: 1748Hz Transmitter
  • Power: 750V p-p, 285V rms

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Pro-48K-700 Rental Agreement

To order the Pro-48K Rental Unit, please click here or anywhere on the icon to download the rental agreement.

Armada Tech
Rental Combo Solenoid Activator and Valve Locator
750V, 28VAC, 36 VDC